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If you’ve been dreaming of finding soft fabrics, classic designs, and modern trends in one brand, Clever 2023-2 has new and exciting concepts. You can select from boxers, jockstraps, briefs, leggings, and swimwear thongs; a style suits every body type and preference. If you have never experienced this pleasure, don’t be afraid to try them.

This new collection is on sale until Tuesday with code Clever32 at check out at the UNB Store. Shop the entire collection at the UNB Store.

New pairs are always coming out, and i’ve got some spicy ones for you! Clever has released it’s new spring and summer line up, and as usual, there are a few thongs mixed in with the rest. Clever’s thongs are always a little different than most brand’s thongs. What makes them different is that the thong’s waistband isn’t entirely the standard “name around the whole thing” we always see. Instead, the center section of the back of the thong is actually covered up by the material that makes up the rest of the pair, a neat look in my mind. Clever’s thongs always look shiny, sleek, and stylish, but you all didn’t come to hear me wax on. You want to see the new thongs! So let’s get started!

First up is the Snowy thong. This pair comes in some nice colors, either a dark blue with a Silver waistband, or deep green with a dark red waistband, on each the brand name front and center. I’m a big fan of how the red and green looks together.

Next there is the Stingray, which adds in some contrasting line stitching to show off your stuff. The line comes in Grape and blue.

Clever also usually makes a variety of different types of pairs for each line. So if you like say, the snowy look, but aren’t a thong fan, they have the look in briefs and boxer briefs as well.

Clever is also getting into the jock thong business somewhat. Their Crystal Jockstrap is more like a thong, as the split waistbands lower straps come across the rear instead of under it like a traditional jockstrap, which places it squarely in the thong camp in my book. The pair does feature a small thong back, and comes in Grey(Black with purple pouch), and green (White with green pouch). The center rear strap is also the same color as the pouch, and is a nice pop of color.

I find Clever thongs to be both familiar and different, an intriguing combination. I am excited that they keep making thongs. Which one of Clever’s offerings do you think looks the best? Let us know in the comments below!

5283_grape_1Love Clever and don’t want to wait till February for a new collection? You are in luck they just dropped a new mini-collection this past week. They were sneaky in the release, I wasn’t aware it was in the works. The new collection features one thong, new boxer briefs and briefs. As you would expect they have the bright colors and prints you would expect from Clever Moda.

For a small collection, they did a good job in mixing solids, stripes, and prints. It’s more of an addition to the current collection than a totally new collection. One thing I really love about Clever is they create the same pairs in briefs and boxer briefs. Nothing worse than seeing a pair you wish they made in the other style.

All of these styles can be found at Clever Collection 2016-3 Page.

Here is the new collection:

Bishop Boxer (2283) and Brief (5283)  

  • Colors: Grape or Green
  • Composition: Nylon 89 % Spandex 11%. Spandex microfiber fabric is quick dry and resilient.

Cardinal Latin Boxer (2284) and Brief (5284)

  • Colors: Grape or Green
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Smooth microfiber fabric.

Jasper Boxer (2285) and Brief (5285)

  • Colors: Gray or Red
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Smooth microfiber provides support and comfort exactly where needed.

Elite Boxer (2286) and Brief (5286)

  • Colors: Grape
  • Composition: 62% Polyester 34% Cotton 4% Spandex. Stretch fabric forms sleek, body-defining fit.

Netherlands Thong (1287), Boxer (2287) and Brief (5286)

  • Color: Orange
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Smooth microfiber provides support and comfort exactly where needed

Ice Boxer Boxer (2288) and Brief (5288)

  • Color: Blue
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Smooth microfiber provides support and comfort exactly where needed..

Background Boxer (2289) and Brief (5289)

  • Color: Green
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Spandex microfiber fabric is quick dry and resilient

Disintegration Boxer (2290) and Brief (5290)

  • Color: Black
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Spandex microfiber fabric is quick dry and resilient

Hexagon Boxer (2291) and Brief (5291)

  • Color: Gray
  • Composition: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Spandex microfiber fabric is quick dry and resilient

Hello Kinksters, Happy friday!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I know it’s my birthday month, so everything is supposed to be fantastic. But today, I bring you a fetish-wear trend that I am NOT about. I know, I know, I am usually brimming with enthusiasm about my friday topics. Unfortunately, I can’t just be super positive about EVERYTHING. Or else eventually I’d bore myself, and all of you in turn.

