Magic Trade Show


Tonight I leave to go to Magic/Project. Being it’s almost 10 years in going I thought while I am gone it would be fun to look back on some of our trips to Las Vegas. Unlike these videos not as many brands go and even fewer models. That is why we haven’t had many videos the last few years. But enjoy these videos and you can see how we grew. This is our second time attending Magic

IMG_0696This post is a week later than normal. There are two reasons for the delay. The fist is we had our UNB Awards this past week and the second is I came down with Bronchitis in Vegas. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than being out of town and being sick. The good part is I didn’t get full on bronchitis till after the shows were over! So Thursday night it hit me.

Magic Week is always a blast for me. I LOVE catching up with everyone and seeing what is new. In attendance this year was Baskit, 2EROS, Freedom Reigns, Radical Element (new company), Mundo Uncio, Gregg Homme, Cocksox, Bwet, Tribe, Go Softwear, Fit-in-1, Wood Underwear, Timoteo, Jack Adams, Baskit, Mossman Underwear, Andrew Christian, Papi, 2(X)ist, N2N Bodywear, Pistol Pete, Junk UnderJeans and more!

There was one big change this year that didn’t sit well with the brands. Magic moved everyone together in Project (part oft he magic show) where its more trendy and whats hot in the world of fashion. This was good for me because I didn’t have to walk from one side of the convention center and back. But, they told everyone they shouldn’t have models. Which is one of the reasons for going. So we have just one video this year from magic that will be out in Mid March. It was from the one brand not at Magic but showing in a suite. Many of the brands were told they could have models and already hired them. Then the first day of the show, show officials came around and told brand they couldn’t have shirtless models. We will see what happens next year but many were not happy.

Another big change is the partnership between Curve/Magic. On the last day of the show I received an email that Curve had teamed up with Magic. So the Curve show will be a “strategic partnership” with Magic and become an part of  Magic in August. That means it will move from the Sands Convention Center/Venetian to the Las Vegas Convention center. It will remain a separate show but be part of Magic. I am still wondering how they are going to do this. It also fueled speculation that the mens’ underwear brands maybe moved to Curve again.

Some of the high lights for me this week and there were many:

  • Meet and Greet – Was a smaller group but just as fun as years past
  • Drinks with N2N Bodywear – I LOVE the N2N guys. They are amazing so when I get to hang out with them it is awesome. Oh seeing the new N2N Too
  • Seeing new Baskit – They have released a few things but this year they have some great stuff coming!
  • Brands I don’t see often – Cocksox, 2Eros, Go Softwwear and more. They don’t attend every show so its amazing to see them.

So what is coming in the world of underwear and Swimwear? Well I can’t tell everything I saw. But underwear has some great colors and prints coming this year. Some of the new styles I saw just blew me away. Some are amazingly sexy while others are classic. A hint, about the new N2N Bodywear, they have some amazing pairs in the Erotic collection coming. Speaking of Erotic, the new Gregg Homme as always blows me away. How Eric does it is beyond me.

As for swim. There is one company using some unconventional swimwear materials in styles I haven’t see before. You have to wait till summer for more info. I”m dying to tell you guys! 2eros and Teamm8 both have amazing prints out right now. The colors 2EROS uses together amazes me how Jason does it. Teamm8 has made some super amazing prints.

As for new brands there is one that really impressed me. They are Radical Element out of Los Angeles. They are a swimwear company that embraces LA. They have created their own prints and have amazing style. If i had a new best brand they would win it for Magic. The owner impressed me and I will have more on them soon.

This is just a quick overview. I am following up this week with companies and firming up release dates. Mid March will be our video and hopefully have a lot more for you!

magic-feb-2014I’m back from Magic/Curve and I”m worn out. This is the one of the few trips the jet lag has really gotten to me. This past show was a lot of fun. There were fewer brands than in years past and I think it maybe a trend that will continue. Which has me sad that is the case. I really love going and meeting with brands. I have made some great friends and this is usually the only time I get to see them face-to-face.

But, let’s keep it positive. There were fewer brands but we made some strong new connections with some brands we don’t work a lot with, those brands include; Garcon Model, Teamm8, Bwet Swimwear, and a few more! Other brands we love to meet with are 2(X)ist, Baskit, N2N Bodywear, Frank Dandy, 2EROS

This year we’re not going a big post on all the brands. We think it’s more important to cover the pairs as they come out. We have a schedule and will be following up with brands to bring you the new pairs when it comes out. Brands such as N2N Bodywear and Gregg Homme release their lines a once and we will cover them. Both have some great new lines.

The highlight of the trip is the Annual Meet and Greet we do. It’s a chance for everyone to meet up and just have a good time outside the show. It can range from 2 to 30 people. No matter how many show up it’s always a good time. This year we had Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, 2EROS, Frank Dandy, BWet Swimwear, PetitQ, Shrine Boxer, Garcon Model, Underwear Nation, BoyRio, and a few more! It was a great time. We will be doing this again in August.

Some of the highlights of the show are:

  • New collection from N2N is released – Including swim and active
  • Andrew Christian has some new styles he’s not done before
  • Baskit will be releasing 3 new styles in the next few months!
  • 2EROS has some amazing swim coming out
  • Timoteo has expanded the Cellblock13 and has one pair I LOVE the waistband

These are just a few highlights. We will be bringing you more over the next few weeks and months. I will be launching the new improved UNB podcast called “Brief Talk Podcast”.


C-IN2 has some really great new collections. Some of them are refreshed many of their lines and new ones. One of the new ones that I love is the new active wear line. The new active wear line is creative and C-IN2 put their own spin on it. It was one of the best things I saw at Magic. I want to thank C-IN2 for meeting with us!

Not all of these lines are out, but we will let you know when it’s out but here are some things that will be released.

