Suit Up!

If you’re like me a suit is ever present in your wardrobe. Whether it be for work, special occasions, or just to look damn good and exude confidence. I think everyone should have a tailored suit in their wardrobe. You never know when you are going to need it. With that being said, tailoring the suit is only half the battle. There are many little things that can set a great suit up for disaster. A poor choice in underwear is definitely one of those. It may not be quite as apparent as clashing polka dots and stripes but it can still crush your look. This can be extra important when confidence is key say a job interview or work or social event. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be looking and feeling great when you suit up next!

When choosing the right underwear for a suit the first thing to consider is the color, cut and fabric of the suit. Honestly your best bet here is to try some different combinations at home before you go out in public. You may need to buy new undies first! Very, very rarely is free ballin’ it in a suit a good idea. Also consider what you are going to be doing in said suit. Sitting or standing all day? Any possible physical activity? Will the setting or lighting change? It may sound crazy and obsessive but the devil is in the details!


Here are some no nos. Thinner fabrics like linen and some wools may show your undies underneath in the right light! It may be best to as closely match the colors as possible. Like this lightweight Italian line suit from Jcrew and these heather grey hip briefs from Wood.


Just like women have to deal with hiding the lines from their underwear men should do the same. Thicker underwear under a thick suit can look bunchy or like you are wearing a diaper. On the contrary lightweight materials may show brief lines. Again its best to play around and see what works. A lightweight slim fitting boxer might be the best for the occasion. You wont have to worry about lines around your butt or thighs! Like this slim fit lightweight boxer from Brooks Brothers and their olive Twill slim fitting suit combo.



Finally consider what you might be doing. If you’re going to be wearing a suit all day outside and want to stay cool and collected, make sure to pick some undies that let the boys breathe! Maybe even a pair you would typically wear to the gym. A nice synthetic blend with maybe even moisture wicking properties. Just nothing crazy or you’ll start seeing sweat marks. Maybe like this classic medium weight modern- fit suit from Burberry and the incredible, lightweight synthetic Collins brief from Garçon Model.

Again to some I know I am going to sound like a nut, but I can tell you some personal horror stories. (Also some great stories from sisters/brothers who have fallen to poor choice of underwear) Like the time you could clearly see my white briefs in my black linen suit. Or the time I sat down and you could see the lines around my thighs from my boxer briefs from across the room.  My circuits scramble and my confidence plummets. Its suddenly all I can think about. In high pressure situations this is not something you want to deal with. Not to mention making first impressions. Learn from my mistakes! Wear your next suit with total confidence.



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