let-it-fly-with-baskitBaskit is taking a new, get in, get out, get on with it approach with its new Utility line. Meaning? Baskit doesn’t want you to have to fumble for openings or pull down everything when nature calls. They want to give you a very clear, easy to use slit where things can be pulled out easily. Stick your hand in and get what you need, when you need it. The slit comes in the form of an opening running across the top of the pouch. It is an easily noticeable seem with the contrasting color that allows for access.

The line includes a brief, a trunk and a jockstrap for $22, $24, and $19 respectively. The baseline color is a solid. Light gray punctuated with different pops of colors on the waistbands and seems. All of the pairs seem to have fairly wide side panels, even the jockstrap. They have gone with a square cut silhouette throughout the pairs. Of course, all of these pairs will come made in Baskit’s high-quality material and be amazingly durable pairs. Sizes run from small to extra-large and a variety of color combinations.

So if you’re tired of fumbling or pulling. Baskit Utility is aimed at making your life (and doing your business) much more hassle free.

The Official Description:

True story: there are layers of fabric between you and taking care of business. Sometimes you’re in a hurry or on the run and you just want to let it fly! You want easy access. You got it!

Our Utility collection has a functioning fly-front pouch that lets you get right to the matter at hand. So, no more pulling down the waistband or fishing through the leg opening when nature calls. Ahh, the utility and ease of it all.

But why shouldn’t convenience and style go hand in hand? Don’t worry, they do. Each pair of Utility combines flair and function.

Who knew everyday life could be so simple and look so good?

BRAND: Baskit

PAIR: Utility Brief, Trunk, and Jockstrap

COLORS: Vert Green/Menthol Gray, Red/Menthol Gray, and White/Menthol Gray

FABRIC: 95% Micromodal / 5% Elastane

SIZES: Small – X-Large

COST: $22/$24/$18


·       Utility Brief

·       Utility Trunk

·       Utility Jockstrap


pikante-2006-2-8678_grape_1What doesn’t the new Pikante line have? No serious, someone please tell me what it doesn’t have.

  • Solids? Check
  • Fun prints? Check
  • Mesh? Check
  • Very, very shapely wear? Check
  • More compact pouches? Check
  • Thick waistbands? Check
  • Thin waistbands? Check
  • Traditional cuts? Check
  • Unconventional cuts? Check

But want to know the craziest part? It is all a very cohesive line. You can see the same train of thought connecting all of these seemingly contradictory or opposite aspects. The juxtaposition offers something for everyone and lots of things for anyone.

Two fun thongs to check out: PIK 8024 and PIK 8026. One features trick or treat candy prints and a nice, compact pouch. The other features bubble gum piece prints and is a very shapely, anatomical pouch. Both are solid designs letting you choose the style that fits them the best. Others feature Ice Cream prints and paper boat prints, prints for everyone.

For a really adventurous pair, try the cock sock ice cream thong. (see the site for the dare to wear style.)

If solids are more your thing then check out their Cherry Pie section. This piece of the collection features solid fabric choices in bold colors. The designs seem to be a bit more traditional as well, if that is your cup of tea. They also have some more options in the Hippie part of the line, a few more color options to mix things up.

And for mesh lovers look no further than the Pina Colada pairs and the Rock and Roll pairs. A mix of mesh and solids that will help please all.

Personally, the BubbleGum briefs are my favorite. They are very cute. A fun little cut with a cute print.

Other items include jockstraps, additional thongs, anatomical briefs and more. Like I said, there is something for everyone in this line, you just got to look. Find them all at Candyman Fashion

85845-5551-xlr8-jock-strap-red-black-turn-webYou’re a pig, a nasty, nasty pig. And no one said that was a bad thing. Nasty Pig is back at it again. Doing what they do best. Delivering bold, brash, in your face pairs of underwear. That scream “Suuueyyyyy, Pig, Pig, Pig, Pig”. They even mention how the logo and name are centered on the waist band of these jockstraps and briefs. So that everyone will know, you’re a Nasty Pig.

Filthy, just filthy. Except by that I mean, these are really sleek designs. The black pouches with either red or white accents running up and down the pouch. It gives a dynamic look that is sure to draw the eye and whet the whistle. They both frame the pouch well and also add some additional texture to the look. Very strong.

The waist band is medium size band, with bold logo and brand name. The background has some layered, horizontal lines running all of the way around creating a very cool effect.

The fabric mix is 94% Modal 6% Spandex so it gives it that strong but flexible feel and look. Ideal those looking to break out from the cotton confines of other pairs. It also gives the colors, especially the black. A depth that doesn’t often show with different fabric choices. It’s a richness, especially on the pouch which is obviously where a richness should be.

The straps are, no doubt, sturdy. They aren’t pencil thin like some other jockstraps out there. That means they should be able to give actual support to your rear. To me, to be a successful jockstrap the straps have to be able to really make that booty pop. Based on how much lift one gets and Nasty Pig has a sterling reputation of making that happen.

Overall the pair is another solid pair that leaves no doubt who made it. It is Nasty Pig down to its core and if you consider yourself a nasty pig too, you’ll love these pairs. Be bold. Go bold. Get Nasty.

BRAND:  Nasty Pig
PAIR: XLR8 Brief or Jock
COLORS: Black/Red or White/Black
FABRIC: 94% Modal 6% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00 for brief and jock

Underwear has Magic PowersI can easily be accused of talking a lot about underwear and its magical powers. An accusation I am very proud of. At the core of my boastful pronouncements. Is the idea that the right pair. With the right cut, the right feel, the right design. Will imbue the wearer with an unlimited power of confidence and esteem. And the other day I got to embody this theory more so than I ever have before.

I connected with my good friend and favorite photographer Handsome.Pictures to do a photo shoot. Now, as some may know, this is not my first photoshoot, not even my first one with H.P. True. However, this one was different and I’d like to tell you why.

Ever since starting to write for Underwear News Briefs. I have been on a journey with underwear more than I had been before. The website has allowed me to further my underwear knowledge and experience. While growing as a person. I have always had a disconnect between my analytical brain and my stubborn heart. My brain has always seen myself as I am. A moderately cute, moderately intelligent guy who has some quirks. But generally loves his life. My heart was more a rollercoaster. With whether or not it believed in my cuteness or attractiveness, one day yes, one day oh lordy no.

It’s a struggle that I know everyone has in some form. You have the “facts” to let you know how you actually, 100% do look but like many people who watch a certain “news” network, facts don’t always matter. You just don’t believe it. And that’s often where the emphasis is placed.

Anyway, back to me ;). As I’ve been on my twitter @underloverwear (Beau Briefs) and as I’ve written for this website. I have had the privilege to grow into myself through underwear. Trying new brands. Trying new styles. Trying some of the wackiest stuff I never knew was out there. And it has changed me. For the better.

A few years ago I wrote a piece about my first ever photoshoot. I had a blast even though I was still fully engaged in the brain/heart struggle. The photos came back and there are some great ones, some of my favorite of me ever. There is also a handful of them that I know are not bad photos but that I cannot look at. I hate my face in them. I hate my body in them. Heck, I even hate my bulge in them. I wasn’t believing in myself in those photos and I can tell.

Again, a lot of those photos and the overall experience were good, very positive. But I half-assed it. I didn’t believe it in every single shot. I tried to rely on my analytical brain to power the shoot, not the heart. That was two years ago and I have grown. With the help of underwear, I have continued to form me and believe in myself.

So we scheduled a new shoot. We went out into the woods, found a creek, found some ferns and started shooting. And this time, I didn’t try so hard.

