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Display Ads are available in sizes 150×300 pixels. They are placed above  the site information on both side bars. We currently do advertising on a monthly basis. In time we will do longer term ad contracts. If you are interested in advertising opportunities on Underwear News please email us at

Other advertising opportunities include the top image bar at the top. Specific pictures that are either wide or long can be used to create the images. The best images are ones with branding on the waistband or the undies themselves. Due to different sizes of browser windows logos are not accepted for these ads. If one is put on the ends it could be cut off. These images are perfect for new product launches and special events.

We accept images to use on a regular basis at no charge. If you have images you would like to submit to us please email it to us and let us know to use it for the top image bar.

Underwear Reviews

We do review underwear for companies. If you would like to send us underwear to review, please contact us. We have several reviewers of different sizes and tastes in underwear. We can match your company up with the best reviewer.

Buyers Guides

We do four Buyers Guides four times a year. Valentines (Underwear), Spring/Summer Swim wear, Fall/Back to School (Underwear), Christmas (Underwear)

  • Valentines – to participate please submit your suggestions by January 15th. We are looking for sexy underwear that is perfect for Valentines Day, that could include mesh, red undies, thongs, silk and much more. This guide focuses on underwear.
  • Swimwear – to participate please submit your suggestions by March 15th. We are looking for great new and innovative swim wear that will spark the interest of our readers. This could include bikinis, square cuts, trunks and board shorts. This guide focuses on swimwear.
  • Fall/Back To School – To Participate Please have your suggestions to us August 1. We are looking for items that College age guys would be interested in wearing. This is one of the biggest clothing buying times of the year, along with Christmas. This guide focuses on underwear.
  • Christmas – to participate please submit your suggestions to us by November 15th. We want some great ideas that would make perfect gifts for that special guy in the customer’s life, or great undies they want to buy themselves. This focuses on underwear.

To participate please email your suggestions to us at We are looking for brands, sellers and new partners to participate. Some of the Brands that we have worked with on Guides are; AussieBum, ABC Underwear, N2N Bodywear, DMK Designs, Joe Snyder, Gigo, and many more.


The podcast is available for sponsorship. We produce several podcasts a month and can sponsored by a brand or company. If you sponsor the podcast we will say at the beginning and end of the podcast, “Sponsored by (insert company Name)” and run a radio type commercial at the end of the podcast. If you would like more information on the podcast please contact us.


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