Andrew-Christian-Almost-Naked-Sweetheart-Jockstrap-94181I love jockstraps, it’s as simple as that.  They’re extremely supportive, comfortable, and downright sexy.  They come in multitudes of colors and fabrics, so dressing on the outside to compliment what’s underneath is never a problem. With so many underwear designers carrying jockstraps now, everyone is sure to find a type they like!

The jockstrap’s original design was for support during sporting events, and it’s nice to see that the great styles that we have to choose from today still feature that same basic concept, along with the bright colors and prints we’ve all come to love.  Today’s jockstraps have come far enough as well, as to not smash or constrict your package. They still keep things in place whether you’re at work, at the gym, or just lounging around.  I also find jockstraps extremely comfortable during the hot summer months. While only covering what’s absolutely necessary, they help your nether regions stay cool and dry.  Jockstraps almost completely eliminate bunching, and if you can manage to find some way to make them ride up; well, you’ve got some real skills!

I like to wear sexy underwear under my everyday attire, and in my opinion, you can’t get any sexier than a jockstrap. Even if no one else sees it, there’s something arousing about just knowing that I’ve got something sexy on; and I think it’s that “I know something you don’t know” mentality that keeps me from going absolutely insane when I’m stuck at work with all women and no eye candy. I know a lot of folks think that boxers give people a confidence boost, but I disagree. I think that knowing I’m secure enough to wear a pair of sexy undies is a huge confidence booster! Plus, when I get home and my partner and I are ready for some intimate time; I’ve already got a jockstrap on, and that just adds to the experience.  The way it fits the male body, covering just the most intimate of places is truly arousing. I advise anyone who hasn’t worn a jock in the bedroom to at least try it once and see where things go; satisfaction guaranteed (please note: satisfaction NOT actually guaranteed)!

You’d think by reading this that I’ve been into jockstraps for quite a while, but I only discovered them recently.  I had been wanting to try out a jockstrap after seeing them often in some of my favorite “movies”, but for some reason, had never committed until recently. I got really lucky with my first purchase, and the first jock I bought is still my favorite.  I started with an Andrew Christian Almost Naked jockstrap, and things were never quite the same.  The one I got is simple: black pouch, white straps, black waistband with the brand name across the top in white lettering.  I know it’s a kind of overdone color combination, but I find the simplicity of the black and white combo appealing.  The blend that AC uses on the Almost Naked undies is fantastic, as well.  It’s super lightweight, and I’m really surprised it’s held up this long, since any time the laundry is done and I see that jock in my drawer, it’s the first one I grab.  The “hang free” design also doesn’t sound like it would be too good for support, but the jock surprisingly keeps everything in place really well.

After my soirée into the world of Andrew Christian, I experimented with my staple brand of C-in2 and their assortment of jockstraps.  Their pop color lines have covered the entire spectrum and I never have a problem matching or complimenting whatever I’m wearing to my jockstrap (what, I’m the only one that does that?).  The pop color lines do tend to be a little more constrictive than some, but not uncomfortably so.   C-in2’s Zen line is one of my absolute favorites, though.  Made out of a great blend of fabrics and woven into an almost-mesh pouch, the Zen jocks breathe remarkably well, but aren’t see through like actual mesh. While they don’t come in as many colors, the ones they do provide have some nice contrasting colors on then that are eye catching.

Those are my favorite jockstraps, and I’d recommend them to anyone.  I’ve tried other brands, but I still haven’t found any that I love as much as Andrew Christian or C-in2.  I’m really glad that fashion jocks have made the impact they have on the underwear scene in the way they have, and weren’t just left as a sports accessory.  If you’re on the fence about buying a jockstrap, don’t be. Do it. You went be disappointed.  Whether you’re looking for something for the gym, something to spice up the bedroom, or just looking for something fun and different, the jockstrap is definitely the way to go!

NOTE: Shawn is a new guy on the site and you will read more from him very soon!



  1. Try Sukrew jocks. They quickly became my favorite. A completely new level of comfort and sex appeal. I’m straight but have just gotten into jocks outside the gym over the past year.

  2. I cannot image how a gay dude would not love jocks. I love them too. I’m a bodybuilder and wear them in the gym but I also wear under jeans and even at night. They are so sexy cause they frame my muscle ass and feature my package. Plus, when my BF wants to make love with me (I’m a bottom), I just leave them on!

  3. My favourite Jocks are those where the two elastic leg straps are brought forward to the front, either side of the pouch – or even attached to the pouch. The straps then sit low on the buttocks and you can then really feel them hugging your lower butt. It’s an awesome sensation and a real turn on. Conversely, Jocks with straps that are attached to the waistband at the sides (the usual position) are so comfortable you don’t even know you are wearing one! I also LOVE shiny glossy fabrics; wet look, satin and PVC. I’ve also worn rubber and leather Jockstraps. And to complete the awesome sensation of wearing Jockstraps, I often wear a cock ring or C&B strap, which is also very arousing.

  4. Jockstraps are awesome. I wish they would bring back the old school bike wheel jockstraps because they were the best.

  5. Your model on this blog post is extra hot and shows why jockstraps are so sexy! I wear a jockstrap virtually all the time, in the gym, under jeans and in the bedroom. My BF has started insisting I wear one when we make love.

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