seaonality-underwearI don’t consider winter to be the greatest season of the year and this year was certainly no exception. The record low temperatures and mountains of snow made me reconsider how many layers of clothing I would  wear outside the house each day. Not only did it make me think about how many layers I was wearing, but it also made me think about what I was going to wear under my jeans. Hey, a guy’s underwear sets the foundation for a day and shouldn’t be overlooked. Before this winter I think I may have lost sight of this, but the cold got me 100% back into this mindset so with that being said, here are some quick underwear seasonality tips from me:

Spring Underwear-Finally the snow has melted and plants have leaves again! There is color outside again so make your underwear reflect the new life! Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors. Underwear color can  influence your mood. If you have a bright green trunk or a yellow low rise brief in your drawer, wear it! My favorite spring pair is a traditional green colored sport brief made by C-IN2 and it really gets me into the season. Every designer is debuting new lines at this time inspired by the weather. Take advantage of it guys.

Summer Underwear– Is the best time of the year, wear great undies. Go outside, embrace the weather, and show off your underwear. It is hopefully going to be hot where you are so wear light weight underwear to avoid sweating. Which is important if you decide to exercise outdoors. This is also the time to be creative: Wear something different, something a little more revealing, and be edgy. Heck, strip to your undies and tan if you have the freedom to do so. It took me awhile to do this, but it’s liberating, even if you do get some, let say interesting tan lines. I can remember falling asleep in the direct sun for about 4 hours last summer with nothing on but my CK one white briefs after a long run. Luckily I applied sunscreen prior to doing this, but I awoke to find not only a great tan, but some very obvious bikini lines. Great times. Give it a shot!

Fall Underwear– Sadly the fun of summer has come to a close and the temperatures are dropping, but it’s not all bad news. The changing colors of leaves and crisp air has a certain charm. Have your underwear reflect it. Reach for undies colored in traditional fall colors and that are a made with a slightly thicker material to keep your assets insulated. I love wearing my burnt orange and grey 2xist Touch no show brief on days such as this. Even if it’s under my pants, it still gets me into the mood of the season.

Winter Underwear– While the weather outside may be frightful, it doesn’t mean your undies have to be. As in all seasons, try making your underwear reflect the climate. Plaid briefs, for example, could be considered to be “in season” during this time. For me, I try wearing more cotton based briefs to stay warm. I also try to wear traditional and rich colored briefs such as black, burgundy, and white to reflect either warmth or the snow on the ground. It’s the little things that can make a cold winter day just a little better.

These are some tips for wearing underwear through out the year. It would be great if our underwear drawers were bottomless, but sadly they are not. I try to follow these rules as much as possible. Your underwear is an extension of your personality and fashion sense. Try to always remember the seasons when choosing your daily undies.


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