Pop Color

  • Jewel tones this year
  • Typically do six color and doing only four colors
  • Really rich colors
  • Red, purple, teal and blue

Dip Dye

  • Due out Fall
  • Shirts are double dipped, dark to light from the middle (SS13)-POP COLOR
  • Long and short sleeves
  • Underwear is sideway New!
  • Doing long sleeve shirt, and pima cotton same as tank

Hand me down

  • Bringing in a rugby stripe
  • New navy, orange, yellow, ash (yellow Chartreuse)
  • Same burnout as before just added stripe
  • Simplified the line, doesn’t do a piping on the leg, more consistent
  • Tank, V-neck in same stripes


  • Three colors, grey, blue and pink
  • Done even a little dirtier
  • Each one different because the filthy distressing is done by hand

New Two Pack

  • Cotton spandex blend
  • Added a diamond texture
  • Brief, trunk and boxer brief
  • T shirt and v neck
  • White and black but will add colors neutral and color
  • Shipping in the fall


  • Two new colors
  • Keeping a masculine look
  • Great new jock design
  • Cycle shot, boxer brief, brief and jock
  • Shirts are lighter weight, and still transfer tech, 125 gram like a t shirt material. polo shirt, crew neck and sleeve less


  • Added four new colors
  • Added in a heather, two of them and two solids
  • Introduced a new tank, chunky on top, has a vintage feels
  • New v-neck and higher v, thicker neck


  • Is going to prime 2.0
  • 2% spandex to give more recovery
  • Modal has a tendency to stretch, so added the spandex
  • Updated the waistband. its now an inch from 2-3 inches
  • Two colors and white and phantom grey (dark right above black)
  • Also doing the blue and the red
  • T-shirts are V neck is higher, pro is the same

French Terry sweats

  • Zipper on the back
  • Heather, same a core , Lean short and not baggy and shapeless
  • Also in a skinny pants, Zipper on the back pocket
  • V-neck and hoodie available
  • Great details on the on back and paid to details!
  • Some of the long sleeves in solid and heathers
  • Will also have zip Henley’s
  • Long sleeve polo, put color on by hitting the shirt and puts it in certain areas. Causes inconsistency in the garment to accent
  • In a heather and black as well


  • Work out pants and shorts
  • Lined with day glow green
  • Windbreaker with knit inserts and moves with you
  • Polo in same line, treated with bamboo carbon fiber
  • Stretch work out shorts with zipper pocket in the back
  • Also in sleeveless and nylon spandex
  • Taken as well with insert in back
  • Pant in in fleece lining with nylon inserts
  • Zipper jacket in fleece


  • New Swimwear is coming, we will have a separate post on swim soon!


This year I got to sit down with Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director at 2(x)ist, and go over the lines that will be out later this year. It’s always fun to sit down with him and we appreciate him taking the time to talk to us. The one thing I love about 2(X)ist they like to have undies that fit and look great, They aren’t stuck making the same colors year after year. This year 2(x)ist is going play with waistbands, colors, materials and patterns. You can expect some really fun things from 2(X)ist. Last year has brought us Love, Speed and Gold. If you liked those brands wait till you see this up coming collection.

Sleek Mesh (Above)

  • A mesh line in 5 colors that will feature black, red, navy and purple
  • Purple looks amazing
  • Will be available in three styles
  • Tank will only in black white

Pro Line (below left)

  • Has a white rubber 2xist logo on the hip
  • Will be available in a brief and trunk,
  • Minimalist logo on the inside


  • This line will have a color block story and cut into the body in new ways
  • Microfiber waistband and center cut logs
  • Will be available in several colors


  • They will be bringing in new prints and patters ever few months
  • These will include paint splatter and stripes

Tartan upgraded

  • Tartan line will be updated with red, white and black
  • There will be a new color added green

Love Line (below right)

  • A great new metallic red with silicon logo on left hip
  • Will be a great refresh for the line



Core swim wear

  • New colors blue orange turquoise and green


  • This is the same core colors this year but added two fashion colors chocolate brown and purple


  • These are inspired by 70s basketball shorts
  • Have a retro look

Woven Swimwear

  • This line will just coral print distress printing

Block stripe

  • The Knits and woven’s will be available in three colors, pink, turquoise and blue


The Underwear lines will be released starting in August. This is quite a ways off but they will be worth the wait. The swimwear will be out sooner! We will let you know when each line comes out. Check out the current lines at 2(X)

Pikante is one of those companies that always likes to have fun with their undies. In years past have done camo prints, bright colors and metallic. They enjoy creating sexy and fun undies. This year is no different. The new line has something for the guy who likes to make a statement with his underwear!

Here is a highlight of what I saw in Vegas last month. These should be out now at retail stores online and brick & mortar stores. If it’s not out it should be released shortly!

8641 (1) 8641 (2)

Intimo Anatomic Brief PIK-8641 – Purple has been a big trend in men’s underwear this past year. Pikante keeps this trend going with this great brief with a matching purple waistband! It also has a matching boxer the Intimo Boxer PIK-8379. Description: Brief with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand in contrasting color, this garment features a soft stretch fabric with stripes texture that gives elegance and modernism, comes in three colors. Composition: 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex.

8642 (1) 8642 (2)

8642 (4) 8642 (6)

V-Mesh Brief  PIK-8642 – Mesh is another trend in the men’s underwear market. Pikante is using mesh to create fun undies. The V-Mesh brief is solid in the front but mesh in the back, as you can see in the pics. Available in Red, White and Black. Description: Brief with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand, this garment is made of a soft stretch cotton that fits perfectly, the back has a sexy design with transparency. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

 9227 (3)9227 (2)

9227 (5) 9227 (7)

Sporty Jockstrap PIK-9227 – Sports mesh is one of the fabrics underwear designers are using more and more. Pikante is using this in a jockbrief. It’s available in Black, Grape, Blue and Yellow. The colors are the waistbands! Description: Jockstrap brief style, made in a soft stretch micro-mesh that allows body perspiration providing the necessary support, features contrasting color bias and elastic waistband embroidered with the brand. Composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.

8368 (1) 8639 (1)

Biologic Boxer and Piping Brief PIK-8368 and PIK-8369 – This is a cut, in both styles, they have had in previous collection. However, the print is new. When you see it in person it’s an almost snake skin print . It’s a geographic print that almost mimics snake print. It’s very cool.  Description: Briefs with anatomical cup, features a soft material with elegant texture and glossy finish that fits snugly to the body, with contrasting color bias around the entire garment, elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand. Composition: 100% Polyester.

8640 (4) 8640 (2)

8369 (3) 8369 (1)

Purpurata Brief and Boxer PIK-8640 and PIK-8369. The one thing you can’t see in this pair is they are see through. While its not blatantly so but if you are a fan of mesh you will love these. The two pairs will show off more then you see here! Description: Brief with anatomical cup, this garment is made of a soft elastic material with sheer stripes texture that adds a sensual and elegant twist, with elastic band at the waist for a perfect fit. Composition: Polyetser 91%, 9% Spandex.