What is it that has me so forlorn? Readers, I am talking about mesh pouches. I just can’t handle them. Now, I am specifically not into mesh pouches. I am not declaring a war on mesh in general. Mesh in other parts of fetish-wear is entirely welcome. To me, a pouch is to present a bulge, and a bulge should be just that. If I already know what you look like uncovered, down to the minuscule details. Then the pouch covering it is irrelevant, and irrelevant underwear makes me sad. Even more, if not only can I see everything before you take it all off.  But it looks smushed and constricted, I am even less into it. To me, it evokes the packaged sausage links at the supermarket. You buy it cause it’s gonna be tasty, but you don’t love how it looks all confined and uncomfortable.


Now, since I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t rant about a problem to everyone. Unless you have a solution to offer. I’d like to suggest some alternative meshy looks that I am totally down with.

MESH Clever

I am all for butt mesh, because it’s hard for butts to look bad. The Clever Mesh Bars boxer is mesh everywhere but the pouch, which I love. It gives the sensual preview, while still presenting the bulge in the best way.

MESH n2n

N2N makes a bunch of sheer gear, and I love a lot of it, and I dislike some of it (if the junk part is mesh). Their R10 Sheer Skin Singlet is great because it gives you a whole lot of sheer to work with. While also curving around your body in a really appealing way.

MESH Slickitup

Slick It Up does mesh in a way nobody else is doing. I love their aesthetic, and they have a very specific customer. They make a whole wardrobe for that customer. This Killian Suit is one of my favorite of theirs. It is so well designed with anatomy and proportion in mind.

So there we have it folks. Mesh pouches, how do you feel? Share your opinion below. Speaking of opinions, last week’s What’s Your Reveal? Post had some delightful results:

1st Place: Snaps won with 53%

2nd Place: Velcro and Zippers tied with 17%

3rd Place: Flaps got 13% of the vote.

Next FETISH FRIDAY is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Get ready for something wonderful. I don’t actually know what it’s gonna be yet, I have a few options, but haven’t chosen yet.

For now, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing over and out!

Hello folks, today I’m reviewing a new pair by one of my favorite companies, Clever. It was furnished by Candyman Fashion. One of their new designs coming out is the Original Sin Boxer (2255). I received the “Black” pair that has Teal as the Accent Front color with Black as the background. The other option available for the Original Sin is the “Red” pair with a Gunmetal as the Accent Front Color.


The main body of the boxer is a 94% cotton/6% elastane. Though the main body of the fabric is a cotton blend, which is usually not my favorite, this blend is nice and smooth. The front of the boxer is a synthetic mesh that isn’t see through. But definitely shows off details very nicely. The front pouch is contoured out and gives nice room for your kit. The background fabric meets the front at the side seams. Then travels almost to the front on the inner thigh. The thread color matches the front fabric, so on all front seams, it blends in. While the back seam goes down the middle of your butt and Y’s out down the legs as a contrast.

The two main things I really love about this boxer are the mesh fabric in front.  The subtle design choice that really makes this boxer pop. The mesh in front is a really nice tiny hole mesh fabric. That is lightweight and definitely breathable (great for working out in). The design choice I love is that the contract back fabric wraps around towards the front by the pouch. This makes your pouch “hang” in front of a contrast backdrop. Which really amplifies the visual from the front (which is wear a lot of pouches read as flatter).


On a less happy note, the leg bands of this boxer don’t have a lot of structure to them. So it’s really easy for them to ride up your leg (which is the main reason I end wearing mostly briefs). But it’s not bad enough that I was constantly pulling it down, it was just something I noticed.

I really do like this boxer, and will add it to my drawer of boxers I actually will wear regularly.

-Sexy pouch visual.

-Breathable mesh fabric.

-Attractive butt seams.


-Legs ride up.


  •    Daily Fit – 7.5
  •    Sizing – 9
  •    Construction/Materials –8
  •    Styling – 8
  •    Daily Performance – 7
  •    OVERALL – 7.9

This pair was furnished for review by Clever. It comes in Black/Teal, and Red/Gunmetal. It goes for $23 on the Candyman Fashion


Clever 1264 Green was furnished by Candyman Fashion.