There were no horrible attempts at a serious, sexy, or seductive face. Those don’t work for me. And do you know why? Because I like to smile. I like to smile the crap out of life. And no matter what, to me, that is sexy and seductive. I did not try and be or do something that I am not. I’m not a smoldering, temptress with that stone cold stare. Or that hunky Adonis with a quiver-inducing gaze. I am a goofball and I am a damn cute one.

For the first pair, I chose a new swimsuit from Aussiebum. It is an adorable, multicolored piece that ties on the side (wear with caution). It fits tight and takes some assembly but it feels great. I blew up a cheap pink inner tube and jumped in the creek. And from that first photo, it was on.

I smiled. I smiled big and I knew that the underwear was right, it had the cut, it had the style, it had everything. All of the pairs that I brought did. I selected them for those reasons. They imbued me with that power, that magical energy and jouex de vivre. Each pair was special to me, for one reason or another but they all gave me that feeling.

When I wanted to go sexier, I changed into a different pair. To try and seduce the style changed. And when I wanted to be a bit campy I pulled out a different brand. But through it all I smiled and I believed. All of those undies tapped into that place in me. That place that we all have that doesn’t just inform us of how we are but makes us the believe it more strongly than we ever have.

I tweeted something last night that said, “Underwear is so much more than sex. So much more than fetish. When done right, underwear is uplifting. Underwear is all forms of desire.” And I truly believe that.

Right now I am wearing some cute light blue Jack Adams USA briefs and they are making me perky.

I cannot wait to see all of the photos but even more so. I cannot wait to continue this underwear journey that I’m on. Because it does so much more than just benefit my top drawer. it benefits my self-esteem, it benefits my mental health, hell, it benefits my soul.

Have some fun with Xdress
I had the great pleasure to ask XDress some questions about what makes them, them and I’m equally excited to share our back and forth with you all. The brand first caught my attention on Twitter when I was searching for different underwear styles and I have to admit, I was fascinated. While I never acted on the instinct, when I was younger I was curious about the different styles of underwear that my sisters would leave strewn about the house and bathrooms. So my attention was instantly piqued by XDress.

Below are some amazing responses from the brand that I think everyone should read. The most important part that stood out to me was their emphasis on allowing anyone, any man to experience and indulge his feminine side. As people who are complex creatures who even in the most 1950’s style terms could never be described as fully a masculine or a fully feminine creature and I think using underwear as an outlet to help express parts of yourself you might not often do, is inspiring.

One other thing I want to point out that is more of a “sense” than an actual thing written below is this: XDress is a very fun, exciting, and engaging brand. They really love engaging with customers and potential customers. I think they do a wonderful job or intriguing people and then engaging with them. Really it this sentiment can be summed up with the drink that they picked to describe themselves: a Cosmo.

So enjoy my interview with XDress!

Beau: How long has XDress been operating?

XDress: XDress has been in business since 1988! Almost 30 years of offering beautiful panties for men!

Beau: Happy almost 30th!!

Beau: What were some of the founding philosophies or ideas?

XDress: We wanted to make products for men who were interested in crossdressing, but we wanted to make them in a way that made them feel like the items were made specifically for them. Since our items are made to fit the male form, they don’t give the feeling that you’re squeezing into some panties that weren’t meant for a man’s body. Our items are made so that men can also tap into their femininity, just as much as women our allowed to be! We also believe in keeping our production based locally in Arizona, providing jobs and work to people right in our home state.


Beau: Makes total sense, men want to have that form, that style but at the same time, there’s more that can need to go into it. Also, love the home state perspective, that’s great to hear.

Beau: How is the XDress structured/how does it function?

XDress: We have our designer who comes up with all of the ideas, either from her own creation or through collaboration with other manufacturers. Once the designs are finalized, our in-house seamstress will make a sample of the design for the media team to take photos of at our product shoots. While the media team works on the photos and social media part of getting the word out about the new products, our seamstresses, as well as any manufacturers we’re partnered with, will get the product all sewn together. From there, the item is made available on our website for our wonderful shipping team to send out to the customer!

Beau: What’s the best part of being a part of the XDress team?

XDress: We definitely love that we offer items that men can wear to fully express themselves, despite how society tries to put them in a box. Our customers are always so happy to see new frilly, lacy, or silky garments from us, and just knowing that we’re giving them something that makes them feel good inside is satisfying for all of us.

Beau: How would you describe the character of XDress? Care to put it into a Hogwarts house or perhaps a Disney character?

XDress: The character of XDress would definitely be someone who’s fun and flirty, but who can amp up the class at a moment’s notice. If XDress was sorted into a Harry Potter house, it definitely would be Slytherin. Something about our seductive nature just makes that feel right. And if XDress was a Disney princess? We’re a little like Mulan in a way, since we’re going against the gender grain to show the world that men don’t just have to be masculine!


Beau: I always respect someone who can put themselves into Slytherin, I imagine you’re a bit like me, part Slyhterin and part Hufflepuff. And yes, Mulan makes perfect sense.

Beau: If XDress was going out for a drink on Friday night, what would it be drinking?

  1. Definitely a cosmopolitan, because we’re a little fruity, a little flirty, and a whole lot of fun!

Beau: Yay cosmos!

Beau: What sort of response has XDress gotten since launching?

XDress: There’s definitely an interesting mix of responses that we’ve gotten since we started selling panties for men. Because it’s such a niche market, we get the best responses from our regulars who have been buying from us for years, or the people who happen to find us through social media because they’re looking for a crossdressing community to follow. More mainstream outlets tend to treat our products as jokes or something “weird,” but we notice that it still gives us publicity and attracts new customers, despite how they frame our company. So really, the joke’s on them!

Beau: How does XDress approach its design process?

XDress: We look to design items that keep up with the latest trends in fashion, to keep a sort of modern sensibility to our products. Some items we’ll try to make more simple, but we definitely like to go big and bold with some other designs, that way we have something for everyone.

Beau: What would you like our readers to know about XDress that they might not?

XDress: I think we’d want them to know that, even though we cater mostly to cross-dressing individuals, our products are for any guy who would be interested in trying some more “feminine” clothing items. The world of fashion is really changing, and going a tad more feminine with a man’s wardrobe is way more common nowadays, so our products are really for any man who feels like tapping into their femininity.

Beau: Using underwear as an outlet for that is amazing, it’s great that you are able to help offer people that ability.

Beau: How would you describe (if you want) the XDress consumer?

XDress: The typical XDress customer is very enthusiastic, for sure! Our customers are always letting us know how excited they are about new products, are happy to give us feedback about our designs, and are always willing to engage with us on social media. I very rarely see customers get this passionate about a company they love, so it’s amazing to be working at a company where the customers are so proactive about showing their appreciation!


Well the dynamic duo behind Petit Q has done it again. The cuts, the peak a boos, the strings, flings and things are all back in Petit Q’s new line out now. The new pairs continue to push the edge of erotic underwear. Combining multiple styles, atypical fabrics, and burlesque-esque silhouettes.

Let’s take a look at a few that definitely caught my eye:

The Mini-Trunk Jock (PQ160602) mesh is an interesting take on the jock/thong combo style. It has the leg straps that lift up the cheeks to give any butt a nice bounce. It also has the teasing string that covers…a little bit. However part of the interesting thing is that this is being done in mesh. The (in this case) white mesh pair stands apart from others of a similar styles. This gives it that even more erotic edge. The front part of the pair is pretty gosh darn adorable. It looks like a hip brief or bikini in shape but the pouch has its own piping that gives it a very cool look. If the mesh was dark blue you’d almost have an amazing navy look about the front. Regardless, I love it. It’s definitely one to add to your erotic section.