8638 (1) 8638 (3) 8638 (6)

Fluorescent Jumbo Brief PIK-8638 – We have said that Day Glow colors are going to be everywhere this year. Pikante does the Jumbo brief in the day glow colors. They updated this line to the new colors! Available in Orange, Coral and Green. Description: Brief with cup and back made ??of a soft elastic material in neon color that fits perfectly to the body with elastic bias in contrasting color, elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand. Composition: 83% Polyester, 17% Spandex.

9226 (1) 9226 (2) 9226 (3)

Double Effect Jockstrap PIK-9226 – Jocks continue to be strong. So when Pikante puts out a new taken on a classic it’s welcome to see. This jock has the leg straps a little different. They are lower on the hips with a strap on the side to hole it in place. Available in Yellow, Red and Blue. Description: Jockstrap, cup made of an elastic material with glossy color, this piece features comfortable thin elastic bands around waist and legs that provide the necessary support. Composition: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex.

8103 (1) 8103 (3) 8103 (5)

Whip Thong PIK-8103 – The Whip thong is more of a cross between a bikini and thong. Made out of a metallic fabric. The design also has a ring on the sides. Available in Silver, Black and Red. Description: Thong, features a delicate elastic material with metallic finish that comes in three different colors, with metal rings on the sides that give a sensual touch to the garment. Composition: 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex.

8207 (1) 8207 (2) 8207 (3)

Fluorescent G-string PIK-8207 – What would a collection  be without some day glow thongs! This thong has the full pouch with the two straps going to a ring in the back. It’s available in Green, Coral and Orange. Description: Thong, frontal area made ??of a soft elastic material that comes in three bold colors, sides and back have multiple elastic straps that come together in the middle with a metal ring. Composition: 83% Polyester, 17% Spandex.

8104 (1) 8104 (2)

8104 (4) 8104 (5)

Spider Thong PIK-8104 The last pair we are covering is the Spider Thong. This is a full pouch with straps coming off the side that attach to an elastic band in the back. It’s a very fun thong and if you are a thong lover this is one you should look into! Available in Red, Grey, Black and white. Description: Thong features a comfortable cup made in stretch cotton that fits perfectly, the sides have multiple elastic straps that bind with a wide elastic band in the back with the brand embroidered in contrasting color. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

Check these out and more pairs at your favorite retailer!

1310We continue our Magic coverage this time with PPU. This time PPU is using some new colors and a few new styles. PPU is a brand known for having fun and taking risks. This year they do that by using colors, cuts and interesting designs. The colors this year are ones from almost pastel tones to some really bright primary colors. It’s a fun range of colors and we bet there is a pair you’ll love! The cuts range form thongs to boxer briefs and everything in between. Where the interesting designs coming are the peekaboo cut outs and new waistbands!

Here is what the brand says about the new line: “PPÜ 2013-1 takes sexy men’s underwear to a whole new sporty level by playing up athletic elements like elastic bands, contrast piping and the backless look of a jockstrap into all of their styles. For the guy in search of all-out sexy, there are quite a few X-rated styles in every silhouette–from pouchless thongs to full-body straps and super sheer fabrics–that are sure to fulfill the most intense underwear fetishes. ”

Here are some of the highlights of the collection:

  1303(1) 1303(3) 1303(5)

PPU 1303 Thong – This thong has some great new colors, design and new waistband. The colors on this are the lilac/coral, black/coral and white/sliver. The lilac is a new color to the PPU line and is set off nicely with the coral waistband. The cut out in the top shows off just a bit more skin then a regular thong and will make someone look twice. Lastly is the new branded waistband. It’s in two new colors Coral and Silver with PPU written across the side. Description: Brazilian thong, has a sensual design on the cup with a slit at the top, this area and back are made of a soft material with texture and elastic edges, for a good fit counts with a wide elastic at the waist embroidered with the brand. Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex.

1311(1) 1311(3) 1311(5)

PPU 1311 Brief. This brief has the same waistbands and colors as the thong above. However the fabric has a plaid design built in, you can barely see it in the picture. When you see it in person it will be look more detailed and will really stand out. Its subtle but a very nice detail! Description: Brief with wide elastic band around the waist for a good fit, made of a soft elastic material with checkered texture, has a modern design with full cup with elastic trim in contrasting color around the legs and under the cup area for support. Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex.

1313(5) 1313(3) 1313(1)

PPU 1313 Bust Buster Brief – Enhancing underwear is back at PPU. The Butt Buster brief has padding in the back. The padding isn’t too big so it will add just a bit more without being too noticeable. Available in Black/White, Red/Grey and Turquoise/Blue. Description: Brief with elastic band around the waist, this piece is designed to enhance the buttocks area and cup, because of its soft and elastic cotton material that generates a support in these areas, with elastic trims around the slits to create a sexy silhouette. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1307(1) 1307(3) 1307(5) 1307(7)

PPU 1307 Boxer with Pockets – When you think PPU you don’t initially thing Boxer Briefs. But, this collection has some with pockets. You maybe asking what do you do with underwear with pockets. This time we will say that is for you to determine! You can put many things in the pockets ranging from money to well… that is for you to imagine! Available in Grey/Turquoise, Blue/Black, White/Red and Black/White. Description: Boxer with wide elastic band at the waist for a good fit, garment made of a soft stretch cotton for comfort of the body, with cup and has pockets design in contrasting color color at the front sides. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1308(1) 1308(3)

PPU 1308 Jockstrap – PPU has always had really fun and interesting jocks. This one is one of the more conservative designs. It’s a more traditional jock with a smaller waistband, that looks more like a swimmer jock. It’s great under jeans or something casual. This jock is available in Blue/White and Grey/red. Description: Jockstrap with cup made in a stretch cotton with zigzag stitching that gives comfort to this area of the body, with soft elastic around the buttocks to provide support, and elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1317(1) 1317(3)

PPU 1317 Boxer – The colors come into play with this pair. The boxer is with a bright blue and red. It’s a traditional design with a waistband with PPU written in the same white. Its one of the more “conservative” pairs for PPU. Description: Boxer made of a soft stretch cotton with side cuts in two different colors, the cup and the bottom features a white cotton, with elastic band at the waist for a good fit to the body. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1310(1) 1310(3) 1310(5)

PPU 1310 Brief – No collection would be complete without a great brief. PPU does a take on the classic brief but puts their spin on it. They do this by the colors and waistbands. The pair has a solid waistband with the PPU brand in the same color. The pouch is framed by piping on each side of the pouch. The colors are Blue/White, Coral/Grey and Mint/Blue. Description: Low rise brief, made of a soft elastic material with texture that gives a modern twist, has wide elastic around the waist for a good fit and elastic trim in contrasting color around the legs and cup. Composition: 92.5% Nylon, 17.5% Spandex.