  • Overall Rating: 9.9/10
  • Daily Fit: 9.5/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Material, Styling, Pouch, Cut

Cons: none

Let me start off by saying I love Clever Underwear. Before I had switched to wearing thongs almost my entire underwear collection of briefs/trunks/underwear was Clever. I love the fabric, styling, fit, everything this company does; so when I had switched to thongs I naturally had bought several pairs a couple years back. At that time I was greatly disappointed in the cut and style; but that was then. NOW I would have to say their thong line up is on par with the rest of their underwear line up, which is awesome.

This pair, I loved the material, the pouching was comfortable and breathable. The band like all of their bands is very high quality, a little saddened that the pair I had did not have Clever written in the front, but instead I had two partial sections, and the thong strap they finally got right. It is the right thickness so that you don’t feel it and it is cut so emphasize your cheeks.

The Sizing for this and all the underwear I have had of theirs is spot on; my waist is in the 32-34” range, and so I get a Large for them and it fits me well. I received from Clever a Large size, and was very satisfied with it.

BRAND: Clever

PAIR: Clever 1264 Burning Cold Thong

COLORS: Green or Grey

FABRIC: Polyester 79% Spandex 21%

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $27

FURNISHED BY: Candyman Fashion

5263 (2)CandyMan Fashion furnished the CLEVER Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief for review.

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8

Pros: Fun, bold print, true sizing, great mesh.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: CandyMan Fashion contacted UNB Tim a while ago and asked the team to review CLEVER’s Spring line. Because the entire team loves undies, he agreed and sent out pairs for review. I recently wrote a post about mesh underwear, how to select great pairs, and what types of mesh to wear for different occasions.

I was elated when the pair selected for me to review was the MESH Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief! The mesh was not the only reason I got excited as I tore open the mailer. There were two other reasons: 1.) This brief has an awesome pattern (super manly) and 2.) It has an anatomical pouch. This brief is truly the collision of three utopic components to the perfect pair of underwear: MESH, PATTERN (instead of plain color), and ANATOMICAL POUCH! Perfection at its finest!

Mesh is so tricky in men’s underwear. There is the super wide hole mesh that is more for fetish wear (totally not me, but check out TTHEAMAZING’s Fetish Friday Column. I’m sure he will work in mesh at some point). Then there is the pragmatic mesh that can be worn for a myriad of event types. This brief is definitely practical in the mesh category. I wore the pair on three different occassions:

  • All day in jeans: I made it through the day wearing the brief under jeans. Mesh is hard to wear under jeans because the glans penis (head or tip of the penis) has very sensitive nerve endings that often poke through the mesh and rub on the denim. Not always uncomfortable—sometimes stimulating and often times irritating. This didn’t begin to bother until around dinnertime. I equate this to great construction and careful design implementation seen in CLEVER’s delivery of quality underwear.
  • To bed: What can I say? I felt sexy sleeping in mesh and even sexier knowing that I was wearing a very awesome pattern. I had no issues whatsoever feeling constricted in the crotch throughout the night. Very very good experience.
  • At the  gym during workout: I’d say that this is the bread and butter of this brief. The fact that the mesh is cool and breezy and the anatomical pouch is very supporting allowed me to have free range of motion in a very well constructed brief.

I’m definitely a pouch snob. Read this and you’ll understand why. My underwear collection is almost exclusively ergonomical in pouch nature. I’ve never worn CLEVER before. This made me nervous about whether the pouch on this brief would actually turn out to be anatomical. The first thing I did when I slipped them on was take notice of the inner sewn elastic that separates the body of the brief from the pouch. I relaxed and realized that CLEVER had me in mind when they made this brief.

The construction on the brief is top notch. The pattern is super man-sexy. There is a center line going up the butt area to give you an added lift. An incredibly soft metallic gold waistband accentuates the design. The sizing was spot on for what was advertised. What else can a man ask for? NOTHING!

OUTSIDE OF THE BOX RECOMMENDATION: My wife actually came up with the idea that this brief could be worn as a swim brief if you got in a bind. The great pattern is not completely transparent and leaves enough to the imagination to make most people salivate. The lightweight mesh dries very quickly when wet and the overall construction is solid. We’re moving to Hawaii in the next couple of months. Who knows, maybe I’ll wear them surfing some day soon.  Follow me on Twitter @manatomicallyme to see if I get brave and post a picture!


