“From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.”, a quote from Bertolt Brecht. It was instilled in me at a very young age. My dad was in the apparel industry and always stressed the importance of details when it came to fashion. Underwear was no exception. My love for undies grew from walking around the apparel expos my dad attended. Many early men’s underwear companies were present with models to boot.

I aspired to be that masculine and confident and great underwear was just an extension of this. As I grew older and played sports I fell in love with the practicality of great underwear. I’ve pretty much been an addict ever since. Not only do awesome undies serve a function but it can spice up everyday activities. I won’t even get into the health benefits!

As a straight guy, I want to crush this stigma that underwear means anything other than what YOU want it to mean. Everyone deserves great undies! For me, there is also nothing sexier than when a girl steals and wears your undies. (wink) Better make ‘em fancy!

I recently received, from my underwear subscription service.  A small simple box with the word Wood printed on it. A small square gave a preview of the canary yellow undies inside. This small trendy box would be at home on the shelves in the apple store. I love it! The product inside was even better. A simple yellow boxer brief with a white waistband, Wood stitched in a subtle gold on the band off to the right.

Marketed towards a more seemingly straight outdoors-y market  (Hence, the name Wood).   Simple is the name of the game. They use a super soft Lenzig-modal made from beech  tree cellulose (again, Wood). The fabric actually has some moisture wicking properties. These things even breathe and stand up great for me at the gym!

For me, they sit just below the waist and don’t ride, or show crack, which is one of my biggest peeves. The subtle, elastic around the legs keeps them put as well with no bunching up throughout the day. With my peculiar 35” waist, the L isn’t too loose, and fits and shapes my figure nicely. They also add a bit of lift and form to the butt, which I need and enjoy! The closed front holds “the boys” nicely, and looks fantastic. After many a wash they still feel great, almost like the day I got ‘em, no fabric pilling or any misshapenness. The classic boxer-brief style visually elongates the body and has a slimming effect. Plus, the solid yellow looks great against my pale Irish legs!

These guys have really cracked the code at $20 a pop. They even offer a 3-pack option. I wish they had a color assorted 3 pack I’d total bite. I could easily see someone clearing out their whole drawer to make room for just Wood. Can’t wait to try the hip-brief! Get these boxer briefs for $?? at the Wood Underwear site. Cheers, to this great company!

NOTE: Brady is a new guy who just joined UNB. He’s going to be writing and giving his take on undies




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