1322(1) 1322(3) 1322(5)

PPU Boxer 1322 – No PPU line would be complete without some mesh! The Boxer 1322 has an pouch with a peekaboo mesh panel in the pouch. It shows off some but not all. Its def not for the shy. The colors are White, Black and Mint. These colors are big in the collection this year. The fabric has a pattern of circles that gives it a texture. Description: Boxer with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand in contrasting color, this garment is made of a soft material circular textured, has a design with sexy mesh on the top of the cup that sensually reveals this area of the body. Composition: 92.5% Nylon, 17.5% Spandex.

1305(3) 1305(2) 1305(5)

PPU Jokcstrap 1305 – Jocks have always been big in the PPU Line up. The jock mentioned above is the most conservative of the line, this is def not conservative. It’s a design with two cut outs at the top of the pouch where the waistband starts. In the back it has to wrings and a cross between a jock and thong back. If you see the middle pictures you can see how it shows off your assets. This is available in Blue, White and Black. Description: Jockstrap with multiple wide elastics around the waist, buttocks and front, joining in the back with metal rings at the waist, providing the necessary support to the body, with cup made of a soft and comfortable material, this garment comes in three colors. Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

1315(1) 1315(3)

PPU Underall 1315 – PPU is one known for doing creative and fun undies. This is called the Underall which is a cross between a boxer brief and overalls. It reminds me of a very European cute. Just available in red or black with the contrasting silver branded waistband. If you are a fan of something fun and out of the ordinary then check this pair out. Description: Underall, a modern design of boxer with cup and broadband at the waist for a good fit, this is one its attached to a front piece that has straps that go to the back, they can graduate with comfortable plastic clasps, this garment is made in a soft stretch cotton. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1302(1) 1302(3) 1302(5)

PPU Jock Thong 1302 – Jock Thongs have gained in popularity in the last few years. PPU added its own spin this new design. The pouch is framed with the straps giving it two cut outs on the side. While in the back it has both the traditional thong and jock back. It will frame and show off your assets very well. Available in Purple/White, Black and White. Description: Jockstrap Thong, has a soft and comfortable wide elastic around the waist, the buttocks and the front sides to provide the necessary support to the body, with cup and back made ??of a material with textured stripes, this garment comes in three colors . Composition: Polyester 82.5%, 17.5% Spandex.

1319(1) 1319(3)1319(4)

PPU 1319 Side Mesh Boxer – Don’t let the name fool you, this has a lot more mesh then just on the side. The front has a solid Pouch and mesh on the sides and down the inner thighs. Then on the back the is almost solid mesh! It’s one that has maximum exposure but doesn’t expose too much. Available in black and white. Description; Boxer with elastic band at the waist, has a sensual design with mesh on the sides and back that reveals to these areas of the body, cup and legs features a soft elastic material with zigzag stitching in contrasting color. Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

This is just a highlight of the brand. There are plenty of more pairs released! Those include more thongs and mesh and some really X rated pairs. So PPU is not for the shy but rather the bold guy who’s not afraid to show off what he has to offer! Make sure you check your favorite retail store for the entire collection.


magic-curve-2-13I am just back from Vegas and Magic/Curve, which was a very busy, yet productive week. I met with many brands we report on such as PPU, Pikante, Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, Baskit, Cocksox and more! While there I also came across a few new brands that are doing some really cool things in the world of undies! One thing I saw was modal/cashmere underwear. Which were so soft and it would be an amazing pair of underwear! But that is only the tip of the iceberg!

There are some trends happening in men’s underwear this season. The first, in the spring we can expect to see pastels. The blues, pinks and yellows will be big across a few brands. The next trend is Neon/Day Glow. The 80’s are back, well in undies. This is wide spread across many more new collections. It is both in solids and accent colors. Lastly, creative waistbands. Companies are redesigning them, doing new things with them and more!

Magic is where almost all the companies were this year. In years past it was almost evenly divided between Magic and Curve. This year I met with only 3 companies at Curve and over 30 at Magic. So more men’s brands are moving to Magic.

I wanted to tweet and Facebook from the floor to get questions and feedback but the service was so terrible I could barely get a text out at times. Its important for our readers to give us feedback and feel like you are part of the process. Next Magic we want to take more questions from our readers. I will make posts for each brand we will be meeting with and you can post questions in the comments ore email us!

There are plenty of more trends happening per brand but I thought I would go over the few ranging across all brands. I am looking forward to sharing all the brands I saw. You guys will love some of the regular brands we cover and may just find a new favorite!


UNB goes to Vegas to see all the new underwear from some of your favorite brands. I generally go two times a year in every February and August. It is a great time to talk to all the brands and some retailers about the new pairs being released.

I will be meeting with over 30 companies in three days. Those three days will be nonstop. Some of the brands you may already know like 2(X)ist, Andrew Christian, Pistol Pete, and more. Then there are some you may not know well but after we talk to them and write them up they may become some of your new favorites.  I will bring you some of the hottest underwear that is or will be released!

There will be several ways to follow us at Magic/Curve. Follow our Twitter account ( The wireless and cell service is not the best, but I will try to post when I am meeting with certain companies. The second way is Instagram ( Regardless of the cell service at the end of the day  I will post pictures on Instagram.

Lastly, we will have write ups on the different brands the following week! They will run over the next few weeks. Certain brands will be delayed due to their release schedule. But I will post a list of brands I speak too and when you can expect to see them on the blog!

Andrew Christian is one of those companies where it’s hard to keep up with all the new styles coming out. They have at least one one pair of underwear come out a week! We try to keep up but even we have trouble keeping it all in order!

Andrew Christian is one of those companies where it’s hard to keep up with all the new styles coming out. They have at least one one pair of underwear come out a week! We try to keep up but even we have trouble keeping it all in order!