PAIR: Flowery Touch Cheeky Brief

COLORS: Flower Pattern (As pictured)

FABRIC: Body: 75% nylon 25% spandex


COST: $29

FURNISHED BY: CandyMan Fashion

Where to buy:

5263 (1)

2015First we have to thank all our sponsors who made this shoot possible. They are Macondo Trading (Clever, Pikante, Ergowear & Candyman), Cocksox, N2N Bodywear, Jack Adams, Junk Underjeans, Bülge Clothing, Yocisco and BearSkn. Our models are Chandler, Drew, Wes, Damien and Pat. Our amazing photographer was Taylor Campbell. It was shot at Maps Studio in the Atlanta are!

To buy a pair click the link on the name of the pair. You will be taken to that brands official site to buy!

Macondo Trading – Clever Moda


Clever has some hot new styles and prints this season

Macondo Trading – Ergowear


Ergowear is known for it’s amazing pouch that gives great support and awesome fabric

Macondo Trading – Candyman


Candyman is known for their fun styles and sexy fabrics/cuts.

Macondo Trading – Pikante

Pikante has some awesome prints and some super sexy pairs in this collection





Cocksox is known for their awesome pouch, fun colors and sexy styling

N2N Bodywear


N2N Bodywear makes underwear that ranges from classic to super sexy.

Jack Adams


Jack Adams has a new designer and a new look that has given them a new look!

Junk UnderJeans


Junk UnderJeans is making amazing new pairs such as the Junk X and more!

BüLGE Clothing


BüLGE Clothing makes perfect underwear for working out with these super comfy shirts and boxer briefs



BearSkn makes underwear for guys of all sizes, everyone should feel super sexy!



YOCISCO started making amazing jocks and now have made some amazing briefs.

We have tons more pics we will be sharing as Brief Distractions and on our social media accounts! So make sure you like us on each!

Thanks to all the brands, models, photographers and people who helped make this guide amazing

Where to buy:

2241 (1)Clever really has stepped up its game when it comes to finding great fabric and fun colors and patterns. I and usually up for anything that is brightly colored weather it is a solid color or a pattern. When I found out that I was going to have the opportunity to review the Clever House Boxer. This pattern had me intrigued.

I am reviewing the Clever House boxer in a size medium.  I don’t think I can say enough great things about this pair of undies. They are fun and bright, they fit great and they can be worn for almost every occasion. From the wide and crazy geometric pattern to the solid blue wide elastic logo waistband.  These are a pair that I think everyone should have in the underwear drawer. So let’s start at the top.

The wise logo waistband is super comfortable and soft. I usually don’t like wider waistbands, but this one didn’t bother me at all. The waistband sat perfectly on my waist and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The main  fabric is a 90% polyester 10% spandex microfiber blend.  It has a little bit of a shiny element to it, and is very comfortable. It stays in place and provides an amazing body defining fit. The front pouch is very roomy and with the stretch fabric, it moves with you all day. The way these are stitched in the back also give your butt a defining lift which for most guys is a defiant plus. Now to the pattern… Even I thought this might be a little crazy for me, but I really like it. The geometric pattern is fun and with all the contrasting colors. It makes for a great look that is fun without being obnoxious. I have worn these a couple times now and have loved every minute I have had these on. The one thing that I would recommend against, since they are a 90% polyester blend.  They aren’t the best to wear while you are at the gym. The fabric doesn’t breath a well as a cotton blend would.  Once you get out of the shower, these are my go to night out on the town pair of boxer briefs,

PROS:2241 (2)

  • Contrasting geometric pattern is fun and sexy
  • Excellent support in front and back
  • Great fabric that defines your body and moves with you


  • The 90% polyester fabric doesn’t breathe the best.


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 9
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • OVERALL – 9.6

This pair was furnished for review by Macondo Trading. These come in the orange color and can be found at Candyman Fashion for $36.48.

What’s Hot at DrawerFull This June?

DrawerFull has us ready for summer by letting us know what gear to get our hands on.  As we start our fun in the sun, here are DrawerFull’s hottest picks for June.

JOR Speed Boxer


The JOR Speed Cotton Retro Trunk has the look and feel of the 70s, with a fun, athletic vibe. It’s made from a soft, stretch cotton fabric that features a faded look and topped off with a bold waistband in a color combo reminiscent of the age of love. Shop this pair here.

