ORANGE-YOU-GLADDo you see a color of underwear and immediately say to yourself, “I gotta have those?”  Well, that’s how I am with the color orange.  Whether I am in a store or shopping online I have a real hard time resisting a pair of orange underwear.  Now, to be fair, it goes for most anything orange.  Shirts, shorts, and yes, underwear in the color orange will most likely end up in my shopping cart.  My Amazon wish list is loaded with orange underwear.  Thankfully having that wish list option helps me feel like I might buy it one day and saves me the money today.

I did some research, by which I mean I looked on Wikipedia.  They say that color preference relates back to childhood.  I can not for the life of me recall anything orange in my childhood.  I guess the closest to childhood orange relations would be the blaze orange clothes we wore when we went hunting.  I guess I’ll go with that.  I enjoy hunting and had to wear orange clothes to hunt, so 2 + 2 = 5…right!?  I really don’t know why I love orange so much.  I just do!

My love of the color orange is not a big secret either.  My fans and followers on Twitter and Tumblr know without a doubt I love orange.  Every time I stumble upon a guy wearing orange underwear, I click that reblog or retweet button so fast heads spin.  I have seen some photos I wouldn’t normally share, but that glimmer of orange makes that desire to share impossible to resist.  I guess adding orange to anything makes it look better.

Now, do I have ONE favorite pair of orange underwear…NOPE!!  I looked back through several photos I had taken and found a few pairs I would classify as “favorites.”  I came across a photo of my first pair of skimpy swim trunks.  A bright orange pair from Sauvage.  I got them right before a trip to Florida.  I wore them almost exclusively.  They attracted a lot of attention too.  My trunks were like a beacon for the boys at the beach checking me out on Grindr, cause yes, I posted that photo of me wearing them on Grindr.  The second pair I came across in my photo search was a pair of bright orange pair of N2N briefs.  N2N consistently delivers fun and sexy underwear.  I have several pairs of their underwear, mostly orange I believe.  I usually get plenty of comments when I post a photo of me wearing them, as they tend to leave little to the imagination.  The last pair I came across was a pair of orange briefs I got with my first order from Aussiebum.  Whatever those folks in Australia are doing, they got underwear figured out.  I now own about 6 pairs of Aussiebum underwear.  I would count myself as a new fan of them and watch their site regularly now of new stuff.

Well, I guess there is really nothing more to do here than to share those favorites with you.  Stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll a lot more orange undies from my collection.  I hope you enjoy.



  1. I, too, love the color orange. I have a pair by Hugo Boss that I love over all others. When I wear them I feel sexy, and the guys in the locker room notice too. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Bryce Williams Reply

    My fav color is orange, too! btw you look great in your photos no wonder you were getting so much attention!

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