I got to have a sit down and talk to Andrew Christian about what is coming up for the line in the next six months. As I said above it’s a lot and some of this has already come out! But this is a brief rundown of whats coming

One thing you have noticed is that more and more of the Andrew Christian Underwear is reasonably priced. This is due to the Vivid Fuse line. One that is made out of 100% cotton. This still has the style of Andrew Christian but not the price. This is making great underwear in the reach of everyone!

Here is a brief rundown of what is coming out:

  • Vivid Fuse
    • Available in a Brief and Boxer
    • Limited Edition underwear
    • Colors: Black, White, Teal, purple and Pink
  • Color Vibe
    • Available in a Brief and Boxer
    • Limited Edition
    • Colors: Black, Tea, Purple and Fuchsia
  • Tighty Whitie Punked Brief
    • Available in a boxer and brief
    • Limited edition
    • Colors are White/Purple
  • Almost Naked with Show-It
    • Two of the most popular lines are about to be joined
    • Available in a Brief, Boxer and Air Jock
    • Colors to be announced
    • There will be a limited edition pair
    • Available Fall
  • Almost Naked
    • Colors are getting refreshed in the line.
    • There will be a holiday edition
    • Also coming is a limited edition pair
  • Retro Pop Line
    • This line has retro styling.
    • Remind me of 80’s gym shorts
    • Will be in Black, Yellow and Teal
    • Available in October
    • Will retail for around $14-16
  • Cool Flex Football Jock
    • Made out of modal fabric
    • With Show-It Technology
    • Jock will have laces on the waistband
    • Very sporty look
    • Available in Oct/Nov
  • Holiday Themed Underwear
    • Available in V-Slim, Air Sculpt and Slim Focus
    • Will be a limited edition of each for the holiday season
  • Air Jock
    • This pair has been very popular
    • They are refreshing the colors to add in: Purple, Powder blue, Teal, Aqua and sea foam
    • Will be available in Jock, Jock Pro Brief and Jock Pro Boxer
    • Available in Dec.
  • Nano Fit
    • New color combinations were inspired by swimwear
    • Will feature accents in brighter colors.
    • Available in Boxer, Brief and Jock
    • Released in December
  • Color Vibe & Vivid Fuse
    • New colors will be coming out in December.
    • In the same styles mentioned earlier
  • Almost Naked Sweetheart Collection
    • This is for those who want undies for Valentines Day
    • Limited Edition line
    • Styles are Air Jock, Jock and Brief
    • Available in January 2013
  • Cool Flex
    • If you are a fan of stripes, the Cool Flex line will be out in new stripes
    • The stripe color will be blue
    • Available in a Brief, boxer and Air Jock. All have Show-It Tech
  • Swimwear
    • New Swim will be released in December
    • Most returning lines will get new colors
    • Two popular underwear lines are being made in swimwear
      • V-Slim line
      • Almost Naked
    •  Those not into bikinis or trunks will nee to check out the Club Swimwear
      •  In words from Andrew himself they are “preppy”
      •  Not long as a Boxer but not too short

This is a lot to go over and it’s only part of what is coming out. Each week we will try to bring you what is coming out from Andrew Christian



This was the first time I got to meet with 2EROS. I think this was the first time they were at a US show! It was great to see the new collection and find out more about them. I know they aren’t too well known in the US. I have seen a few retailers selling them however it’s mainly been on Facebook and the internet that I ran across them. They have been around I think since the start of UNB. We have covered them in the past and after meeting them you can definitely count on seeing them more on UNB.
One thing I think is great about 2EROS is they have a lot of fun creating underwear. It shows in the designs and colors they use. They aren’t a line you would think plain. They mix leather and rubber accents with colors and different fabrics.
Here is bit of what we talked about at Magic!

US Collection

  • US Summer
    • Tab series
      • Not a super low rise but low rise (tab at the top)
      • No lining on Tab Series, only in the pouch and tab sticks to the skin and yellow/white shows skin
    • Signature Stripes
      • Has the same fit as tab
      • The new waistband to a custom design and waistband is sewn into the band and includes draw string and 2eros logo toggles on the end draw string
      • White is lined (and kinda of see through)
      • Available in candy and black
    • Signature shorts
      • Has the same waistband as signature shorts
      • They are shorter shorts
      • Also has in between sizes
      • Mesh lined
      • Same colors as the Signature stripes
    • Outback
      • Colors are Forrest, marine and sand – based on outback theme
      • Mixed texture together with mesh and shiny waist band with faux leather ( eco friendly and water proof)
      • Lined on front and back – mesh will be see through
      • Not same mesh as lining and and larger, whole safe more textured
  • Australian Summer
    • Icon swimwear
      • Customers like the pouch a lot
      • Low rise with a drawstring is outside which has the toggles
      • Signature drawstring and and new logo
      • The logo is bigger on the backside
      • Available in Navy, yellow and blue
    • Nation
      • The style is more like a square cut
      • Really great colors
      • Has toggles and drawstring
      • Images on the front, used the mesh on outback on these and is transparent (back front is lined)
      • Has a rubberized tab in back
      • This line will be based on national colors, aussuie, United reb/lbue right italian.
  • Underwear
    • Stripe Underwear
      • First woven pattern 2EROS has done
      • Has a leather logo on the waistband
      • Has the same design as the Outback Swim
      • All underwear has a low rise.
      • Focusing on bigger pouches in the collection
    • Day Racer
      • Will be available mid September
      • Is a cross between a brief and a trunk
      • Will have  a waistband that is navy red and silver. The logo in in the waistband
      • The main body color will be white
      • 2EROS gave more room at pouch and wider waistband
    • Jock Series
      • Is available now!
      • The line is created with “universally” liked colors
      • The line is made from Tactel’ (a type of Nylon) with wicking and elastane.
      • When released the Jock straps will only be in one color – Blue
      • Briefs comes in two colors  – red and blue
      • The Jock series has a bigger pouch then other collections.
  • Supawear
    • Will be priced at a lower price pint and younger
    • Unlike 2EROS the line will only consist of one fabric which is  elastine cotton
    • All briefs are low rise
    • Supa Man is a brief that is made every day wear – bold waistband, SW on back
    • Supa  Drive has a Metallic waistband in cyan magenta and trunk is red and blue
    • Swimwear – both have the same fit as 2EROS but a different treatment.
    • The difference is a standard standard drawstring with SW logo, rubber tag back in on the back waistband
    • Supasonic – has a three color waistband and leg trim that alternates. Meaning it doesn’t match each other but rather matches the Waistband.

