unbjon-critieraAs our readers may know, I am a big time brief guy, wearing them during most days. While this is true, I do also mix in an occasional trunk some days. This isn’t to say that I won’t try any pair (heck, I’m soon to lose my thong naievity). I’m picky when it comes to the undies that are in my daily rotation. You may now ask what drives me to wear the pairs that I do? What is the secret ingredient that make me fall in love with a particular pair of underwear? Guys, here it is, my personal perfect underwear formula:

Pouch:    This may be most important. My underwear has to have a reasonable amount of up front to not only hold everything in place but to also allow the goods to breathe. I’m an active guy so finding a balance in this department is key. Therefore, I tend to favor briefs constructed with a large pouch.

  • Cut: This is mainly an aesthetic issue. I prefer low cut undies to limit how much fabric rides up above my jeans or pants throughout a given day. Ideally, I prefer a brief that has a moderately aggressive leg cut and a trunk that is short on the leg.
  • Fabric: This is a wildcard. While I enjoy 100% cotton undies, cotton blends and other fabric blends without fabric tend to inhabit most of my drawer. I really need my underwear to be breathable, flexible, and be able to wick away moisture during workouts. If the underwear can do this, then I’m stoked. If I ever was forced to pick an absolute favorite fabric, it has to be modal due to it’s smooth and sleek feel. That’s some exclusive “going out” underwear.
  • Waistband: There isn’t an ideal size of a waistband that suits me, but for some reason I am more drawn toward the brand labeled waistbands.  Waistbands such as CK’s X line and 2xist’s Touch briefs. Waistbands such as these give off much more personality that simply an anonymous band. Functionality is also important and if a pair measures up in the three above areas and has a bland waistband, it will still probably end up in my daily rotation. Hey, I’m describing my perfect pair after all!
  • Color: This isn’t a major issue to me, but I still have preferences. I own some very bold colored underwear in deep purple, to turquoise, bright orange, and bold green. These are some of my favorite pairs too and are of a variety of cuts and fabrics. However there really is nothing like a classy white or black brief or trunk as a drawer staple. They give such a clean and put together look which I can’t really argue against.
  • Brand: My drawer right now is dominated by Calvin Klein, 2xist, and C-IN2, but I will literally wear undies made by any designer. I don’t have brand phobias. I love quality underwear. In time I hope to see what others have to offer.

Well everyone, there you have it. That’s my undie formula. Now the question is what is YOUR formula? Feel free to share and join the discussion by tweeting @UNBBlog, @UNBJon, or by hitting us up on Facebook! We love to hear from all guys about why they love their underwear. Share away!


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