WMUPDD4We ask that question because it’s the name of a new brand called wearMEunder. I discovered them on Twitter one day. Actually I have been noticing a trend that I am finding more new bands for you guys through Twitter than any other social media. I have been emailing them and they seem like a really great company! Here are some questions we asked:

What is the idea behind the brand?

The idea behind the brand really started with wanting to offer men everywhere something that we feel the market doesn’t currently offer necessarily. It is not necessarily that we want to educate men that underwear doesnt have to be the standard brief or boxer, we just want to be able to offer and show men that you can look even sexier by what you wear under!
For us underwear and swimwear is not just something practical that one has to put on before starting the day. In fact, it is more about embracing the fact that you should feel and look great when you start the day, go about your daily routines, go to bed and most importantly no matter where and when you can always feel confident that should you find yourself in nothing but your ‘undies’ you can be sure to still feel and look great!

Women have used underwear as a power of seduction and to get a sense of comfort and sex appeal for a long time, so it is just a matter of time for men to also grasp the concept that underwear doesn’t have to be just practical.”


What is your philosophy for the company? 

Our brand philosophy comes from that as well! We believe that underwear is merely an extension of you and therefore they should feel like part of you. We try to make our underwear in a way that it feels like you are wearing nothing but you, your skin and that is why we call it skIn collection. Despite this, the products offer comfort and functionality which underwear should anyhow. We also try to be conscious that men nowadays have busy lifestyles and try to keep active. So it is important to offer products that are breathable, helping maintain the junk in the trunk as dry and sweat free as possible, thus our products are incredibly breathable. Also they offer anti-static materials, soft and we try to bare in mind that underwear marks aren’t sexy so we aim to use soft elastics on bindings etc in order to avoid those marks.

What was the inspiration  you for your designs? 

The design concept originated from professional divers/swimmers. Having to use quite tight and figure hugging pieces that not only provide all the support and comfort but are fully functional in every sense. That is why we choose to have and offer designs/cuts that are sexy and unusual but still pretty much keeping all that one wants covered and protected.


How are you getting the word out about your brand?

We are a small start-up independent brand, therefore we don’t have the usual budgets that big brands are able to possess. It is very important for us that men (customers) become more and more aware of our brand not by means of the usual advertising but by real people that can provide real input on what wearMEunder and it’s products are all about.

At the same time, we want people to feel like this is their brand, therefore we want them to be able to interact with us and our social media as a tool to get in touch not just with us but as a community of men.


What are some of your current best sellers? 

Here are the current best sellers

  • THE JOSH Pink & Red have been the most popular swimwear. We sold more of them than any other product available (including underwear).
  • THE BROOK + THE BRAD have been pretty popular during live events sales but quite slow sellers online though! It’s quite a more fetish out there piece, being of sheer micro mesh! We are with hope that with the new product pages and the revamped website this style will become a best seller.
  • THE JUSTIN Blue – this one has been the most popular out of all underwear styles available, both on the website and live event sales.
  • THE KELVIN Black – our basic brief, another popular item. Being our version of a basic brief and coming only in black at the moment, it’s the second best seller online.
  • THE AUSTIN – our third most popular product online.
Where can our readers find you guys? 
They can find us at our website, which we are about to redo, Twitter or Facebook.
Photos by Paul Dedona.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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