Clever Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk


The CLEVER Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk has a slightly relaxed fit with a tailored look that nicely flatters any body who wears it. A splash of color here and there, plus added pockets mean you can even wear this swimsuit as casual shorts to and from your busy summery schedule.  Shop the pair here.

PPU Cotton Jockstrap


The PPU Cotton Jockstrap is the basic sports support every athletic guy needs. The pouch is made from soft, stretch cotton that is absorbent for long lasting comfort. The rear straps are extra wide to prevent pinching or riding up, so you can perform in this jockstrap for hours on end. Shop the pair here.

Tribe Energy Shorts


TRIBE swimwear draws inspiration from the color, energy, and joy that is found in Tribal Culture.  This brand is 100% Australian Made, emphasizing in quality, comfort and style.  The swimsuit offers a wide waistband, sharp fitting throughout, and accessible pockets to include a more casual look in between beach outings.  Shop the pair here.  

SUKREW Full Trunk – Jamie


That Full Pouch look. The Full Trunk has six small pleats in the pouch, and is cut to show you off to your best advantage. The rear ‘y’ seam gives you perfect definition and unrestricted comfort. Neon polyamide fabric with blue printed branding on the waistband. Shop the pair here.

Blue Collar Underwear – City Slicker Trunk


Comfortable with an Awesome fit plus Great look. Busy City Scene Print fabric. Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch. Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric. Trunk features an elasticized Blue Collar logo waistband. Stretch microfiber with body defining fit. Cotton/Mesh on sides.  Shop the pair here.

2EROS Coast Trunk


The Coast series is a relaxed, simple and elegant collection. The color combination is of coastal comfort. The tan contrast placed between to the legs gives the illusion of exposed skin but keeping you covered. Shop the pair here.



Be sure to stop by the site at DrawerFull and check out the latest from all your favorite designers.

IMG_0926I was pretty excited to open my first package of Fox-Style challenge underwear, and find a pair from one of my favorite brands, #CleverUnderwear! Even better, they’re a cool, shiny Teal color.

The fit is great. And what I love about having Clever underwear is, if I’m having an airhead kinda day, at least I know my butt is Clever. I’m pretty sure that this is literally what they mean when I get called a smart ass.

Really, what good is being named Fox, if you’re not gonna be as #Clever as one!

The teal color inspired me to wear a bright teal shirt and then build an outfit all around it.  Since I’m not lucky enough to IMG_8250make a living parading around in my underwear all day like Mr. #blessed David Beckham, I’ll take inspiration from the color of my undies to inspire the color I choose for my outties. –yes I just made up a clever word to describe the clothes you wear over your undies! I hope it catches on, sometimes these new words don’t… We all remember the tragedy of “fetch”!

Since I’m being so clever, I thought I’d wear a bow-tie, & because my shirt is such a bold pop of color, I went with a charcoal bow-tie with a subtle white floral pattern to complement it, rather than compete. I’m going for a “pop”‘of color, not an outburst.

I could have worn a blue and white checked shirt today, but I didn’t want to clash when I take my pants off.  I mean I’m not going to just take off my pants walking down the street, but eventually the pants are coming off.  When they do come off, whoever gets to see will find that I’m nicely color coordinated!

I opted for a vest instead of a jacket, to show off more of the shirt.   Also a vest looks smart with a bow-tie. So Clever!

Finally, burgundy & grey striped socks, grey slim fit pants, and black suede chukka boots complete the “outties” and create an overall classic look.   Classic, but not stuffy.  Remember, beneath all of this, I’m sporting shiny teal undies! (btw – what do you think? Is “outties” catching on yet?)

I think this look is really pulled together and so dapper that even our friend Mr. Beckham would probably wear it… that is, if he decided to stop running around wearing nothing but his named brand underwear for H&M!

Maybe one day I can talk to him about it, and swap underwear stories.  In the meantime, I’m going to take this Clever teal on teal ensemble out into the world.IMG_8249

Stay tuned for my next adventure with dressing up over my undies!


