Guest: Nate

Hello readers, we’re going to get straight to the point today with Nate on the Pouch Couch.

Beau: Usually I save this question for later but let’s get right to it, are there examples of pouches that aren’t functional but fun that you own?

Nate: No, not really. I have some that don’t support me as I like, but nothing out of the ordinary about the pouches of the underwear I own. Guess I’m a bit boring there.

Beau: There is nothing “boring” when it comes to undies, no matter what, they’re fun to someone.


Beau: Anything changed with your preference over time?

Nate: No, my pouch preference hasn’t changed, since I started wearing bikinis and thongs.


Beau: Which brands make your favorite pouches?

Nate: Prevail Sport, Kiniki, BodyAware, Dietz all make pouches that work for me. Others do too, but those are some of my main brands.


Beau: Going off of that, what are some of your favorite pouches?

Nate: Prevail Sport’s String Brief is my favorite cut of bikini underwear and the pouch suits me fine, which is a basic contoured pouch. A flat front one from BodyAware called The TLC Brief is a snugger fit, but still comfortable and excellent support.


Beau: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

Nate: Mainly I just want good support, so I’m not flopping or moving around and have to adjust myself.


Beau: So with that in mind, do you want strong structure or loosey goosey?

Nate: I typically want structure. I like everything held in place. A little flexibility is okay like when lounging around.



Beau: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

Nate: As long as it holds everything in place I’m not too picky. Can be a typical contoured pouch or a flat front as long as the material is right for the designed job of supporting.


Beau: How does the look of a pouch influence you?

Nate: The pouch doesn’t really play too much of a role in picking on a pair other than I want one that looks supportive. I look more at other aesthetics like the width of the sides and amount of back or nonback coverage. I guess there is one thing that I do like, but doesn’t break the deal is when they have a centered flat seam connecting the two pieces of the contoured pouch together.



Beau: Any last thoughts while you’re on the Pouch Couch?

Nate: Just have fun experimenting with different pouches and find what you like best. That is one thing fun about underwear is trying out new styles and design. Some will be a hit and some will be a miss.

Hopefully more hits than misses.


Beau: YES! That’s what I’m always saying, go out there and experiment. There’s new stuff coming out every day so get out there and explore.


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