IMG_0941People who know I collect underwear ask me if I keep it a secret, and the answer is no, I don’t. I don’t keep things from people and any time I can talk to someone about underwear I do.

I have often talked to strangers at the store while they are shopping and often look confused and I offer my opinion. Most of the time the guy is thankful for my opinion and only a few have ever walked away freaked out lol.

I have never understood why it’s such a silly taboo to talk about underwear. I mean, if I have a pair of shoes or jeans I like I will tell people how comfortable they are or how long wearing they are. So why not underwear?

I have even been teaching a couple of my straight friends about good underwear. I will be reporting on that in more detail later. It’s nice that they will listen to my suggestions for comfort and style.

Even my mother knows of my collection. She laughs at my collection because her thing is socks. She has almost as many pair of socks as I have underwear. She gets the idea of feeling special when wearing a special pair.

So come on guys, be proud of your passion and speak up, post comments here on UNB. Everyone has ideas and suggestions and we all want to hear them.

Happy collecting and I hope we hear from more of you soon.


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