bryce-journeyMy name is Bryce and I am 30 years old. I grew up in a small, conservative, religious community. So obviously, my mom bought my tighty whities growing up. In high school, I started to become aware that most of the “cool” kids were wearing boxer briefs. I was too embarrassed to say anything to my mom until my senior year.

I very timidly told her I would rather have boxer briefs. Surprisingly, she was very cool about it, and we headed to the store. There weren’t too many colors or options to pick from in our small town. I mostly just stuck with black or white standard you could buy at Wal Mart.

Over the years, I have upgraded to nicer brands – mostly Calvin Klein. But I have stuck with black or white up until recently. I started reading this blog (Underwear News Briefs) one day while trying to discover something not quite so boring. It opened up my eyes to all the different cuts, styles, colors & fabrics that are available in the men’s underwear market these days.

I finally was brave enough to order a few pairs online (bless the Internet!) . I still prefer boxer-briefs for working out, but not just plain old cotton. I recently purchased a Unico boxer brief that is a silky/stretchy fabric that is just to die for. Can I just say it feels like heaven on my “special area” 🙂

For everyday wear, I’ve started branching out. It seems ironic, but I seem to be going back to briefs – but no the plain old saggy bum tighty whities. I love a new Good Boy Gone Bad brief in Yellow with a dragon print. Talk about OUT THERE! I still wouldn’t be parading around in these at the gym or anything, but they make me feel sexy as hell knowing they are under my pants at work and around town.

I’m sure my underwear will continue to evolve and my collection will continue to grow as time goes on. Thank you Tim and Underwear News Briefs for letting men know that they don’t have to stick to the “normal” and can feel sexy and look great at the same time!

NOTE: This is a reader and not UNB Bryce. We hope you enjoy a guest post!


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