NOTE: Gddworld furnished the underwear for this post! Find this pair at Candyman Fashion

271758After my first try with Clever and wearing their thong, I was interested to see how other pairs in their catalog fit in comparison.  Next up on my review list was the Clever Spinel Latin Brief.  The first thing I noticed about this pair of underwear was the beautiful yet subtle design on the pair.  The white and gold brief has a white diamond on diamond design that doesn’t overdrive the pair of underwear but adds a little bit of style to what you would think is a simple white brief.  The brief is stretchable microfiber fabric made up of nylon and spandex, giving it the ability to stretch and fit to your body.  This is a great selling point for Clever because they are designing underwear that fits to your body, not something that your body has to fit to.  The waistband features the bold Clever logo in a metallic look that I find so visually stunning.

I prepared myself for a busy day at work and slid the pair on to accompany me.  The material felt great and the design looks nice when contoured to your body.  I did notice, similar to the Clever thong, that the pouch did not have much give when I slipped the pair on.  I immediately felt constricted and smashed and was nervous about the long day ahead.  Having read that the material forms a body defining wrap around your body, I hoped for a little bit of breathing as the day went on.  I will say that the information was accurate.  The pouch was actually more comfortable during the day than I thought it would be.  I expected to have that smashed feeling all day but in reality, my pouch was tight and comfortable with no other issues.  For guys who enjoy briefs that are low rise, this is another great pair to add to your collection.  It comes271767 right up to the top of the butt, adding to the sexy feel it gives you.  The coverage in the back was great, covering everything it needed to with no riding up during my day.  I wear a medium and felt like Clever was fairly true to that size.  Again, the only negative on the sizing is the pouch so well endowed men may have a harder time than the average man.  It does stretch but maybe not enough for those guys!

Overall I enjoyed my second adventure with Clever.  I think Clever is one of those brands who really makes simple designs pop and feel sexy.  I love their same color on color designs that take solid color underwear to another level.


  • Design
  • Beautiful metallic, logo waistband
  • Comfortable, form fitting material


  • Tight pouch


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 8
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 8.5
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8

GDD World furnished this pair.

$_58It is no surprise to anyone who reads UNB that I have always been a fan of thongs.  I love the sexy look and the feeling they give me.  To me it is not a feminine pair of underwear.  One brand of thongs that I have always admired but never worn was Clever.  There is something about the way these thongs look on the model that is so mesmerizing.  I only hoped I would be able to do them justice as those models do for them.

I finally received my first Clever thong and it was the blue Desert Thong.  They are as beautiful in person as in the pictures!  One thing that I love about Clever is how bold and large their waistband font is.  It wraps around the waist with a presence that is so demanding and powerful.  The thong features a cool wave design on the pouch in a blue on blue color scheme.  The material is a nylon, spandex combination that is lightweight and feels good against the skin.  The back of the thong is a wider Y shape that is appealing, especially for guys who are not a fan of the string like backs.  It adds a little more coverage and appeal on the backside.

I slipped the pair on and decided to take them for a test run over the weekend.  I noticed the waistband was tighter than a lot of my pairs I own.  After getting myself adjusted into the thong, I also could tell that the front pouch was not as roomy as other underwear I have worn before.  With that being said, this thong may not be for the well endowed man or you may want to try the next size up and see if you get additional room.  Although the thong was tighter in some areas than I am used to, it was not an uncomfortable wear.  I wore it for errands, lunch, and chores58850269_o1 around the house.  The back of the thong felt really great and I love the extra fabric at the top that holds the top of the bottom nicely.  The thong held up well on my day and I did not feel much discomfort.  At times I could feel the tightness of the waistband but not enough to make me want to take them off.

Overall this is a great looking thong.  It is probably one of my best looking thongs in design.  As far as comfort, it would not be my #1 go to for when I want to wear a thong but would definitely be in my top 5.  If there could be a little more room for comfort in the front pouch and a slightly looser waistband, then there may be a different story.


  • Back design
  • Signature waistband
  • Soft material


  • Small front pouch
  • Tight waistband


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 7
  • Construction/Materials = 8.5
  • Styling = 8.5
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8

2204Clever is one of the Latin brands that always creates fun collections. It ranges from classic cuts to fun colors to super sexy materials. There is something for everyone in a Collection. The collections are usually divided into swimwear, boxer briefs, thongs/jocks, briefs and tanks. It’s an interesting mix but it works for them. Under each collection you can have classic stylish cuts to super wild ones that is made out of mesh!

