Unknown-48When Tim told me there was a company that was designing matching socks and underwear (furnished by Sock It To Me). I immediately got excited. As you get to know me, you’ll learn I am very detail oriented. “The Devil is in the details” I often obnoxiously gloat. I usually meticulously coordinate my outfits. So with Sock It To Me creating matching socks and undies, this could make my life a bit easier. One less decision to make when getting ready!

Initially I was expecting matching designs whether it be paisley, plaid, polka dots etc. But when my package arrived I was unexpectedly excited to see the mighty tyrannosaurus rex covering the boxer-briefs, and one mighty t-rex on each sock. Admittedly I probably wouldn’t pick these out at the store. My drawer consists of mostly classic colors or simple prints. These remind me of my Underoos as a kid and I’m always down to add a bit of nostalgia to my wardrobe. This is the first I’ve heard of Sock It To Me. (Although I swear I’ve seen someone whip these T-rex socks out before.) They have been designing fun socks since 2004 and matching underwear seems to be a new endeavor for them. They currently offer a handful of matching sock/undies combos for women and men. Bikini cut and boxer-brief, respectively. Socks are available in ankle, crew, and knee high although the combos only come in crew currently. I was a bit worried at first. I didn’t want the underwear to just be a gimmick and fall short of quality. Right out of the package I noticed how soft the fabric was for the underwear. Also credible stitching and detail in the sock, as to be expected. I began thinking of a proper forum to test ‘em out. Casual attire seemed appropriate. T-shirt jeans etc. but I thought how fun these could be hidden under a suit or tuxedo even. Possibilities could be endless here.

Considering how fun these socks and undies were I knew they needed to be seen and talked about. One of my favorite watering holes is consider a “hipster hangout”. It’s basically a glorified gas station with zany merchandise and a beer lover’s heaven. This was on the agenda for the evening and I thought this lounge-y atmosphere would be the perfect place to test ‘em out. After my shower I slipped on the boxer-briefs and was impressed at how soft they were. Really soft comfy waistband with the Sock It To Me logo branded around. Perfect addition to the “everyday drawer”. The design on both the socks and the boxer-brief are both really well done, and strand out nicely. I thought about how well these would sit on the shelves in the bar I was on my way to. Right next to the rubber chicken key chain, and the squirrel car air freshener. Really though, these would kill it here. Also, this is the perfect atmosphere to slip in “hey my underwear matches my socks!” and be met with uproarious (t-rex boom!) laughter. On the other end lounging in these watching tv/playing video games felt quite appropriate. These guys are onto something!


I received a Large and right off the bat I felt as though these are a bit snug. Which is rare because I usually fit right between a medium and large. According to their size chat a Large is 35-37. Without a wash these are a bit snug. I worry my crack will show throughout the night. (one of my biggest undies peeves!) The elastic around the legs seems properly made as though it will stay put and not ride. The site refers to it as a “Crossgrain crotch gusset”. These provide a simple front no fly seem that holds your package comfortably. Now the back is interesting. There is no seem, typical of a boxer, yet this underwear provides a nice lift in the butt. Maybe where the added tightness comes into play? Once I slipped them on the hugged me like a proper glove. One glance in the mirror and we both agreed,” damn we look good.” Throughout the day I never notice my crack exposed as though the waistband stayed in place, despite its snug fit. Never felt constricted. I barely noticed them which is exactly what I want in a day to day pair of undies. I am comfortable recommending you purchase your typical (US) size for the undies. They are also made of a cotton spandex blend that feels really nice and form fitting. The socks also never slouch around my ankles and fit nicely under my Converses. (my most obnoxious fitting shoe) There is also a nice subtle cushioning around the ankle, toe, and heel. The crew cut comes up just below my calf and again stayed put all day. I would almost consider these dress socks in the way they feel with a very lightweight material. “Stretch It” sock technology covers men’s feet 7-13. I am an 11 and these fit nicely and normally. I dare say these are master crafted socks.

I really liked the design on these socks and underwear. A very fun addition to the drawer. The boxer briefs have a classic look with just a bit of new technology to make them comfy and stylish. Perfect for the day to day. Super soft waistband with the no tag tech that everyone should be adopting. The butt lift was really surprising to me given the no seam back. Similar with the front seam pouch. Simple design but looks great once you get it on. They may be onto something with this simple cut. The socks also feel great and allowed my feet to breathe. The little bit of cushion they offered actually helped. I did notice the stitching inside the socks would get caught on my toes when putting them on. I worried I was warping the design. Not something I could see myself wearing every day. Also the hang dry recommendation for the socks and undies can be tough and out of routine for some. Overall though I have been really enjoying them.

