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Out there in the world of underwear are hundreds if not thousands of brands and styles from which to choose.  My job here at UNB is to help you find those pairs you may not have ordinarily thought about or even heard a single word about.  One such brand is Polar Bares underwear from Canada.  I am not sure how widespread they have reached into the world.  I am the only person in my circle of friends that I know to own a pair.  So what better way to spread the joy of a pair of underwear than to encourage my friends here at UNB to wear them too.

I own a pair of Polar Bare briefs, orange or tangerine as they call them.  Since the very first time I put this pair on I fell in love with them.  The soft material blend they use to make them was quite nice.  They combine nylon and spandex to create a soft feel against the bare skin.  They also have a cotton/spandex blend that I’m sure is just as nice.  The brief also has a waistband that features their name.  I don’t know about you, but the waistband is a key piece of the underwear I wear.  Polar Bare wraps the band with their name and it nicely accents the colors they use for underwear.  The overall cut of the briefs helps to accentuate the things we want accentuated, if you get my meaning (wink, wink).  The best reason to buy and wear Polar Bare underwear is the fact that they stay where they are supposed to when being worn.  This fact is again credited to the material and the way they are cut to fit the body.  I have never had to tug at the backside of the briefs to readjust during the day.  A good fit and feel makes the brand.

I do hope you all take the time to visit www.polarbares.com and check the selection they have to offer.  Helping a brand grow and become more of a presence in the market is part of our job here at UNB.  I only hope my endorsement of Polar Bares has persuaded you to help this brand grow

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