Now onto the Bikini Rift Splash (PQ160409) and the Bikini Riviera (PQ160410). These cute brief style pairs have the alluring peak-a-boo cuts. That I generally associate with Petit Q. Using the piping as the “waistband” the pair is able to carry the print/color juxtaposition throughout the pair. The dark, solid color contracting with the semi-dark print gives it this sultry. Almost rainforest feel, a little hot, a little humid, a lot erotic. Naturally, the cuts are just enough. Like seeing into an apartment window from the street just as someone is about to disrobe. It’s exciting. This pair stays very true to what first made Petit Q a standout.

The Kini Massalla (PQ160601) is a style I must admit, I have not seen before. The see through material.  Either in black or turquoise (go turquoise) is a seductive feature for the mostly all covered backside. It is the front, however, that really draws the attention on this piece. You will find a pouch to place your package and a thin waistband helping hold up the pair. But otherwise, that’s about all you’ll find. A large pelvic window sits about the pouch on this pair. Once your pants are down, brush, trim or shave won’t be a question one needs to ask. It’s provocative, much like the cuts in the last pair, skin, skin, skin but not…the rest.

There are so many more pairs to see in this latest from Petit Q but these were some early leap outs for me. Check out more and try some on for yourself…or for someone else.

Find all these pairs at Candyman Fashion!



2eros is adding the luxurious Cuban white and gold choice to the V32 swimsuit. This resort ready pair features a sleek, crisp white background that really pops in or out of the water. Contrasted against tan skin you’d be the hit of the beach in this number.

The front lined pair also features a stylish gold chain print that adds an elegant touch without overbearing the look. It really does look like it belongs on a private beach or lounging by the resort pool. The fun, white and gold balance will be catching many rays and many eyes.

And once those eyes are caught they will no doubt be admiring the fit. The Brazilian cut pair is meant to hug every bit of your bits while enhancing shape and form for wearer and viewers’ delight. The snug fit extends to the legs as well, hugging but not squeezing.

So lounge back, relax and be the talk of the beach in the new V32 Cuban white and gold swimsuit. This pair is available for AU$64.95 or roughly $49 US and in sizes from Extra Small to Large.

PAIR: Cuban Swimwear
COLORS: Black or White 
FABRIC: 80% Nylon / 20% Elastane
SIZES: X-Small – Large
COST:  $64.96 AUD


N2n Bodywear Spartan JockN2N Bodywear furnished the Spartan Jockstrap for review

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8.5/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Unique straps, cool waistband, great looking/comfy pouch

Cons: Straps could take some getting used too.

Beau Briefs recommendation: Yep, this is a good one to have!

When in Rome…you’re supposed to do something, I can’t quite remember. But when you’re in Sparta you slay! And it’s safe to say you’ll slay em in this jockstrap. I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical about the cut. The straps are shaped a bit differently than I’m used to. The area that joins the straps to the waistband was a bit more triangular and I just wasn’t sure.

Well, I am now. It’s great! It’s a fun difference that helps set this pair apart from other jockstraps. Plus the additional fabric gives the colors more time to pop and contrast. It’s unique and in our world of modern day underwear. It can sometimes be difficult to be unique while not sacrificing functionality, wearability, or comfort. So kudos, N2N!

I am a big fan of the color combo that I got. I tried on (and am wearing as I write this) the dark gray and orange option. The orange piping is fun and the piping itself is strong and supportive. The other combos look like a lot of fun too, especially the mint.

Now this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but the pouch is very comfortable. I really enjoy N2N’s pouches like this. They are full enough to hold everything and kind of cradle everything in a way that is also very flattering. Sometimes when underwear is very flattening in the basket area the term “bulge” isn’t very accurate. But with N2N’s attention to the attraction these pouches are well deserving of the bulge moniker.

The waistband is awesome.

I remember back in elementary school learning about the Greek key and it is incorporated in a fun way with the N2N brand here. It’s eye-catching yet simple, like the original. The band size itself is also a good width, not overly large and not too small to be unable to do its job. Thumbs up Sparta!

So if you are looking for a new jockstrap to add to the collection this should definitely be on your list.

Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: SU2 Spartan Jockstrap

Colors: Grey/Orange, Mint/yellow, Black/white/red

Fabric: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $22.00

Furnished by: N2N Bodywear

Buying Underwear

I get it, compared with most of my friends I spend way more time thinking, talking, shopping, writing, all things underwear. I’m not apologizing, I’m just saying that I get it. Another thing I am known for amongst some friends of mine is my use of gift giving as a “love language”. I just really enjoy giving people presents, randomly or for a reason. So… this is the Buying Undies for a Friend post!

Some thoughts on buying underwear for friends:

Expose people to new brands:

Lord bless my friends. If they’ve ever bought anything besides Calvin Klein (whom I love) or 5 packs of Hugo Boss or something from Nordstroms. It’s one or two random AC pairs. So treat them to something new! My new favorite brand to expose people to is Jack Adams USA. One, it has the whole Pacific Northwest thing that we PNWers adore. Even if it is Portland :P.  Two, they have very classic pieces, great simple but cute briefs and trunks. So you’re not asking people to try something too far out of their comfort zone. However, pick whomever you like! I have a friend (I’ll tell this story shortly) that I always get different brands for, Armani Exchange, Hugo Boss, etc.

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this on Underwear News Briefs right now. Then you’ve been doing your homework. Don’t make your friends reinvent the wheel, show off some of your knowledge. Give them a new pair of underwear and a new window into brand variety.

Challenge people to try new style:

Again, don’t ask your very conservative friend to wear a jockstrap thong combo from AC right out of the gate. Wait a week or two ;). But really, push people in your selection of an underwear gift. Make sure to keep it within the range you think they’re willing to move. If someone is a very solid boxer briefs person, try giving them a sleek, shorter legged trunk. A good Private Structure one, for instance. They’re probably more likely to actually wear something closer to their normal. Than if you tried to get them into a bikini cut. Well intentioned perhaps but you want them to actually wear it!

If this is a friend that you’ve had conversations with about underwear. You might have a better idea of a new style to try. For instance: I have many friends who know and or follow my posts on the website. They just generally know that I enjoy underwear. So it isn’t too surprising that it comes up in conversations periodically. “Tim, do you really enjoy those pairs that don’t have a butt?” “Are those one kind of, the ones like a jockstrap, are they actually comfortable?” etc. Obviously this means that next time I’m shopping and want to play the part of the Underwear Fairy (take that in whatever way you want). I pick out a pair of assless briefs for said friend or friends. Now I do have a particular fondness for Timoteo’s assless briefs so it is generally one of them or Addicted. However, be careful. Again, the overall goal is to get them to actually wear it and enjoy it. o only get them one if you think there’s an actual chance they want it.

Make a tradition:

Here is the previously promised anecdote. I have a lovely co-worker who was first a date interest and from then on just a very good friend. He is a great guy and has impeccable taste for all things well designed when it comes to houses, architecture, dishes, furniture, and all. Yet his underwear selection was…not up to code. So for his birthday one year I picked up a pair of cute Hugo Boss trunks. I knew they were similar to what he wears but were an incredibly soft fabric and a sleek design. He laughed and loved it. Then 365 days later, I got him another pair! It was the birthday year tradition and his now boyfriend thanks me for cute pairs that he owns because I basically bought all of them.

It doesn’t have to be birthdays, maybe every time you go on a trip you bring a friend back a pair. Maybe your friends do a big Holiday gift exchange or White Elephant type event, always bring undies. People love it! Two Christmases ago I brought a beautiful gift box with a Power Bottom mesh, assless briefs and they were fought over all night. Make it fun, make it special, make it a tradition!

