UN9-14-FullHello UNB readers. I hope everyone is wearing comfy undies that they love. I am excited that fall is just around the corner. For me, fall is great because the cool nights are on their way.

I am a lover of running pants, leggings, long johns or what ever name you prefer to call them. I find that wearing them on a chilly evening while watching the tv is cozy and in an odd way, very sexy. The compression of the material and the feel is relaxing and almost hypnotic. I am hoping this fall I will have that someone special I can introduce them to and cuddle with.

Another of my favorite fall activities is to go out for a hot chocolate and hit some of my favorite book stores and enjoy the crisp night air. Of course nder my jeans I am wearing a pair of long johns. The warmth of them along with me knowing what sexy surprise im wearing under my jeans makes for a fun outing.

I often wonder if any of the other guys are also wearing long johns and if so do they love them as much as I do. I have noticed this year more companies are coming out with great long johns that are sexy and stylish.

Do any of you feel the same way about long johns? What are some of your favorite brands? Colors? Material? Tell us about it. We are all friends here and want to share and get our readers involved.

Picture is by N2N Bodywear


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