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Swimwear season is right around the corner. If you are in the states, Memorial Day marks the start of the summer season. Which means it’s time to get new swimwear for the year. I have found very few companies that just specialize in swimwear. One of those companies is Vuthy.

We first profiled them about a year or so ago. They have come out with some really fun swimwear over the last year. The swimwear is not limited to just square cuts and bikinis. Vuthy does everything from Board Shorts to bikinis, so no matter what style you like, Vuthy will have a suit for you!

Here is what you can expect from the current collection of Vuthy.

  • Everything is made in the USA now. No longer outsourcing production
  • Strong themes on classics emerge. They include:
    • Hounds tooth
    • Plaids
    • Color Blocking
    • Retro designs
    • One interesting pattern is the marijuana  leafs
    • Through back to the 70s Update with colors and peace sign suit
    • The Hounds tooth is either the major print or just an accent
    • Plaid has the trim reverse, is kept level and cut to match up. Back plaid is centered.
    • He create trunks with bold patterns and stripes short and longer styles

Vuthy is available at a store or online store new your. Check our all the pictures below the fold or see our Facebook Page for the entire line.

Candyman is our current giveaway and also a part of our Magic coverage. I got a chance to see the new line and it’s very fun and colorful. As you have see by the video we released yesterday.

Candayman is no stranger to having fun in the world of men’s underwear. The first time I saw them was three years ago. It was Halloween and the costume underwear came onto the market. Right then I knew we’d see good things from Candyman. They have evolved beyond the costumes and have consistently created underwear that is bright, colorful and fun.

This collection is no different. They use color, patterns and cuts to really set them apart from others in the underwear industry. All styles will be referenced with numbers and below the fold. The newest items are:

  • New mesh in interesting with some natural cool patterns. Available in a brief (9629) or boxer brief (9630).
  • Animal prints are big in the collection (florescent is below) in briefs and boxer briefs in Snake skin metallic 9632 & Blue and Pink Zebra print 9637
  • Cotton, lace and jungle fever is big in the collection.
  • Paisley’s are back in this very retro print that is reminiscent of the 70’s
  • Fluorescent prints are big with the collection. It includes Leopard & Cheetah in Pink, Green, Orange, White and Yellow
    • Available in jocks, thongs, bikinis, mesh briefs, boxer briefs (see below for numbers)
  • Animal prints continue with a green mesh cheetah print with a solid pouch and mesh seat. (9653)
  • A classic style jock  with a waist band wide leg straps with solid colored pouch (9648)
  • Thongs continue to be big. One of the newest is a jock/thong cross with very thin straps (9639) in metallic snake print.
  • Singlet line has been extended to include the bright animal prints mentioned above (9628)
  • New costumes Police and “Guilty” both includes a pair of handcuffs.
  • Costume Boxers include Gangster (black) and Pimp (metallic blue)
  •  A new line of Kilts with matching thongs.
  • We hope you enjoy this overview of the new line. It is out at stores now! Check your favorite retailer for more on these pairs and prices.

    Do you want some really fun underwear? Something that is different from anything else our there? If so, you need to check out the new line from Pikante. The line this year has a Moulin Rouge, wild prints (Aztec)  and metallic/latex inspirations.

    We are going to give you a brief overview of the new line. A video will be out shortly!

    • Aztec inspired prints that use bright hues are: Mike, Kessia
    • Stripes are also big in the collection
      • Cinder Collection is cool Lace up jock with a small waistband
      • Cinder Brief has two cut outs next to the pouch
    • Gum collection is colorful and bright.
      • Available in a cheeky boxer and Mesh brief (2 mesh cut outs on each side of the pouch)
      • Colors are Pink and Green
    • The Moulin Rouge inspired collection is made with great colors and interesting patterns
      • Juggler thong with a lace up front
      • Juggler jock with previous silhouette with a fuller cut front
    • All American collection
      • Show our patriotism with these bikinis thongs and jocks
    • Are you a fan of Metallic materials, check out the Atomic Collection
      • This line pays homage to liquid latex
      • Colors available are Black, Red, Gold and Silver
      • Jumbo thong has a pouch that shows all what you have with it’s ergonomic pouch
      • Lumiere brief has peekaboo sides with a clear panel below the cut out
      • Sparkle jock comes in the colors and has ring attachments
    •  Jumbo Brief
      • String bikini cut in dusty colors
    • Yin & Yang Collection
      • Solid material with some built in mesh lines.
      • Available in the Yang Jockstrap and Yin Jock Brief
    • Tamer Mesh Line
      • The mesh is almost crochet
      • In Green and blue
      • Available in brief or jock

    Everything under  the Big Top! This collection is not for the shy or guys that don’t like to wear something bold. These are out now at your favorite retailers.  See the pictures below of the line

    Pikante Kessia BoxerPikante Kessia JockstrapPikante Cinder BriefPikante Cinder Jock

    Pikante Gum Cheeky BoxerPikante Gum Mesh BriefPikante Juggler JockstrapPikante Juggler Thong

    Pikante All Stars G-StringPikante Spotlight Atomic BriefPIkante Blaze Jumbo ThongPikante Lumiere Mesh Breif

    Pikante Sparkle JockstrapPIkante Yang JockstrapPikante Yin Jockstrap Brief



    We hope you enjoy our Trailer for the coverage of Magic & Curve. This year we don’t have as many videos but we got more in depth write up of more brands. They will start coming out this week. We have some favorites (Timoteo, Clever, Baskit, PPU, Pikante, Good Devil, Intymen and more) and some new brands (N2N Bodywear, Good Boy Gone Bad and more).

    Hey everyone are you ready for the coverage and to see what is up next? Well We will be doing that this week, however, I literally got off the plane and got a cold. Yesterday if you noticed there was one post and today there will be three. I couldn’t talk yesterday and still have some issues. Summer colds are the worst. I”m feeling better but not great. I have tons of notes and we will be doing a lot more videos from the shows. So stay tuned and It will be out this week.

    Some of the brands I talked to were:

    • Frank Dandy
    • Gregg Homme
    • Stud Underwear
    • Andrew Christian
    • JM
    • Gigo
    • Intymen
    • Pistol Pete
    • Baskit
    • Clever
    • PPU
    • Candyman
    • Pikante
    • OrcaBlue
    • Timoteo
    • Mundo Unico

    And a lot more, so stay tuned for more info about the newest lines. I am trying to get rest so I can get those out ASAP. I plan on spending the weekend coming up editing videos.

    Our coverage of Curve and Magic is not over yet. Over the next few weeks we will be going more in depth with some of the undies we saw from the various brands. This is something we haven’t done before but I know you guys want to know what undies are coming out! As much as I love going to the shows, I love telling you guys as well. I will say we have some of the best readers in the world. When I started the blog I never would have guessed it would have grown in to what it has and its pretty awesome.

    If you haven’t seen our videos check them out on our YouTube Channel:

    The Brands that we will be going into are:

    • Pikante
    • Clever
    • Candyman
    • Vulthy Swim
    • Good Devil
    • Intymen
    • Gigo
    • Joe Snyder
    • Saxx
    • Frank Dandy
    • BoyRio
    • Gregg Homme
    • Good Boy Gone Bad/Priapewear
    • JM
    • OrcaBlu
    • Andrew Christian
    • Baskit
    • JunkUnderJeans
    • Pistol Pete
    • TImoteo
    • C-in2
    • Go Softwear
    • Private Structure
    • Punto Blanco
    • Unico
    • Savauge

    But stay tuned, it will take us a few weeks to get all the pictures and information we need. I will have pics of the new undies, when they are released and in depth coverage. So stay tuned!