Buy what you love and make sure they know it:

Now, if you want to go a different route than discussed earlier and just buy something that you love and want to share, then do that. BUT make sure they know it’s special to you or that it is personal. If you want to buy them a red, skimpy thong because you love yours and you think everyone should have one, make sure to tell them that it’s something that you love and special BEFORE they open it. Just let them know that this means something to you and whether it’s their style or not, you wanted them to have it.

Remember, this is a gift and it’s normal:

I know that sometimes underwear seems like a semi-taboo topic for men. Women can all go to Victoria’s Secret in the mall and no one thinks that odd but if you’re two guys (gay, straight, bi, whatever) it’s suddenly odd or sexual or just wrong. It’s not. It’s underwear. I wear it, you (might) wear it, we (generally speaking) wear it.

Don’t be uncomfortable about it. It can be special and a very thoughtful gift but it doesn’t have to be weird. You aren’t asking them to model them for you (but god bless if they want to!), you’re simply sharing a passion you have with them and that’s super cool.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that all out of the way. I wear a 30-31 small waste and pairs can be sent to… HAHA! Joking, totally joking. Go out and shop with someone else in mind. Some great websites to check out if you don’t have a good store in town are below. Enjoy!

Online Underwear Stores to Shop:

n2n Bodywear Daredevil (1)N2N Bodywear furnished the N2N Eclipse Swim Brief

Rating: 8.5/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Cute cut, mix of colors, sexy as you’d expect.

Cons: A bit tight, light weight fabric can be revealing (might also go in the Pro column, you decide).

Beau Briefs recommendation: If the color combos really speak to you then this is a good classic cut pair to get.

Good lord I love swim season! Trying on new pairs, finding new colors that you never would have worn before. Knowing when a cut is just right for you, and the list goes on. The Eclipse swim briefs are another great example of fine swim wear from N2N. I recently review the N2N Stellar Sport and the two share a lot of the same excellent qualities. One of the things that all N2N things share, and that I know is a very proud thing for their creator and founder. Is that they are all made in L.A., and I think deserves a shout out!

The cut of N2N’s swim briefs are top notch. The cut up the leg from the crotch is both alluring and yet still fully covering (for those who want to fully cover). The swoop of the cut is just so to nicely highlight the bulge while also giving just amount of highlight to those toned legs. I think we all wish we have (I should hit the gym today…). So needless to say, I am a big fan of the construction and cut of this pair. If you love a good, classic speedo I have a feeling you will love it too.

The color was at first worrisome to me. I must confess I have never really worn olive… and when I saw what other colors it came in I was seeing red. No literally, it comes in red, blue, and orange. However, as we all must sometimes admit, I was wrong. The olive is actually an extremely flattering color. Now given my complexion I am either one shade darker than Elmer’s Glue or I am pleasantly light gold. I found both of those work nicely with the olive. Other skin tones and colors play very well with olive as I went online to look up. So shame on me for assuming it drab because as the end rhyme would suggest it’s actually fab.

Now I did run into the two same ellipses inspiring issues that are not actually problems they are just…how things are. First, the sizing on the butt is an issue for me. My waist and all is not a Medium but my butt often is not a Small. Where is my Smedium?!?!? The pair is still completely wearable and actually brings the butt in tighter given the circumstances. The second…issue… is that when things are…distinct down in the package area it can sometimes be semi (hehehe) visible. Now, as I stated in the beginning, decide for yourself whether that goes in the Pros or Cons column.

Overall these are a fine, playful, and as it is N2N, naturally sexy pair of swim briefs. They are well made and the cut and construction is lovely. They are fun and flattering, from the color to the color contrasting swoop on the front. And they are sexy. So stun them all on the beach in blue, red, orange, or olive and you’ll have them all green with envy.

Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: EC1 Eclipse Swim Brief

Colors: Olive/black, Blue/white, Red/white

Fabric: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $24.00

Furnished by: N2N Bodywear

Buy at:

UNDerwear review (1)N2N Bodywear furnished the L13 Lounge Robe

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: A world class comfy robe that leaves a sexy impression.

Cons: I’ll let you know if I ever find one.

Beau Briefs recommendation: You should probably buy this now before I buy out the rest.

I loved this robe at first site and I mean the first time I saw the new N2N line online, just in a quick, simple photo. I just knew. And like that, my new love affair was born and raised. So when I received a robe to review first I was a bit surprised. Because we are an underwear mainly focused blog but second I was ecstatic. At the time I got it I may have already had one waiting for me in my online shopping cart… LOVE.

So let’s talk robing…the art of robes…robust robe love…let’s talk about this robe.

It is so lightweight and comfortable. Seriously, pick it up and be amazed at how light it really is. Now, that’s not to say it isn’t going to keep you a little bit warm (the parts that it covers at least) because it will. The main thing to remember really is that this robe is an orgasm for the eyes. It is simple. It is sexy. It is sinful.

The cut is short so that you can show off whatever sexy underwear you’ve decided to wear for the evening. With your accompanying glass of wine of course. It ties close in the front but you can make that as tight or as loose as you wish. I personally have enjoyed it slightly flowy. Like it would billow a bit in the breeze of an outdoor patio while you watched the sunset as your partner held you tight… Get the picture?

The best part of it all is just how it will make you feel. Honestly, whatever your body type or what you think about your body, this robe is super lovely. Normally when it comes to my mid-section I am a big critic because we all have that thought of “it could be better” but I felt so good in this robe. I felt so sexy. I felt so seductive. I felt so secure. Pieces that make you feel like that are the ones we all need to stock up on.

I normally don’t want to over gush about a product. I want to be a bit more critical in some aspect to make sure things are more balanced to make sure that when there is an issue it gets called out. However, for me, this robe is 10s across the board.

Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: L13 Lounge Robe

Colors: Black, Royal Blue & Heather Charcoal

Fabric: 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $42

Furnished by: N2N Bodywear

Where to buy

getting social withWe love underwear, right? I mean that’s why I’m here writing about it and presumable why you are here reading about it. Many of us have our favorite brands, right? Maybe it has something to do with the first pair you ever wore or just a certain style or fabric blend. Whatever the reason, we enjoy one or two more than more. I want to highlight something that I have so thoroughly enjoyed about different brands with you all. Being social.

Sometimes it can definitely feel that the more we engage with social media the less social life actually is. Pick your face up from the screen! I agree. However, social media has also let us engage with companies like never before. When done correctly it can be fun, charming, and informative. Nowadays many of my favorite brands are also the most social ones. It gives me something extra, I physically feel closer to the undies themselves.

One of my favorite brands is Timoteos/Cellblock13. They’re underwear is great, top notch, sexy, and all around a wonderful buy. Then we add on a layer of interaction online that I get genuinely excited about. The guy behind their Twitter and Instagram is a fun.  Anice guy that responds to posts in an equally nice way that makes me, a consumer, feel appreciated and special. He’s always quick to send an encouraging or complementary emoji or sentence. It’s just nice.

Equally, if not more so, Jack Adams USA has an amazing Twitter game. It’s always nice to get retweeted or liked but it’s even better when they come with responses as well. They engage and that’s enduring.

Underwear companies, generally speaking, are small staffs. They run on the lowest amount of people they can because they have to. So when they can still spend time to have fun on social media it means something.

Try sending a company a direct message or a tweet and I bet you some with respond with boiler plate responses. If any and others will interact with enthusiasm and spirit. It makes a big difference.

I messaged a brand once, upon just discovering it, reaching out for more info about it. Where could it be bought, how long had they been around, just looking to learn more and interact. I was directed to just look at the website. That was it. Literally just, “Info can be found here.” I was turned off. The underwear itself is fine, very cute and something I had not come across before and I did buy a pair but that was it. An unsatisfying interaction with a brand I could have easily seen myself being very loyal too. Opportunity wasted, I guess.