I am pleasantly surprised Tim told me about Sock It To Me. They weren’t what I was expecting but got to have some fun with them. As I assumed that bar was the perfect place to let these mighty T-rex roar! I think I lasted one beer before I was like “Ok, shut up everyone and check these out”. It floored some of my friends and they immediately wanted to know where they could get some, and what other designs. Some friends are like “ok stop flashing your undies, you do this all the time”. BUT! They all agreed how great these would do in these bar/grocery dives that are popping up everywhere. I felt unprepared when someone pointed to the socks and asked what they’re names were. (genius red-headed stranger!) If you are reading this. Let me introduce Barnabus Theodore Rex(Right) and T. Rexico Buress(left). I don’t think I’ve heard men’s underwear being brought up so much in conversation in one night. Kind of wild! Nor have I had to expose my undies in public so. Thrilling! What an adventure I got to have with my T-rex undies and socks. Even when I got home I found myself lounging around the house, not wanting to shed this fun gear. I can’t wait for them to come out with a whole bunch of matching socks and undies.  Cheers, Sock It To Me!

Note- this was too good not to include. From their site-

“Imagine T-Rex trying to pull on a pair of men’s boxer briefs. It’s almost as hilarous as these underwear. Our popular T-Rex style is now available on underwear for men! These men’s boxer briefs are comfortable and stylish. Too bad T-Rex will never know. Poor guy.”


  • Super soft undies. Great for every day.
  • Really fun design. TLC went into making both socks and undies!
  • I mean matching socks and undies, c’mon!
  • Really well-crafted socks
  • Both socks and underwear fit well and comfortable all day.


  • Recommends hang drying socks and undies
  • Inside stitching in socks may cause problems down the road
  • Underwear may appear a bit snug


  • Daily Fit- 7
  • Sizing- 7
  • Construction- 8.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance- 8
  • Overall= 8


These are available on The Sock It To Me website for $20 in the boxer brief and $11.50 for the socks. If you buy the bundle, you can save some coin at $29.50 altogether.





With Tim rallying us this previous weekend, he mentioned our theme for the week would be “magic”. I immediately began thinking how I could add some “magic” to my week. Looking over my schedule for the week, and then digging though my underwear drawer i began to think this might be difficult. I did have a concert coming up on Tuesday I was really looking forward to, and wondered how I could maybe include it, without just geeking out about music. I felt like running out and buying some exotic underwear was forcing it and wouldn’t truly capture any magic. I knew I was expecting my underwear subscription (3 pairs) but I had already glanced over what I was getting and didn’t think much of it.

Tuesday morning arrives and I wake up thinking how to get this day going. To begin with, concerts are my holy grail, my church, etc. I take them very seriously and am very detailed oriented about it just like everything in my life. (ha Im more fun than I sound I swear!) Lying in bed planning my day I hear my mailman shove a package between my front door. “Undies! Score!” I exclaim! I take the package upstairs and start opening it, only half excited because again I half knew what I was expecting. I never know the colors I’m going to get so I’m always a bit curious. A quick glance to see the colors then I go back to planning my day.

When putting my outfit together I decided id bust out a new pair I had just received and thought the red and yellow PUMP! Brief seemed like a cool color scheme so I’d go with it. I nonchalantly opened the package and my fingers immediately notice. “Holy Crap!” this was a mesh brief. Something very new to the what now seemed like a mundane brief selection in UNBBrady’s old drawer. I thought what better way to spark some magic, than to step out of my comfort zone in most comforted of zones. This was sure to be an interesting concert if at least for my outfits sake.


I slide the fire truck red mesh brief on and giggle a bit at how airy it is. The word PUMP! In red across the bright yellow waistband only cause more giggles. Of course my first mesh brief had to be loud as hell as far as color. The mesh itself is pretty normal. I’m not sure of the fashion term but its comparable to a basketball jersey. The design otherwise, pretty standard for a new men’s fashion brief. Nice center seam front and great lift in the butt. Amazing red and yellow color scheme with white trim. The elastic around the thighs isn’t too invasive, but is tighter than some of my other briefs. With that being said the waistband is extremely comfy. I did notice on the label that these briefs suggest air drying. Unfortunately, this will cause them to get worn less because that tends to be somewhat of a pain.

Once I had them on I starred at myself in the mirror for a bit. At first I was in awe at how exposed I felt. Then I nervously began to think, “what if I met a girl after the show?”. I started to think that maybe this wasn’t the best forum to try out my new adventurous brief. “Let’s just keep it safe “I thought. My mind then goes to Tim’s pump up before and I remember there’s no magic in safe! I quickly slide my jeans on before I change my mind.

