How does one find out they are an underwear nut? I suppose for me it began when I was probably 14 or 15 years old. I was discovering that I was gay and living in a part of the country where homosexuality was not heard of and definitely not acted upon. So being secluded from all things gay I was left with catalogs and newspapers to satisfy that need to see a guy’s physical form. What began with JcPenny catalogs and weekly flyers from Shopko, quickly grew into an obsession (on Twitter @undieobsession). The next thing I remember entering into my life was pack of Hanes bikini briefs I got from Shopko. Now, I could not get them at my local store, so I had to travel to a neighboring community to purchase them. This had to wait until I had my driver’s license too.

Once I could I drive to places on my own, my ability to seek out different underwear was ON! The first brand I remember truly seeking out was BVD. I saw an advertisement somewhere and the image on the package made me realized I had to have those! So as I began my search for them I knew it was something that would never end with just this pair. Once I acquired the BVDs I knew very quickly they were nothing more than another style similar to Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. What I saw in that package though, ignited something that would carry on to this day.

bvd-underwear-1040cs032112My hunger for underwear subsided as I enter the straight world of the US Military. I could not be seen wearing what I truly wanted to wear as I was walking around the barracks in boot camp. I feared that if I wore what I wanted I would be outed or judge.

So I strategically started wearing boxers. I know, how straight!? As my military career grew on I became more comfortable again with the idea of wearing boxer briefs and quickly trunks. I exclusively shopped for Calvin Klein (CK) underwear. I was very particular and would only wear CK. I think that image of a young Michael J. Fox in his pink CKs in Back to the Future: Part 1 was to blame for this long lasting obsession with CK. It took several years before I began to venture away from CK.

If I remember correctly the first pair of none CK underwear I purchased was a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs. About that same time I also purchased a pair of Tommy Hilfiger briefs for my boyfriend. He pulled them off just as well as the guy on the package. It was so much fun to dress him in underwear I thought were sexy and fun.

I am glad he allowed me the freedom to do it. I have not stopped dressing up my guys in underwear I find sexy or fun. Whenever I buy a pair for myself I usually buy a pair for my boyfriend.

The time has passed and my underwear knowledge and collection has grown. Today I own a total of 290 pairs of underwear. A combination of briefs, trunks, bikinis, and the one odd pair of boxer briefs. I have also started a collection of jockstraps, which now number 67 pair. I will delve deeper into this as we become better friends.

My closet also contains a collection of fun swimsuits. I have 30 of those as this point. Yes, all numbers are exact! This whole obsession would not have been possible had I not start with that package of BVDs. I am thankful everyday for passion I have developed. It has and will continue to be fun. I look forward to seeing all the new styles, designs, color patterns, and whatever else underwear companies can come up with. I also look forward to sharing this love with you all.



  1. Andrew Munro Reply

    That’s how my underwear fetish started. I didn’t know any other gay people in my small village, but I knew I liked looking at underwear adverts and pictures. I still remember the first pair of briefs I bought that I felt really good in (red mini-slip that was silky and thin – almost see-through).

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