Find them all on line at: and

Say what you will but Timoteo is one of those companies that never stops working on new gear. This year is no different. They have been busy with the underwear, lounge/work out wear, swim and the new line Cellblock13.


  • Classics
    • New Camo which is a darker then previous
    • Available in a jock brief, jock, jock trunk, trunk and super low
  • Sport 2.0
    • New colors for the sport line are – red , blue and heather
    • Available in a super low, jock brief, soccer jock and scout
    • Also there is a new long johns – with a contrasting pouch
  • Club house
    • Added the football short, same on in the Rugby collection but in the Clubhouse colors
    • Also added an open back football short (added in both lines)
    • Added to the line up is the Athlete jock brief and other lace up pairs
    • These styles were also added to the Rugby line
  • Cellblock
    • Added the color white to all underwear styles
    • Two new groupings will be included
      • Scrimmage
        • Scrimmage short is available in backless and full back
        • Scrimmage T is a short short crop top
      • Fugitive
        • Fugitive Short
          • Is a compression short with a solid side and pouch in same color
          • Great seam on the seat to highlight the rear
          • Available in Blue, Yellow and Red
        • Fugitive Jock
          • Is the jock design of the Fugitive Short
          • Matching fabric sections with pouch
          • Available in Blue, yellow Red
  • Swim
    • 2 new swimwear styles
      • Surfer
        • Is a new square cut with more coverage
      • Super low bikinis are coming back from an absence
    • Army swim added the color navy
  • Active wear
    • Athlete short and pant (new colors dark grey and black/yellow)
    • Eagle tank – grey, red and black with eagle design on the front
    • Eagle V neck – same colors as the Eagle Tank
    • Training team tank – red, red and white topi colors new colors grey and navy
    • Varsity V Neck – new colors are navy grey and white
    • Workout leggins – black and red and navy grey
    • Singlet – black and royal carried over – new colors are black red/ white black and navy (rubberized heat transfer )
    • New Resolution Tank in a poly quick drying material, in black blue and grey (tank
    • Resolution Shorts (short and joggings hort) also match the tank
    • Jackie Robot, t shirts in black and white and tanks are royal white and black
  • Sports wear
    • Jetset
      • Made out of 100% cotton in blue and black
      • Available in shorts as well as a sleeveless hoodie
  • Lounge wear
    • Hero Lounge
      • Made from the same cotton spandex blend used in underwear
      • Has a Low waist
      • Available in Short, Pant and Tank. Just in white and Black
    • Confort Lounge
      • Made of a waffle thermal in grey black and blue
      • Available in pants short and tank
  • Cellblock sports wear
    • Gas Mask
      • T printed with nice fit
      • Design is gas mask
      • Butcher tank shirt with open sides
    • Line Up Shirts
      • Model Isreal on the print for the Tee, Spencer Reed on butcher tank
      • Sizes will this shirt will go up to xxl
    • Mesh Tank
      • Available blue, black and red and matches underwear
    • Cellblock logo tank
      • Cellblock13 logo on front
      • Available in prison blue, grey, black/white, black/black
    • Socks
      • Knee length, so over the calf
      • Made with elastic at the knee and ankle so it won’t slouch
      • Includes a padded heel and toe
    • Cuffs
      • An accessory made in cotton/spandex stretch denim, with logo or without
      • Backside can open up and can be used as wallet
    • Hoods
      • Zipper hoot and small mouth hood are new

This is a bigger line with the all the styles that are coming out. Some of my favorites of the line are the Sport 2.0 long johns, Cellblock13 socks, return of the super low. Just a few but there are many more to choose from. Look for these styles soon at the Timoteo and Cellblock13 sites. We’ll cover these more as they are released!


I got the chance to meet up with Jason Scarlotti from 2(X)ist at Magic this year. He walked me through what is going to be new for 2(X)its this year. They have, as you would expect, a lot planned. One of my favorite things I saw is the new swimwear. They have taken patterns and such and are making stripes out of them. The pair in particular is made out of Fish! It’s one of the more creative things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s definitely something outside of the box.

This is list of what is coming this year. I don’t have pics for everything yet but you can guarantee that when it all comes out we will have Style Brief or write up about it.

  • Basics
    • Basic 100% are going to be offered in three packs, Will be available at Macy’s and Blomingdales,
    • Styles will be: no-show, contour pouch, new boxer brief, which has a fly
    • Tanks will come in 2 packs
    • Made in cotton/spandex
    • Available in black, red, white and black stripes
  • Speed collection
    • Made from a moisture wicking fabric
    • Has a printed elastic band that goes form one color to the next
    • Available in a jock , no-sho brief and trunk
    • Double printed waistband
    • 5 colors
    • Will be released in Spring
  • Sail
    • Designed with yarn dyed stripes for nautical
    • Has a pop of color on waistband
    • New brief called sculpted brief, has leg opening that tapers down (see picture at the side)
    • This makes it look like you are wearing a skinny brief
    • Available in a brief and no show trunk, and tank as well
  •  Cabana
    • To be released in May next year
    • BRIGHT waistbands with microfibre yarn dyed stripes with silicone 2xist logo
    • This line has really bright colors and also fun beachy stripes
  • Every two months they are adding in prints and patterns. Some of the patterns coming are:
    • Bandana blue and red
    • Navaho waist band
    • Tile print – all over with solid and solid with tile waist band
  • Touch collection
    • New colors for spring and adding a yack thong
    • Colors include, purple orange, red and green
  • Swimwear
    • Adding fun colors, nautical stripes with exposed elastic waistband
    • Prints in stripes with school of fish print Navy and White (see pic above for School of Fish)
    • Bandana – Similar to the print collection is being made into swim. It will feature bandana swim print
    • Nautical – with Nautical knots stripes. Available in bikini, trunk and boxer
    • Plaids – yarn dyed plaid. Available in a bikini and woven boxer
    • Herringbone pattern will be made in woven fabric, also in bright colors
      • Smaller in knits a compact herringbone
    • Gold – The gold underwear line is being made into a swimwear line.
      • New with cargo pockets and all gold accessories and gold waistband is in side
      • Available in a square and bikini

This is a lot but don’t worry as the year progresses we will update you when these are all out. We don’t have dates on everything yet or pictures. So stay turned




Good Boy Gone Bad is one of those brands that you wear to make you feel sexier. They are not known for being boring or plain. What makes them sexy is that they  have some great cuts and fun patterns/prints. This is shown in underwear, swimwear and lounge/work out wear. I try to showcase what trends a line has for the up coming season, but for Good Boy Gone Bad, the them is sexy.