These experiences can matter.

Many of us like to feel that extra sense of kinship, of ownership, of friendship with things we send a fair amount of money on. I’ve gotten to find those feelings through social media interactions with certain brands.

So if you want to engage (and I highly encourage you to) here are some brands I’ve had GREAT experiences with (in no way is this exhaustive, others play along too):

Jack Adams USA, Timoteo, Cellblock13, N2N Bodywear, The Crochet Empire, SUKREW, Garcon Model, and /baskit/.


Guest: Nate

Hello readers, we’re going to get straight to the point today with Nate on the Pouch Couch.

Beau: Usually I save this question for later but let’s get right to it, are there examples of pouches that aren’t functional but fun that you own?

Nate: No, not really. I have some that don’t support me as I like, but nothing out of the ordinary about the pouches of the underwear I own. Guess I’m a bit boring there.

Beau: There is nothing “boring” when it comes to undies, no matter what, they’re fun to someone.


Beau: Anything changed with your preference over time?

Nate: No, my pouch preference hasn’t changed, since I started wearing bikinis and thongs.


Beau: Which brands make your favorite pouches?

Nate: Prevail Sport, Kiniki, BodyAware, Dietz all make pouches that work for me. Others do too, but those are some of my main brands.


Beau: Going off of that, what are some of your favorite pouches?

Nate: Prevail Sport’s String Brief is my favorite cut of bikini underwear and the pouch suits me fine, which is a basic contoured pouch. A flat front one from BodyAware called The TLC Brief is a snugger fit, but still comfortable and excellent support.


Beau: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

Nate: Mainly I just want good support, so I’m not flopping or moving around and have to adjust myself.


Beau: So with that in mind, do you want strong structure or loosey goosey?

Nate: I typically want structure. I like everything held in place. A little flexibility is okay like when lounging around.



Beau: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

Nate: As long as it holds everything in place I’m not too picky. Can be a typical contoured pouch or a flat front as long as the material is right for the designed job of supporting.


Beau: How does the look of a pouch influence you?

Nate: The pouch doesn’t really play too much of a role in picking on a pair other than I want one that looks supportive. I look more at other aesthetics like the width of the sides and amount of back or nonback coverage. I guess there is one thing that I do like, but doesn’t break the deal is when they have a centered flat seam connecting the two pieces of the contoured pouch together.



Beau: Any last thoughts while you’re on the Pouch Couch?

Nate: Just have fun experimenting with different pouches and find what you like best. That is one thing fun about underwear is trying out new styles and design. Some will be a hit and some will be a miss.

Hopefully more hits than misses.


Beau: YES! That’s what I’m always saying, go out there and experiment. There’s new stuff coming out every day so get out there and explore.


Guest: Salvatore

Beau: We’re back drawing up our perfect drawers on the Pouch Couch. This week Salvatore is painting us a Pouch Perfect Picture.

Beau: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

Salvatore: Because I am totally into the anatomical pouch—actually obsessed, this is key and crucial for my selection of underwear.  Certain brands specialize in this natural feel and look. Other brands sometimes stumble upon the same affect accidentally.  


Beau: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

Salvatore: Synonyms for “perfect pouch”—Anatomical, Ergonomical, Natural: These words define my perfect pouch.


Beau: Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?

Salvatore: I’d have to say that aesthetics plays a small role.  Everyone wants to look great in underwear.  However, the comfortable feel of hanging naturally in your underwear is the key selling point for me.


Beau: What are some examples of great pouches?

Salvatore: One discovery that I made several months ago was N2N’s Lounge Brief was on clearance, so I bought a pair. N2N has an anatomical line known as NHance.  The Lounge Brief does not belong to that line. I expected to not be able to wear the Lounge Brief, but they were so cheap, so I bought a pair anyway. When I put them on, the modal fabric was so slinky that the anatomical affect happened. I was shocked and went and bought every other color that they had in the brief. This is probably one of my top 10 briefs of all time. I discovered their awesomeness by accident. The N2N 2016 Spring Line added three new colors. I’m sure I will be making the purchase soon.


Beau: Which brands make your favorite pouches?


  • N2N NHance
  • Anything Obviously
  • Anything Ergowear (Awesomeness!)
  • John Sievers is incredible!
  • Agacio
  • Bodyaware has some great anatomical undies (I like some of their more skimpy tangas)
  • Andrew Christian Almost Naked
  • Clever has a couple of pairs
  • Sukrew



Beau: Yaass! I love a good Pouch List.

Beau: Where do you stand on structure vs. flexibility?

Salvatore: Anatomical pouches are designed to give your boys the natural structure the way they were created to hang.  The flexibility comes in the type of fabric used in the underwear. This is not an either/or for me.  It is a both/and.  Excellent anatomical pouches are both structured and flexible.


Beau: Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

Salvatore: Definitely! 25 years ago, when I started my underwear collecting obsession, I bought whatever I could get my hands on. About 6 or 7 years in, I was introduced to Undergear’s Contour Collection. This led to 2(x)ist and Calvin Klein’s contoured pouches. I thought I was in pouch heaven.  In 2011, I received my first pair of truly Anatomical Pouch Briefs from the Andrew Christian Almost Naked line.  I WAS TOTALLY HOOKED.  Since then, I have ditched nearly 100 pairs of non-anatomical pouch underwear and replaced nearly my entire collection.  I AM AN ANATOMICAL POUCH EXPERT!

Beau: Are there examples of pouches that aren’t functional but “fun” that you own?

Salvatore: No.  I don’t own anything but Anatomical Pouches.

Beau: Some people would classify those under “fun” so we’ll call that even!


Beau: Anything else you’d like to add to the pouch?

Salvatore: I recently met someone on Twitter that asked about my expertise in Anatomical Pouches.  He decided to order a pair. Upon receipt, he threw all of his underwear away and has started exclusively owning anatomical pouches. They have a way of driving you to do insane things.

                  If you are interested in the journey, I recommend buying one of each of the three pouches that Ergowear makes.  They know pouches, do them as well as anyone else, and give you enough variety to test your limits. 

                  You can follow me on Twitter @manatomicallyme and pick my brain about my obsession.  Thanks for reading!


Beau: Alright, whoever gets Salvatore for Secret Santa this year knows exactly what kind of undies to get him. This continues to add to the great conversations we’re having on the Pouch Couch. I myself tend to not favor the anatomical pouches so it is so great to hear much more about them.

Next week we’re joined by the one and only Nate, right here on the Pouch Couch.

4Guest: Undies Rock

Pouch Couch, pouch couch, let’s all talk on the Pouch Couch! Hey readers, remember you can always do more than read UNB, post, comment, share and like us all over. Personally (shameless self-promotion) I can be found on Twitter @underloverwear. Be a part of it all!

Now today we have the amazing reviewer and writer Undies Rock with me on the Pouch Couch. Let’s strip down to it.

BEAU: Describe to me your perfect pouch?


Undies Rock: Definitely a seam free pouch, with a good solid cup that stays in place all day and doesn’t stretch out on the sides.


BEAU: What stands out for good or bad to you with pouches?
Undies Rock: It usually depends on my mood/activity, but my biggest pet peeve (always) is center seams.  I don’t know why but they don’t appeal to me visually, and I find them uncomfortable.

BEAU: Walk me through the balance as it applies to the power of aesthetics for you.