Here is the official description of the new line: “CLEVER rolls out yet another collection bursting with vivid South American style. This collection features a variety of sporty fabrics such as athletic mesh stretch cotton and high-stretch microfiber designed for the active guy as well as a nice lineup of shall we say flashier fabrics intended for the guy who appreciates his underwear. All in all CLEVER s approach to provide something for the everyman–that is a guy with multiple underwear needs–is wildly successful”

We are going to focus on a few of the newer swim, boxers/trunks, thongs, briefs and tanks. This will be a quick overview but not of the entire collection. To see the entire collection go to the GDD World Clever 2015-1 Page for every pair.

Swimwear – Here are a few of the new pairs we think you should check out!


Clever 0585 in Blue – A fun swim brief with a solid white waistband

0589 (4)

0589 – A swim Brief in basic black is never out of style!

0591 (2)

0591 – Not every guy wants a swim brief so these pattern trunks could be prefect for  beach day

0592 (2)

0592 – A fun swim brief that is low rise and contrasting color blocks


2215 (2)

2215 – Looking for boxers with some great colors this line comes in 4 colors that are more like muted day glow!

2216 (2)

2216 -What would a Clever collection be without mesh. This has mesh sides and a mesh strip around the top in the back. Also available in black

2217 (2)

2217 – Are you a fan of stripes then check out this pair. Made with a contour pouch and available in 2 color combos

2218 (2)

2217 – Maybe you want more subtle stripes, this pair has smaller stripes and is available in 2 colors combinations

2220 (2)

2220 – Last of the boxer is a metallic boxer available in 4 colors.  I love the blue the best!


1221 (4)


1221 – This pair fits in with other pairs in the collection. I love the blue color but it is also available in gold

1212 (4)

1212 – This is a classic thong that Clever does. A branded clever waistband pouch and string it’s simple but a classic of Clever


5214 (3)

5214 – This pair is similar to the mesh boxer brief above but in brief from The mesh stripe in back makes it a little more fun.

5220 (4)

5220 – This is the brief version of the boxer brief above. It’s a cool pair, above is the blue and this is the plum

5221 (4)

5221 – If you love the thong above but want it in a brief then you are in luck. Its the same cut in front but a full back. Also in gold

5222 (5)

5222 – Clever always makes super fun patterned fabrics such as this pair. It looks like a simple black brief but when you look closer there is a pattern!


7025 (3)

7025 – If you love matching tanks and underwear then you are in luck with this collection. You can match the 2215 Boxer brief with this tank

Longer Boxers

9002 (6)

9002 – If you are a fan of long boxers, Clever has a new longer boxer collection. I love the green but it has a few colors in this collection

9003 (4)


9003- Looking for a longer boxer in a nylon spandex boxer this is the pair for you.

9020 (3)

9020 – If you wanted the metallic pair in a longer boxer you are in luck I think this looks amazing as a longer boxer

We hope you enjoyed this overview. You can find a lot more on Clever at the GDD World Site. You can find it at many retailers online, but if you can’t shop Candyman Fashion for every pair of Clever and GDD World sells!

It’s that time of year again, either you’re going out with your loved one or celebrating Single’s appreciation day (I”m doing the latter). But that doesn’t mean you  don’t need to wear great underwear. We thought we would point out a few great pairs to consider this Valentine’s Day. These are a few suggestions we have but would love to hear some of yours.

Model BENI D - Photogrpahy IAN CHANG - Garcon Model Underwear - 5
Garçon Model – Mansion Briefs $28
Gregg Homme –  City Limits Brief $43.94
Candyman Valentines Costume Outfit for $30.48
2210 (4)
Clever –  2210 Ammolite Latin Boxer black – $30.48
Pik-8654-Concept_1Pikante –  8654 Agatha Brief Color Black $27.oo
9663_1941cAndrew christian Andrew Christian – Almost Naked Sweetheart Briefs – $23.93
cx01ME_blackmesh_34Cocksox – CX01M Black Brief – $26.00
B81-AN2N Bodywear – Titan Jock – $28.00
LR_Sweetheart_boxer_red_01AussieBum – Sweetheart Boxer – $24.61
img_6531Sukrew – Jamie Neon Pink Brief – £19.99
1_34224d0c-5d67-42d9-9235-cdf6ca98c8d4_largeGo Softwear – Pop Midnight Backless Brief $23.00
Unknown-113Joe Snyder Launch Thong $29.
Bikini-Big-HeartsPetitQ Big Hearts Bikini – 18.90 Euros
Let us know what you will be wearing this Valentine’s Day! Post contains an affiliate sales line for Andrew Christian.