This is done in small cuts, pouch accenting, and color/accents. The smaller cuts are carried over in both swim and underwear. Where as the pouch accenting, as I call it, are briefs and trunks with great pouches not only give you great support but also show off everything! Laslty, the pattern and colors are great for underwear. You have the traditional colors and some more pastels, mixed in with some animal prints. So, I”m sure there is something in the line that you are going to love.

The pictures in this post we took at Magic. They showed their line in a suite and many of you may know the model. Our pics from the last few shows of him are getting round on the internet.

  • Swim Marco – GBGBSW015 – How about something super small and sexy? If you are brave enough to wear something that leaves little to the imagination then this pair is perfect. This pair has under an inch side and rides low on the waist. It has an almost rubberish look to it. You will definitely get noticed on the beach. Colors are black, brown and white.
  • Swim Fidel – GBGBSW014 – Available in Red, Black, White, Brown and Green. This pair is is a smaller cut swim suit that has metallic like rivets in the pouch that cut out the material. Don’t worry the suit is lined and you won’t be showing off everything you have! Colors are red, black, white, brown and green
  • Swim Boxer Alan – GBGBSW010 – Maybe you’re the kind of guy who likes something not as brief (as the Swim Fidel) but not big as a trunk. Check out the swim boxer with is a short cut almost square cut boxer with white accent piping on the legs, side and pockets. Available in Black and Blue Steel
  • Swim Boxer Mel – GBGBSW017 – If you are looking or a square cut then make sure you check out this pair. Its got a front stripe across the top that runs down the let. It’s available in a black/white or reversed in a white/black
  • Swim David – GBGBSW016 – If you are looking for something sexy and a little on the smaller side then you need to check out the David. This pair is a bikini cut with belt lops and two buttons on the pouch, that are fully functional. Available in red, black, white, brown and green.
  • Bob Bikini Power Net GB2U007, Reg Bikini Power Net GBGBU008 & Rugby Boxer Power Net  GBGBU009 – Is mesh your favorite type of underwear? Its a trend I though would be over but when companies make great undies like these. It’s easy to see why it’s still around. All three pairs are very low cut on the waist with a contour pouch. Each pair has a contrasting line on either side of the pouch. This will def draw attention to the pouch area. Check their site for all the color combs
  • Ted Legging – GB2U011 – This past year we saw a lot of companies add long johns. Which I will say is about time we make this design a little more fashionable. Good boy gone bad had created a pair that is just below the knee in some really fun colors. Like the mesh listed above this pair features accents around the pouch. You can wear it under jeans or as lounge wear around the house. Colors are yellow, royal blue and orange
  • Hawaii Rainbows – GBT003 – Maybe you are looking for a new shirt. They have the new T-shirt pictured available in pink
  •  Manny Muscle Tank – GBTTCL605 – GBGB is also making work out wear. The Manly Muscle tank is one you can wear to the gym, hanging out with friends or around the house. It’s made in a polyester sports mesh. It also has a matching pair of shorts call the Cholo Shorts – GBGB5009. Colors are Sky/Red, Royal/Yellow, White/black and Black/Yellow. Where as the in in Yellow/Red, white/black, black/yellow and royal/yellow.

We are going to have a video also from Good Boy Gone Bad but had some technical issues. It will be out in the next week. Join our YouTube Channel or watch the blog! Find all this and more at the Good Boy Gone Bad Site

Pikante is one of those brands not afraid to have fun with it’s underwear. If you recall one of their previous collections was military inspired and had greens and really fun military themed prints. They continue make underwear fun by taking old styles and updating them for modern times. They take jock briefs and make them their own.

Stipes have always been big in Pikatnte. They don’t usually use them they way other underwear companies do, but make them their own. This includes whit different color combinations and use them on the pouch or other fun areas. On top of that the mesh is back as well as some really fun cut outs.

As with PPU, Pikante is all about fun in the world of men’s underwear. It’s def not a pair you will see on every guy at the gym. Pikante is for a guy who loves to feel as good as he looks in his underwear. Here is the new line:

Naughty Jockstrap – 9221

  • Jockstrap made of a soft stretch material in the front area with low cup for comfort
  • Elastic bands around the waist and buttocks to provide the necessary support.
  • Colors: Black/White and Black/Red
  • Composition: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex.

Medley Thong – 6903

  • Thong with elastic band at the waist that binds to the cup by strings that cross in the middle of the cup
  • Made of a soft material with metallic finish, the back has delicate thin elastic.
  • Colors: Gold, Silver, Black and Blue
  • Composition: 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex.

Ice Latin Brief & Boxer – 8633 & 8367

  • Boxer features an elastic material with a modern texture embossed in stripes
  • Brief with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand
  • Anatomical cup for comfort and elastic band at the waist for a perfect fit.
  • Colors: Black and white
  • Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

Lixy Jockstrap – 9220

  • Jockstrap made of a soft stretch cotton that fits snugly to the body
  • Wide bands around the buttocks help for a good support
  • Contrasting color elastic bias around the entire garment.
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red and White
  • Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

BonBon Jockstrap – 9222

  • Jockstrap with cup made of a soft brightly colored material that fits snugly to the body
  • Soft elastic bands around the waist, buttocks and sides to provide perfect support to the body.
  • Colors: Green, Purple and Yellow
  • Composition: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex.

Candy Jumbo Brief – 8635

  • Brief with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand, bare sides design,
  • cup and back made of a soft stretch material in two different colors for a modern look.
  • Colors: Red and Yellow
  • Composition: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex.

Pop Lines Boxer & Anatomic Brief – 8363 & 8629

  • Low rise boxer, made of a soft and delicate material with horizontal stripes in pastel colors pattern
  • Brief features a soft stretch material printed with colorful horizontal stripes that give a youthful and modern twist,
  • Anatomical cup for comfort, and internal thin elastic waistband for a good fit.
  • Colors: Green and Purple
  • Composition: 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex.

Sailor Brief – 8637

  • Brief designed in different textures and materials
  • Stretch material with thin striped pattern in the cup
  • Mesh on the back and top of the sides that gives a cool sporty touch to the garment, elastic bias around waist and legs.
  • Colors: Black/White and Black/Red
  • Composition: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex.