Undies Rock: Always & forever!  Although comfort is king, underwear is supposed to look cool ;-). I think ultimately I want to feel confident and comfortable with what I’m wearing, and I’d have to dig the pair to do so.
BEAU: Let’s get some examples out for the Couch, what’re some great pairs or examples in your mind?
Undies Rock: Oooo good question:


-for a loose anatomical pouch I am fan N2Ns air collection (in fact all of their pouches!)

-for a more solid pouch for sports I have been really into JM pouches
BEAU: Do you have brand loyalties when it comes to Pouches?


Undies Rock: Currently: N2N, JM, Armani, CK

BEAU: Do you want structure or flexibility?


Undies Rock: I think it depends on the activity, by typically I like a good balance.  I don’t want the pouch to be too flexible to where I don’t feel any support, but I also don’t want to be too constrained.

BEAU: Any Pouch evolution for you over time?


Undies Rock: Ohhh definitely.  For example, when I first viewed N2Ns cuts, they looked too think and loose, but the picture was crystal clear after I tried a couple cuts as to why they are so awesome.  I guess I try to keep an open mind even as much as I can if the styles aren’t up my alley.

BEAU: When functionality isn’t an issue what tops the list:


Undies Rock: For the most part a majority of the underwater I own is functional, but I do have few pairs that are more for show.  But I don’t think the pouch is the issue as much as the style and material are.


Beau: Thanks Undies Rock for stripping down your pouch likes and dislikes on the Pouch Couch! My next guest to plant his cheeks on the Pouch Couch will be Salvatore, stick around!


Guest: T Lawrence

BEAU: Ready for round 3 on the Pouch Couch? Today on the love seat…I mean Pouch Couch, we have T Lawrence and his thoughts on Pouches. So let’s see how he fills his likes and dislikes.

BEAU: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

TL: I love pouches that lifts up the balls, and smooths down the penis. For me, since I am a professional acrobat, I don’t like undies that let my balls roam around (I like jiggle, but not bounce if you get what I mean). I like it when the pouch is a separate area from the fabric going under the crotch. Having said that, I don’t like pouches that have that second fabric behind it with the U shaped cutout so your junk falls into an actual pocket. I always feel uncomfortable under my balls after a few hours.


BEAU: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

TL: I don’t like pointy pouches. Ya know where they make the penis head point out and then the balls are elsewhere below? I am not a fan. It has nothing to do with any negative feelings towards male anatomy, I just want it to be a unified front 🙂

BEAU: Which brands make your favorite pouches?

TL: I always do this, where I answer future questions by accident in the category above. So yeah: N2N, Andrew Christian (depends on the collection), and Obviously


BEAU: What are some examples of great pouches?

TL: I am currently obsessed with N2N Bodywear’s Maverick pouch. I had a Maverick G from back in college, but I’m not a thong guy really, but I just got two briefs of the Maverick line and I’m in love. I wanna sew my own out of all sorts of crazy fabrics. Another great pouch I currently love is the BLOW Brief by Andrew Christian (i have 5 of them now). Also, honorable mention to the Obviously Geometric Briefs. Yummy pouch with a sexy light fabric.
BEAU: Do you want structure or flexibility?

TL: Can’t I have both?

BEAU: Absolutely!

TL: I like some structure, cause I am not a free-baller, and don’t want that feeling, but I also spend most of my time in dance belts, so when I am not at work, I want to be able to hang.
BEAU: Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?
TL:  Absolutely, I am all about color and design details. If a pair of undies is really great fit, but hideous/boring fabric, I probably won’t wear it.

BEAU: Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

-Oh definitely, when I was growing up, for some reason, I was afraid of anything manly (which is hilarious, because I was also in LOVE with anything manly). I was afraid when my leg hair was really growing in, armpit hair…and especially afraid of ever showing a bulge. I wore tight underwear that held me up and in…Well, I am definitely not afraid to be visibly manly anymore, and that shows in my undies. I love a good bulge.

BEAU: Any “fun” pairs that you have that aren’t exactly Day to Day pairs?

TL: Hrmmm, I actually got sent a review pair a really long time ago to review for this site. It was kookoobananas. There was literally a fabric wall behind the pouch that had a “gloryhole” in it. You had to get your whole package through that hole by reaching through the sides of the pouch that were open (not the top) to get your junk through. It felt a lot like being in a darkroom, trying to get the can of film open and into the developer tin before you can turn on the light.

BEAU: Anything else before you leave the Pouch Couch?

TL: I am still hunting for my favorite pouch SEWING pattern. It is elusive. If anyone has any leads (yes I know I can just trace undies onto paper, but I want to draft my own…)


BEAU: And there you have it even more thoughts on Pouches. I’m also loving finding out all of the different words or phrases we use to try and talk about what actually in the pouches without actually saying it. We’re a classy bunch J Thanks again to T Lawrence for joining me, Beau Briefs, on the Pouch Couch. Next time we’ll be talking to the perfectly lovely Austin!

1Pouch Couch:

Hello UNB Blog readers!

I’m Beau Briefs and I am very excited to be bringing you a new segment we’re calling The Pouch Couch. Each week I will be posting answers from our different contributors and readers about…Pouches!! Naturally as underwear enthusiasts we all know that packing the pouch, how it’s packed and all of that can have a big impact on our overall impression of a pair of underwear. So I hope to help unpack those packages, as it were.

I’ll have each guest answer a set of questions and post their responses. I imagine their responses will be as varied as they are and run from tight and compact to pouch, who needs pouches, let it be free!

So I hope that you will join us for the Pouch Couch time every week.

To start off our first week I will be answering my own questions!

The Pouch Couch Week 1

Guest: Beau Briefs

What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

The absolutely most important thing for me is the balance of structure and design, I don’t want an utterly useless design but I also don’t want an utterly useless structure. It’s got to be a good mix and seems and piping play a big role in that for me.

What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

Hmmm, well I think my ultimate pouch is one that holds everything where it should be, secure and up front. It has to be able to hold all of the goods in a comfortable state and have just minor flexibility, I don’t want the pouch to grow as I…grow. I’m also not a big fan of lumpy pouches, yes that’s my word for pouches that show every itty bitty detail of the goods.

Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?
How so?

They do! No one wants an ugly pouch, that ain’t cute! I like a very classy, smooth bulge. It can also be great to have fun with colors and contrasts with the rest of the pair. Again, I am fundamentally against lumpy pouches, just ain’t my thing.

What are some examples of great pouches?

For me the gold standard is Calvin Klein hip briefs, see his Steel line for the premier example. They are comfortable, soft, smooth, but firm in their “conviction”. If you asked someone to draw a cartoon brief they would generally draw a very smooth, rounded pouch and that’s exactly what I like and I think Calvin Klein does a great job on that. Timoteos also does a good job but when bringing fabric into the mix between Timoteos and CK Steel, I’ll go with Steele. Old school Diesel Color briefs also are a contender for my top slots.

Which brands make your favorite pouches?

Oops, guess I just answered that. Calvin Klein, Timoteo, Diesel, perhaps add Bluebuck and Garcon Model.

Do you want structure or flexibility?

Yes. Haha, but I lean towards more structure. There’s a cliché that isn’t always true that says that there are growers and there are showers. Sometimes it is true though and if we’re being honest then I’m in the former category and so I need pouches that will let things get started but not run the full mile, if you will.

Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

Actually no. I’ve been pretty firm in my beliefs on the pouch topic.

Are there examples of pouches that aren’t functional but “fun” that you own?

Me? No, never! Or, yes. I have a few pairs that would never do to wear for a full day but they can be entertaining in the moment. One is a very fine mesh pouch, another is a bigger knit mesh. Neither would do for a full day but would be fine for a full 5 minutes.

