undergear-coversI’ve been infatuated with men’s underwear and swimwear from a very young age – at least since I realized there were options other than white Hanes briefs. Growing up I loved watching the men’s Olympic swimming and diving events when Speedos were still the uniforms de rigueur. Alas, my Southern upbringing was so white bread neither me nor any of my classmates were allowed to wear either Speedos at swim meets or even colored briefs in the locker room. Yes, our parents mandated that we wear swim trunks and tighty-whities. No exceptions. Thus, I had to wait until college before I could explore my interest in other types of underwear and swimwear.

Once liberated from the prying eyes of parents (and free to do my own laundry), I went crazy. Mail order was a godsend, and the Undergear Catalog was like crack in the 1990s. The internet opened another shopping avenue in the 2000s, providing access to an even larger number of designers and online store fronts from around the world. Underwear from England? Check. Swimwear from Australia? You bet!

These days I own everything from posing straps to boxers. I try not to confine myself to one style, manufacturer, color, or material. I like to remain open-minded. Thus, anything that screams “different” interests me: a different pattern, a different cut, a different style, a new concept. As an adult, I’ve worn just about everything. Except for white. I refuse to wear white underwear unless I’m wearing white dress pants, and I have one (and only one) pair of white boxerbriefs reserved for that rare occasion.

Lately I’ve become fond of modal. It’s exciting to see more designers incorporate this fabric, given its softness, breathability, and sturdiness. I’m also excited to see more designers incorporate patterned fabrics, a trend we haven’t really seen since Brut made bikinis in the late 1970s.

Last year I joined UNB’s focus group. Since then, Tim has periodically asked if I’d write for the blog. My work had been busy, so I declined. Recently, though, my work schedule became less hectic, and I now can devote time to occasionally writing for UNB. My personal goal is to contribute both interviews and feature stories.

Finally, for curiosity’s sake, I completed an updated inventory of my current “furnishings.” Here’s the breakdown (subject to change if someone has an Independence Day sale):

  • 20 boxers
  • 17 boxerbriefs/trunks
  • 10 compression shorts
  • 97 briefs/bikinis
  • 34 jocks
  • 6 K’mando pouches
  • 40 thongs/g-strings/posing straps
  • 34 speedos
  • 5 square cut swim trunks



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