Blacked Jockstrap – 9223

  • Jockstrap thong style made of a soft cotton with elastic edges that fit perfectly to the body
  • Buttocks area has multiple elastic bands that give the necessary support.
  • Colors: Black, Blue and Green
  • Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

Sexy Beak Jockstrap – 9225

  • Jockstrap with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand
  • Front is made of a soft two-tone cotton and features elastic bias in contrasting color
  • Elastic bands around the buttocks to provide the necessary support.
  • Colors: Light Blue, Black and Purple
  • Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

Sport Pikante Boxer – 8364

  • Boxer made of a soft micro mesh that allows perspiration of the body and provides comfort while making any movement
  • Zig zag stitching in contrasting color and elastic band at the waist.
  • Colors: Blue, Black and Turquoise
  • Composition: 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex.

Sport Pikante Piping Brief – 8630

  • Brief features a soft stretch micro mesh that allows perspiration of the body while it fits perfectly
  • Legs in contrasting color for a more youthful look
  • Colors: Black, Blue and Turquiose
  • Composition: 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex

Glow Thong – 8102

  • Thong made ??in a modern elastic material that fits snugly to the body with a delicate metallic finishing
  • Features contrasting color elastic bias around the waist and legs.
  • Colors; Black, White, Gold and Silver
  • Composition: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex.



PPU is an underwear line not for the shy. They are known for their fun and revealing styles and this year is no different. They have many bright colors, cut outs and MESH. Colors are nothing new to PPU they have done orange, yellow and other bright colors in the past, so that isn’t too different. Cutouts on the other hand are a bit more wild! They are in interesting places and I”ll let you check out the pictures as to where they are. Lastly is mesh, it’s a trend we have had in men’s underwear for the last few years and its not going anywhere.

Don’t let this scare you off, they do have some more traditional styles. They have several boxer briefs and briefs. So if you want the fit but don’t want to expose more then you want, you can still get some PPU.

Boxer 1227

  • Boxer made in a soft elastic cotton that fits perfectly to the body
  • Has a modern design of open side slits that give a sensual look
  • Anatomical cup for comfort and elastic waist band for a good fit.
  • Colors: Blue, Green, White and Black
  • Composition: Cotton 94%, 6% Spandex.

Jockstrap 1231

  • Jockstrap made in a soft material on the front with horizontal stripes in the same tone
  • Comfortable elastic bands embroidered with the brand in contrasting color that go around the waist, buttocks and sides.
  • Colors: Red, White and Black
  • Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

Boxer 1238

  • Boxer made of a soft, elastic material patterned with thin stripes in two shades that give a modern and casual look to the garment
  • Elastic waist band embroidered with the brand.
  • Colors: White, Blue and Black
  • Composition: 83% Nylon, 10% Polyester, 7% Spandex.

Boxer 1232

  • Boxer with elastic waist band embroidered with the brand, garment made in a soft elastic cotton that fits perfectly to the body
  • Sexy open slits on the sides and in the middle of the back.
  • Colors: Blue, White, Green and Black
  • Composition: Cotton 94%, 6% Spandex.

Thong 1234

  • Thong, design with a modern metal ring in the middle front linking the sides and back with the cup
  • Made in a soft with elastic mesh with elastic edges in contrasting color.
  • Colors: Red Black, White
  • Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

Brief 1233

  • Low rise brief, made ??in a soft and comfortable mesh that fits snugly to the body
  • Elastic edges around the waist and legs.
  • Colors: Black, White and Red
  • Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

Brief 1237

  • Brief with straight shape on the sides, anatomical cup with contrasting color edges
  • Elastic waist band for a good fit
  • Made in a soft elastic cotton.
  • Colors: Red, White and Black
  • Composition: Cotton 94%, 6% Spandex.

Brief 1222

  • Low rise brief with wide elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand
  • Made in a soft and comfortable mesh that fits snugly to the body
  • Has slits biased on the front for a modern twist.
  • Colors: Red, White and Black
  • Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

Boxer 1225

  • Boxer with elastic waist band embroidered with the brand
  • Has a sexy butt and cup design and made in mesh
  • The rest of the boxer is made in a soft elastic cotton that fits perfectly.
  • Colors Black, Black/White and White
  • Composition: Cotton 94%, 6% Spandex.

Brief 1236

  • Low rise brief made in a soft elastic material that conforms perfectly to the body providing comfort and freedom of movement
  • Elastic waist band embroidered with the brand.
  • Colors: Grey, White and Black
  • Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

Boxer 1228

  • Boxer elastic waist band embroidered with the brand, the cup
  • Back is made in a soft material with two-tone patterned stripes that give a modern twist
  • The sides are made of one color material.
  • Colors: Blue, White and Black
  • Composition: 87% Nylon, Polyester 6%, Spandex 7%.

Brief 1235

  • Boxer elastic waist band embroidered with the brand
  • Cup and back is made in a soft material with two-tone patterned stripes that give a modern twist
  • The sides are made of one color material.
  • Colors: Blue/Red, Black/Blue and White/Black
  • Composition: 87% Nylon, Polyester 6%, Spandex 7%.

Boxer 1230

  • Boxer elastic waist band embroidered with the brand
  • the cup and back is made in a soft material with two-tone patterned stripes that give a modern twist
  • the sides are made of one color material.
  • Colors: White and Red
  • Composition: 87% Nylon, Polyester 6%, Spandex 7%.

Jockstrap 1220

  • Jockstrap ring shape, made of a soft and comfortable elastic bands that fit perfectly and support these areas of the body
  • Metallic bonds, these bands are embroidered with the brand in contrasting color.
  • Colors: White, Black, Blue and Red
  • Composition: 54% Nylon, Polyester 27% Spandex 19%.

Thong 1224

  • Thong made in a soft cotton, the front has a sexy design with round opening and thin strip on the back
  • Elastic waist band embroidered with the brand in contrasting color.
  • Colors: Green, Blue, White and Black
  • Composition: Cotton 94%, 6% Spandex.

Strapped 1221

  • Jockstrap in ring shape, made of soft, comfortable elastic bands that provide a perfect fit and support
  • Cross design on front and back in line in the neck area
  • Embroidered bands with the brand in contrasting color.
  • Color: Black
  • Composition: 54% Nylon, Polyester 27% Spandex 19%.

We hope you have enjoyed this preview of the new line. The line is out at retailers now!