Anything else you’d like to add to the pouch…discussion? (haha, sorry, I thought it was funny)

I think it’s good to have a preference. A preference for pouches can help guide you in future purchases, especially when trying out a new brand. However, I’m also a fan of experimentation with underwear and you should never stay completely within your comfort zone.

That’s all for this week’s Pouch Couch session. Join us next week as we get the full package from our guest: UnderwearDude.

5254 (2)

Clever 5254 Neon Tree Brief furnished by Candyman Fashion

Rating: 9/10

Daily Fit: 9/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 9/10

Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Super fun, bright colors, multiple neon colors and fabric styles, comfy and durable.

Cons: Just a tiny bit tight on the underside.

Beau Briefs recommendation: These are fun, flirty pair of briefs that will make a bit summer hit.


Neon, aren’t we all over neon? Nope! This was a super fun, flirty pair of multi-neon colored brief and I thought that they were a hoot! Maybe even two hoots.

The Clever 5254 Neon Tree Briefs are very well constructed and have super flattering lines, with no seams running right across your bum. Often with multiple fabrics there can be some slightly unflattering lines that distract from the overall look but with the layered effect this is not the case. The blue neon is the dominant color and is also a very soft feeling, which every bum enjoys.

The transition of colors is also very pleasing, see below:

The neon yellow acts as a great bridge between the two stronger colors and creates the lovely layer we love!

The pouch is also comfy and well-constructed. At no time during the day did anything get out of sorts or into positions it shouldn’t be. Everything stayed in its parking spot and was very comfortable. Of course the fabric is flexible, as any quality underwear should be, but not too flexible or thin to create too much “wiggle room” shall we say. The neon also helped highlight and showcase the goods which we all know is never a bad thing.

Now I mentioned that there were times when the underside felt a tiny bit tight but I have to say that that is probably much more to do with how I fit into the underwear and not the overall or general fit. Sometimes with my body if underwear has district pipping it can cause a tiny bit of pinching underneath, if you catch my drift. However it was minor and did not take away from my impression of the pair.

So cheer yourself up, brighten your day, and go Neon tree crazy!


Brand: Clever

Pair: 5254 Neon Tree Brief

Colors: As pictured, neon coral, neon yellow and neon blue

Fabric: 48% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 4% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $25

Furnished byCandyman Fashion for $25.00


Swimwear and summer lovers rejoice! The time for tanning those backs and splashing around is here and just in time is the N2N Bodywear swimwear line.

N2N is known for making sexy, easy to wear swimwear and underwear for every body and this line is no different. There seem to be some fun “vintage” inspired elements seen in the Eclipse brief and trunk. As well as a bit in the Milan Sport, Fusion Sport and Catalina bold. The fun twists of that classic red speedo in the Eclipse is not only fresh but eye catching. The fun play of colors in the Fusion are also just as popping.

Have no fear print lovers because the Stellar trunk and sport. The Milan sport and of course the Daredevil bikini have you set. Everyone loves to have that extra little excitement when splashing through the waves and these prints could be the trick.

The new line features all different cuts to accommodate any body type and preference.

I myself tend to be a classic swim brief fan and the Fusion and Milan Sport are calling my name! I love that both offer the simple yet tried and true speedo cut that mirrors the most flattering of brief cuts. It’s simple but cute and lets you enjoy the sun times with everything covered but nothing hidden.


The Milan features multiple colors that give a fun treat going from light to dark. It also offers folks variety in their color selections while not being overly busy. Most importantly, while some stripes might not be the most flattering. These ones are done big and bold enough that they do flatter the goods: front, back, or both.


The Fusion Sport is irresistible with its fun juxtaposition of colors. The pop out color of the yellow suit is clear to catch any eye and the red tie give it a nice little pop. Meanwhile if one goes with the sultry black suit the red tie gives it an added seductive edge. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong.

The new N2N Swimwear line brings out the best of what N2N does. It delivers a solid line of fun to wear and fun in the sun pairs with the addition of helping make beach time sexier. So get a little sinister this summer and sizzle in new N2N swimwear.

PQ150015 (2)

Petit Q Two Tone Lace Bikini – Furnished by Candyman Fashion

Rating: 7/10

Daily Fit: 6/10

Sizing: 6/10

Construction: 9/10

Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Sexy as hell, great color combo, fun, different and unique.

Cons: Small sizing, rough fabric for full day wear

Beau Briefs recommendation: Have these on hand for seductive play but not for daily wear.

As is generally the case, the brand name should have given it away, Petit. The first thing that is impossible not to notice is that sizes with Petit Q tend to run small. So the fit was already going to be an issue. It is always important to know and REMEMBER that there are some brands that you need to order up a size. Oops!

So because of the sizing I wasn’t going to be able to try these out for a day long trial, like I generally do. However, let’s be honest, this is not really a pair that one would generally wear for a full day. These briefs have a purpose and it’s not comfort in the office. Its purpose is so that when you slip into them to let someone know that they should “come and get it.” they are going to come and get it!

This is a sexy pair. A seductive pair. A unique pair. And I love a good, unique pair of underwear. It means that this isn’t a pair that every brand will have a variation of, this is specifically a Petit Q pair. The light black lace is beautifully done and punctuated by the yellow flower details. The moody and yet sultry color combination is alluring and fun for the eyes. Of course, it’s also very fun to get the peak a boo view of what lies behind the lace as well. Well hello there, mister.

Given the lace and fabric the pair would not wear the best throughout the day and is not advised. That’s the trade off, sexy check, seductive check, a bit scratchy sadly check. Again, think about slipping into these before a date or when things start to get exciting back at your apartment. The construction is solid and the pouch has a really good structure. For a pair that runs a bit small there is room in the pouch for the goods. There are firm seams around the pouch that create a nice

pocket. I  imagine that these same seams/piping that go around the butt would be supportive as well. Unfortunately they cut across my bum because of the size and I cannot fully know.

If you’re a fan of what Petit Q has done in the past. If you’re a fan of the linen and lace type of look. Or if you want to branch out and have a totally unique pair to play in then this could just be the pair for you.

Brand: Petit Q

PairPQ150015: Two Tone Lace Bikini

Colors: Black & yellow, black & blue

Fabric: Lace

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $25

Furnished by: Candyman Fashion

Jockstrap Wednesday aussieBum riot

Okay that might be a fûtball yell but let’s focus on the Aussie part of it, aka Aussie Bum and their Riot jock… GET IT. I am fully advocating for a full on European fûtball riot like stampede to get this jockstrap (plus it is currently on sale). Where to start with this amazing pair:

Unlike most jocks, let’s start with the front! As AussieBum often does, this pair has a very comfortable pouch. It isn’t too pushed out there, nor is it too held back. It allows everything to rest very comfortably, supported by free. The polyester/Elastane blend in a semi mesh form keeps the pouch cool and fresh. PLUS! There is a very seductively done peek-a-boo cut out at the top of the pouch. I often am very leery about these types of cut outs but even I think this one is over the top sexy.

Now the backside. Oi, Oi, Oi!! Great support from the straps give my butt a huge boosts, same with my confidence. A jockstrap’s real Goal. The sides are a bit square cut before the straps take off on their own but the cut remains very flattering.

The colors: Blue/white, red/white, black/red and white/blue. So pick out your team colors, don your knit, and give em hell!

Find the Riot at the aussieBum site!


Stop! I’ve found it! An amazing. No, a fuckin amazing jockstrap everyone can love.

Okay, are we all sufficiently hyped now? Well good. This jockstrap lives up to it. I came across this pair at our local leather shop in Seattle and I have loved it. Nasty Pig is a very well-known brand but not one that I am generally instantly drawn too for various reasons. But I had to have this jock. This sport jock (Maneuver Jockstrap) features flexing, breathable mesh that’s made of 90% poly and 10% spandex. Not only does the mesh give it the ability to breath it always gives that lil sexy sneak peek that would drive anyone wild.

