2xist Union suit I have never been a big fan of being cold.  So when winter rolls around I look forward to wearing my long compression leggings and tops and of coarse, the good old fashioned but sexy union suit.

I was fortunate enough to get a pair of 2(x)IST Tartan Cotton Union Suit. I have had several different union suits and onezees. Normally I prefer a nice synthetic material to cotton, so when I was given the 2(x)ist Tartan Cotton Union suit I was a bit hesitant. But I am always willing to try something new.

When I first put on the 2(x)IST union suit, I was surprised that the cotton did not stretch as I have found lots of other cotton underwear has in the past.  The 100% cotton construction did not stretch out and sag. The fact that is stayed firm and supported me pleased me. It was as if I was wearing a synthetic blend union suit.

Now I never wear the union suit out of my home. I prefer wearing them as lounge/ play wear. These did not disappoint. The color has not faded after several washes and wearing’s. They keep me warm and make me feel sexy and as an added bonus I have been told they look really sexy on me.

If I had that “someone” special I would get him a pair so we could cuddle together on the next cold night, watch a movie and see what happens.

I know you can find these and the 2(x)IST website and I recommend them on your next quiet, romantic night in at home with your special someone.


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