Dec 2014One of the best things about the festive period (after the food, pressies and general jolliness) is of course the PARTIES! The gents of the UK are adding some spangle to their drawers with beauties like these from men’s underwear website


Body Art Karos Round Neck T-shirt GBP38.00

This Body Art range has proved really popular this winter. The slinky material is overlaid with shimmering gothic lettering. A bronze on black option is available too.



Bruno Banani Python Hip Short GBP27.50

How to make reptilian print underwear even more appealing? Give the look a whole lot of shine with a reflective scale inspired print of course!



Clever Moda Spinel Latin Brief GBP22.00

We think the metallic waistband of this Clever Moda slip gives it just the right amount of glamour. The white and black options are flying off the shelves in the UK.


Doreanse 1870 Boxer Brief GBP13.50

Black tie engagement coming up over Christmas? Make sure your unders are as smart as your overs with chic pinstripes from Doreanse at DGU.



Joe Snyder Dazzling Mini Cheek 22 GBP26.00

You can’t get much more sparkle than Joe Snyder’s Dazzling collection. The fast dry fabric makes this range great for pool parties too.



Mundo Unico Pinos Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

The bright harlequin pattern of this short from Unico has inspired many British shoppers to snap it up pre Christmas. There is swimwear available in the same design too for those heading off for some winter sun.



Last night I think the Holiday party season really got kicked off. It made me think of what would be great pairs to wear to a holiday party. Now I am not one for the kitty over the top holiday prints. A few companies like aussieBum do them very well but the ones at big box stores I usually stay away from. No cartoon characters or elf prints for me.

So this got me thinking what would be 5 great choices to wear to a holiday party and be in the spirt but not be over the top. I also wanted them to be pairs you could wear the rest of the year because let’s face it wearing Merry Xmas undies in July is just sad. So I put my brain in over drive to come up with what would be 5 great pairs.


1. 2(X)ist Tartan No Show Trunk 

This pair is a mainstay at 2(X)ist every holiday season. It’s just festive enough to be considered holiday but can be worn year round. The new cranberry stripe is just fun. Before they had a plaid print and a solid. I think this addition is a great one. Available at the 2(X)ist site for $24. Also available in a brief and long johns.


2. John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief in Racing Red

I personally think the John Sievers line from International Jock is one of the most under rated brands on the market. You don’t hear about it much but its some of the most amazing underwear. Especially for those who have extra up front. The pair I have I just love. So when I saw the Racing Red this is perfect to wear under your holiday best. It will keep those endowed guys super happy all night and look great while doing it! The pouch is one of the best on the market, hands down. Available at International Jock for $24.95

2209 (2)

3. Clever 2209 Soccer Boxer – Green

I know we have many fans of the boxer brief and the long boxers are one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear right now. This one from Clever is perfect for wearing to a party and coming home and lounging around in them after. Made out of a sports mesh you could wear it to the gym outside of the holiday season or during your favorite sporting activity. Available from GDD World at Candyman Fashions for $31.48


4. Mosdus Vivendi Masai Boxer Red 

Not everyone wants a long boxer for Holidays, they can be a little uncomfortable under a suit. The Masai Boxer from Modus Vivendi would be great under a suit for your company holiday party. It won’t give you any crazy underwear lines under your pants and has a low waistband that will keep you comfy all through the night. Plus the color is bright and festive. A tip, wear a tie that matches your undies for the holidays! Available at Modus Vivendi for 25.50€


5. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Arch Jock – Holiday Collection

We had a brief, trunk, long boxer and boxer. What would the holidays be with out a jock? Not everyone wants to wear something traditional. The Almost Naked Arch Jock from the AC holiday collection would be great under jeans you would wear to any party. The pouch will give you great support through out the night and if anyone saw it it would be a conversation starter to say the least. This is a limited edition pair and is available at the Andrew Christian site for $26.93

These are a few suggestions we’d love to hear more of your choices on what you should wear or what you did wear to a party!

Note: the Andrew Christian link is a affiliate sales link