Besides the comfort of the pouch (VERY) there is also the cool design and colors. I went with the lime green and I love it. It was a struggle to pick because I do love a good, eye catching blue but the green won my fancy in the end. It pops, really pops. Try to look away! The straps and the band have a cool mix of the color, white and black and the affect is trendy and well designed.

Great support in both the pouch reason and under the legs will have everything hugged and lifted into the right spot. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this pair. The matching socks I passed on because I didn’t think the fabric popped as well as the pouch but they are an option for everyone who is into matching socks and jocks.

So now that you’ve stopped and read that…GO! Go find it!


For those underwear lovers who love to slip into something that packs a lot and shows it off. This collection is for you. The heavily black and white color scheme allows for the attention to all be drawn to the goods or depending, the greats. The clingy, stretchy fabric blends hug and showcase every inch of what is being contained in the pouch. As the model featured in most of the new pairs can attest too, these undies will stretch to fit it all in, no matter what state it’s in. These pairs are not for the faint of heart or the shy of pride.

Slightly reminiscent of the fit of many Cocksox pairs, these briefs and jocks put it all out there. The affect, immediate. It would be hard to miss someone in these. Hard.

Other pairs focus more on the backside of life with mesh peak a boo panels over the rear. Again, heavily featured in black and white these pairs would tease any spectator to the point of the extreme. With shimmering fabric and a solid waist brand to frame the upper booty windows the mesh is well framed to draw every eye. Other pairs contain mesh panels that wrap around. Others focus on the front for their big tease.

For those metallic look lovers, this collection has pairs for you too. Very handsome trunks and briefs that mix mesh with metallic can also be found in various pairs, alternating where each is displayed. Whether you wish to glisten in gold or sizzle in silver you’ll be able to mesh together a good collection.

Every cut and style from briefs to trunks, jocks to thongs (and the new combo pairs) can be found in this collection. Singlet lovers can rejoice too with some super sexy singlets to whet your whistle. Fans of singlets and mesh…you’re in luck too, as is whoever will see you in it.

Pikante has covered all of their bases as they attempt to cover, and display, yours

Find the new Pikante collection at official site Candyman Fashion.

y6PBf2lJIn July of last year I wrote a post about my souvenir habits when I visit other countries.  Namely an excuse to buy underwear on vacation. A link to that article you ask? Well of course:

Now sadly, since then I have not ventured far out of the home country. I did visit Whistler for a weekend but wasn’t able to pick up a pair. Perhaps I’ll pop up to Vancouver while the exchange rate is still favorable. Anyway! My travels lately have been domestic, New Orleans and Washington DC, late last year. I was able to grab a pair to commemorate my New Orleans trip. It’s a fun and definitely unique jockstrap that could have only come from the Big Easy… Get it?

Well finally my feet touched foreign soil again.

Instead of my normal Europe focused travel some friends and I went to explore a city down under and a tropical paradise. We went down to Sydney, Australia and to Bali in Indonesia. The purpose of our trip was to go and meet a friend of ours that had been living there for a while.  Oh yeah, and it was Gay Mardi Gras too. What a happy coincidence!

Now as I talked about in the last post (again, link above) buying underwear on your travels as a souvenir has a lot of benefits. 1) You don’t get to routinely wear that magnet or shot gloss that you bought but underwear you get to pick out and smile with memories. 2) CUTE. 3) It gives you a chance to try a brand that you might not have tried before or that you’ve always admired. 4) Buying a pair of underwear in its country of origin is just a bit more special. 5) Searching out the underwear can be a really fun way to spend an hour or two and can lead you into places you wouldn’t have normally visited on vacation. 6) CUTE. Catch my drift?

I have been familiar with multiple Australian brands for years, most notably AussieBum and Cocksox. I was fortunate enough to meet some of the Cocksox team members at a sponsored event that I went to and got to snag a tank-top. Woo woo! They are definitely a fun brand that is really pushing the envelope. AussieBum of course is classic, high end underwear with a big international presence. And then there’s Teamm8.


I learned about Teamm8 from the short time that I was in one of the underwear a month clubs. The first pair of trunks I got from them were cute but not earth shattering. However, the biggest difference between the other two and Teamm8 was that they have a very easy to find, centrally located boutique store in Sydney. For any brands out there that need to know how to organize and decorate a boutique, take note of them.

I was so impressed with the store and their selection. I had NO idea that they had so much active wear, I’m pretty sure they have the world’s most awesome tank top too. Yet I was there for the underwear and I had the hardest time deciding. They have a helpful way to bundle pairs into a package with a price benefit or just buy by the pair. I picked out two briefs and I adore them. Now every time I rock my striped with pink pouch pair I think of that trip and every time TEAMM8 can be read across my bum I think of that beautiful city.

So I was set for Sydney and bound for Bali.


I had no idea where to begin. To my limited knowledge Bali didn’t have a big brand that I could pick out. Luckily while shopping for some wood carvings one day I stumbled across a store in Seminyak that sold underwear, swimsuits and t-shirts. Bingo! Plus it was full of my favorite kinds, cute and semi skimpy briefs.

However, I was caught by an idea. I had been focusing on local or native brands but not necessarily styles. Bali and the rest of Indonesia have some very interesting undergarments that had been used for centuries and I would be a fool for ignoring them. The attendant at the store explained how to “assemble” two different styles and I made my selection.

Now I finally have tried on the pair I bought in Bali and while I don’t see myself wearing it for the full day anytime soon I do like having it. It’s a really awesome look into a country’s history and a great way to remember my time dying from humidity. I loved Bali and this gets to remind me of that.

Memories and photos are great but I’m going to continue my tradition of buying my souvenir underwear, all around the world.


When it comes to what would be considered “high end fashionable.” In clothing there has been the reality that samples and models are made for the thinner. We’ve seen this in the world of women’s fashion for ages and for men’s fashion as well. We’ve also seen the small but persistent backlashes and pushbacks of such realities. Because the real-life reality is that most men and women don’t fit into the model like form.

The pushbacks have generally, yet not always, been on the side of women’s fashion. We’ve seen lines and brand highlight “plus size” women in certain campaigns. We herald them as breaking the all too restrictive fashion mold. The spotlight has not always shown as bright on the world of men’s fashion.

Often if you’re not rail thin and lanky or tall and muscular you will not see yourself reflected in men’s fashion.  Especially not men’s underwear fashion. Now, gay centric underwear may go a bit further than the more broad based brands. Even still one generally would have to turn to brands specific to “bears” or just burlier men.

An unlikely source of a mold breaker is coming from American Eagle! Aerie has just launched a campaign for the everyday, every shape man. Hallelujah! The new campaign called #AerieMan has four models of varying sizes and showcases the men doing everyday things in their underwear.

Campaigns and brands like this are important to everyone, even those who do fit the general model description. Diversity and self-image love affect every single person. The more that we can do to celebrate and acknowledge the beautiful differences in ourselves the better.

American Eagle has always had a fairly solid men’s underwear selection. Often full of bright colors, fun designs, and goofy cartoons. They have solid trunks and good briefs. I have met many people for whom AE underwear was their first step outside of old Jockeys that their parents bought them. And American Eagle has continued to work on their style and their branding. Offering a higher end selection than their goofy cartoons. It is these undies that are on display in the campaign.

Love your body. Love your curves. Love everything that you’re working with!

So cheers to American Eagle and go check out their trending #AerieMan campaign today.