First foot out the door I catch a breeze between my legs and right across my arse. I quickly hustle to the car and laugh at how fun this already is. At the bar throughout the beginning of the evening I catch many a wind. These briefs are definitely not for the cold winter, but that’s somewhat to be expected. Honestly, every time it simply excited me and reminded me of my little secret I’m wearing below. I even leaned over to grab a beer an exposed the bright waistband which immediately garnered a conversation. I wasn’t up for the whole mesh brief explanation so I left it at the color and cut. Most of my friends know me as the underwear snob so it’s not too odd of a topic.

I knew I was up for some fun and maybe some chills but I had no idea how applicable these briefs would be at the show! The mesh kept me so cool down there! I can remember leaving shows in the past and after getting real sweaty down there and then stepping outside into the freezing cold and being miserable. These gave me the perfect transition! These might become my official concert undies! If you want to add a little more magic to your underwear drawer you can buy these briefs at the PUMP! Website for $28.UNB Magic Week indeed!



Suit Up!

If you’re like me a suit is ever present in your wardrobe. Whether it be for work, special occasions, or just to look damn good and exude confidence. I think everyone should have a tailored suit in their wardrobe. You never know when you are going to need it. With that being said, tailoring the suit is only half the battle. There are many little things that can set a great suit up for disaster. A poor choice in underwear is definitely one of those. It may not be quite as apparent as clashing polka dots and stripes but it can still crush your look. This can be extra important when confidence is key say a job interview or work or social event. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be looking and feeling great when you suit up next!

When choosing the right underwear for a suit the first thing to consider is the color, cut and fabric of the suit. Honestly your best bet here is to try some different combinations at home before you go out in public. You may need to buy new undies first! Very, very rarely is free ballin’ it in a suit a good idea. Also consider what you are going to be doing in said suit. Sitting or standing all day? Any possible physical activity? Will the setting or lighting change? It may sound crazy and obsessive but the devil is in the details!


Here are some no nos. Thinner fabrics like linen and some wools may show your undies underneath in the right light! It may be best to as closely match the colors as possible. Like this lightweight Italian line suit from Jcrew and these heather grey hip briefs from Wood.


Just like women have to deal with hiding the lines from their underwear men should do the same. Thicker underwear under a thick suit can look bunchy or like you are wearing a diaper. On the contrary lightweight materials may show brief lines. Again its best to play around and see what works. A lightweight slim fitting boxer might be the best for the occasion. You wont have to worry about lines around your butt or thighs! Like this slim fit lightweight boxer from Brooks Brothers and their olive Twill slim fitting suit combo.



Finally consider what you might be doing. If you’re going to be wearing a suit all day outside and want to stay cool and collected, make sure to pick some undies that let the boys breathe! Maybe even a pair you would typically wear to the gym. A nice synthetic blend with maybe even moisture wicking properties. Just nothing crazy or you’ll start seeing sweat marks. Maybe like this classic medium weight modern- fit suit from Burberry and the incredible, lightweight synthetic Collins brief from Garçon Model.

Again to some I know I am going to sound like a nut, but I can tell you some personal horror stories. (Also some great stories from sisters/brothers who have fallen to poor choice of underwear) Like the time you could clearly see my white briefs in my black linen suit. Or the time I sat down and you could see the lines around my thighs from my boxer briefs from across the room.  My circuits scramble and my confidence plummets. Its suddenly all I can think about. In high pressure situations this is not something you want to deal with. Not to mention making first impressions. Learn from my mistakes! Wear your next suit with total confidence.


Modern ClassicsI’m going to start this article like some would start a cheesy wedding speech and define the word classic. The word classic is “used to say that something has come to be considered one of the best of its kind.” Simply “something that has been popular for a long time”. When it comes to men’s underwear fashion, there has definitely been one tried and true “classic” style in every sense of the word. The jockey brief, who just celebrated its 81st birthday has remained the go to underwear option for many men for many years. With good reason too. The basic brief covers all the fundamental functionality of underwear. But over the years there have been some many great upgrades to this style that will help cement it as a classic option for years to come.

First off let me mention this is one of my favorite styles of underwear. It has always been a display of simple almost humble masculinity to me. Subtle yet sexy. Simple but functional. My drawer has always been full of basic designer briefs. I can’t really think of an outfit where a basic brief couldn’t be an option. I to have had to get with the times and retire some of my favorites to make room for these modern classics.

In the last 81 years there have been some vast changes to men’s fashion. Some great technological/scientific advances that have changed the brief in many ways. With the introduction of the low-rise pant, the low-rise brief was soon to follow. This cut will sit just below your natural waist and the combination will help keep your undies hidden. They have also introduced enhancing technology, whether it be in the rear or front. Also, science has proven its important to keep your berries cool, and non-restricted. This revelation has often led designers to ditch the traditional y-front for a front seam or pouch. Here are some examples of brands paving the way for this classic style.


