UNB Drawer of Fame


The Drawer of Fame is UNB’s Hall of Fame! We want to celebrate achievements in the world of men’s underwear. What will be included:

  • Classic pairs that changed the industry
  • Pairs that have become classics
  • People who have contributed to men’s underwear
  • Models who have become synonymous with men’s underwear
  • Photographers who do work and create amazing pictures in the men’s underwear world

We started the Drawer of Fame in 2016. Each year we will be adding to Drawer each year! New pairs and people will be inducted as the editorial staff deems necessary!

What criteria are we using for inducting people and pairs?

  • Must have had a significant impact on the world of men’s underwear
  • Roughly 10 years in the market of men’s underwear
  • Pairs will usually have Iconic status by the public
  • People are directly working in the men’s underwear industry

We will update as we refine more criteria. In the mean time go see our two drawers. One drawer is the Drawer of Fame Pairs the other is the Drawer of Fame – People.

See the Pairs in our Drawer of Fame – Click either image to enter!