The Wood Hip Brief is a perfect example of a classic style but chock full of all the goodies listed above. They are becoming one of my favorite brands for their simplistic attitude. This particular brief is cut high to show more thigh which helps mask brief lines in a suit or slacks. Plus, the rear is tapered to give you butt a nice fit look. Here they decided to ditch the y-front for a total flat front with no seem. Which allows your boys to sit comfortably. The fabric is made from a tree cellulose that is super breathable. Actually has some subtle moisture wicking properties. These modern classics were meant to be worn all day! The waistband is combed to feel extra soft and bears their name in an understated gold off to the side. Almost all of their colors bear a white waistband helping further that classic vibe. This brief is available from the Wood website for $20.


UN12-15-FullThe Classic Cotton Pouch Brief from N2N is another example of a classic that has had a modern facelift. These briefs are handmade in Los Angeles, and are one of the softest briefs I have ever felt. These are made from mostly cotton with just a bit of spandex to help contour the body and lift the butt. This is going to feel like more of a classic brief. Another hip cut, this will help stay hidden throughout the day. My favorite part of these briefs is the Nhance pouch. This is one of the most visually appealing and comfortable pouches I own. Unlike most, it offers a very open pouch that provides a more natural mobility. That combined with the extreme softness, I find myself grabbing these out of the drawer often. These bad boys are available on the N2N website for $19.


5219 (14)

It’s hard to poignantly describe the Clever classic brief when they have done so well on their website. “Basic, but don’t ever call it plain”, a great mantra for modern classics to date. Clever 5219 Classic Brief features another cotton/spandex blend. That’s made to stay cool and comfy all day. For the simple soul, these could completely replace your daily underwear drawer. Hip cut with a sexy contouring design. Once gain, this cut helps give the rear that tight fit look. The simple front seem front makes for a simple roomy pouch. Nothing too crazy in design that helps make this an easy transition for the classic lover stuck in his ways. This is a perfect example of a classic style that has been upgraded in all the right ways. This brief is available on the Clever website for $27.

I could list a thousand great examples. Between the new styles and technology, there’s no reason not to upgrade to some modern classics. I guarantee you’ll notice a huge difference! The men’s underwear market is ever evolving but some styles never change. They just need little updates here and there. It’s nice to know that there is a market out there that loves the classics like I do. This will always be one of my favorite styles. Keep an eye out on UNB as I will do my best to keep you up to date on any additions to the modern classics roster!


“From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.”, a quote from Bertolt Brecht. It was instilled in me at a very young age. My dad was in the apparel industry and always stressed the importance of details when it came to fashion. Underwear was no exception. My love for undies grew from walking around the apparel expos my dad attended. Many early men’s underwear companies were present with models to boot.

I aspired to be that masculine and confident and great underwear was just an extension of this. As I grew older and played sports I fell in love with the practicality of great underwear. I’ve pretty much been an addict ever since. Not only do awesome undies serve a function but it can spice up everyday activities. I won’t even get into the health benefits!

As a straight guy, I want to crush this stigma that underwear means anything other than what YOU want it to mean. Everyone deserves great undies! For me, there is also nothing sexier than when a girl steals and wears your undies. (wink) Better make ‘em fancy!

I recently received, from my underwear subscription service.  A small simple box with the word Wood printed on it. A small square gave a preview of the canary yellow undies inside. This small trendy box would be at home on the shelves in the apple store. I love it! The product inside was even better. A simple yellow boxer brief with a white waistband, Wood stitched in a subtle gold on the band off to the right.

Marketed towards a more seemingly straight outdoors-y market  (Hence, the name Wood).   Simple is the name of the game. They use a super soft Lenzig-modal made from beech  tree cellulose (again, Wood). The fabric actually has some moisture wicking properties. These things even breathe and stand up great for me at the gym!

For me, they sit just below the waist and don’t ride, or show crack, which is one of my biggest peeves. The subtle, elastic around the legs keeps them put as well with no bunching up throughout the day. With my peculiar 35” waist, the L isn’t too loose, and fits and shapes my figure nicely. They also add a bit of lift and form to the butt, which I need and enjoy! The closed front holds “the boys” nicely, and looks fantastic. After many a wash they still feel great, almost like the day I got ‘em, no fabric pilling or any misshapenness. The classic boxer-brief style visually elongates the body and has a slimming effect. Plus, the solid yellow looks great against my pale Irish legs!

These guys have really cracked the code at $20 a pop. They even offer a 3-pack option. I wish they had a color assorted 3 pack I’d total bite. I could easily see someone clearing out their whole drawer to make room for just Wood. Can’t wait to try the hip-brief! Get these boxer briefs for $?? at the Wood Underwear site. Cheers, to this great company!

NOTE: Brady is a new guy who just joined UNB. He’s going to be writing and giving his take on undies