Curve Trade Show


magic-feb-2014I’m back from Magic/Curve and I”m worn out. This is the one of the few trips the jet lag has really gotten to me. This past show was a lot of fun. There were fewer brands than in years past and I think it maybe a trend that will continue. Which has me sad that is the case. I really love going and meeting with brands. I have made some great friends and this is usually the only time I get to see them face-to-face.

But, let’s keep it positive. There were fewer brands but we made some strong new connections with some brands we don’t work a lot with, those brands include; Garcon Model, Teamm8, Bwet Swimwear, and a few more! Other brands we love to meet with are 2(X)ist, Baskit, N2N Bodywear, Frank Dandy, 2EROS

This year we’re not going a big post on all the brands. We think it’s more important to cover the pairs as they come out. We have a schedule and will be following up with brands to bring you the new pairs when it comes out. Brands such as N2N Bodywear and Gregg Homme release their lines a once and we will cover them. Both have some great new lines.

The highlight of the trip is the Annual Meet and Greet we do. It’s a chance for everyone to meet up and just have a good time outside the show. It can range from 2 to 30 people. No matter how many show up it’s always a good time. This year we had Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, 2EROS, Frank Dandy, BWet Swimwear, PetitQ, Shrine Boxer, Garcon Model, Underwear Nation, BoyRio, and a few more! It was a great time. We will be doing this again in August.

Some of the highlights of the show are:

  • New collection from N2N is released – Including swim and active
  • Andrew Christian has some new styles he’s not done before
  • Baskit will be releasing 3 new styles in the next few months!
  • 2EROS has some amazing swim coming out
  • Timoteo has expanded the Cellblock13 and has one pair I LOVE the waistband

These are just a few highlights. We will be bringing you more over the next few weeks and months. I will be launching the new improved UNB podcast called “Brief Talk Podcast”.

magic-curve-2-13I am just back from Vegas and Magic/Curve, which was a very busy, yet productive week. I met with many brands we report on such as PPU, Pikante, Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, Baskit, Cocksox and more! While there I also came across a few new brands that are doing some really cool things in the world of undies! One thing I saw was modal/cashmere underwear. Which were so soft and it would be an amazing pair of underwear! But that is only the tip of the iceberg!

There are some trends happening in men’s underwear this season. The first, in the spring we can expect to see pastels. The blues, pinks and yellows will be big across a few brands. The next trend is Neon/Day Glow. The 80’s are back, well in undies. This is wide spread across many more new collections. It is both in solids and accent colors. Lastly, creative waistbands. Companies are redesigning them, doing new things with them and more!

Magic is where almost all the companies were this year. In years past it was almost evenly divided between Magic and Curve. This year I met with only 3 companies at Curve and over 30 at Magic. So more men’s brands are moving to Magic.

I wanted to tweet and Facebook from the floor to get questions and feedback but the service was so terrible I could barely get a text out at times. Its important for our readers to give us feedback and feel like you are part of the process. Next Magic we want to take more questions from our readers. I will make posts for each brand we will be meeting with and you can post questions in the comments ore email us!

There are plenty of more trends happening per brand but I thought I would go over the few ranging across all brands. I am looking forward to sharing all the brands I saw. You guys will love some of the regular brands we cover and may just find a new favorite!

We hope you enjoy our Trailer for the coverage of Magic & Curve. This year we don’t have as many videos but we got more in depth write up of more brands. They will start coming out this week. We have some favorites (Timoteo, Clever, Baskit, PPU, Pikante, Good Devil, Intymen and more) and some new brands (N2N Bodywear, Good Boy Gone Bad and more).

Hey everyone are you ready for the coverage and to see what is up next? Well We will be doing that this week, however, I literally got off the plane and got a cold. Yesterday if you noticed there was one post and today there will be three. I couldn’t talk yesterday and still have some issues. Summer colds are the worst. I”m feeling better but not great. I have tons of notes and we will be doing a lot more videos from the shows. So stay tuned and It will be out this week.

Some of the brands I talked to were:

  • Frank Dandy
  • Gregg Homme
  • Stud Underwear
  • Andrew Christian
  • JM
  • Gigo
  • Intymen
  • Pistol Pete
  • Baskit
  • Clever
  • PPU
  • Candyman
  • Pikante
  • OrcaBlue
  • Timoteo
  • Mundo Unico

And a lot more, so stay tuned for more info about the newest lines. I am trying to get rest so I can get those out ASAP. I plan on spending the weekend coming up editing videos.

You may have seen the Saxx Underwear video we did with at Curve. We wanted to give you a bit more information about Saxx Underwear and what they have been up to this last year. This is part of the Curve/Magic follow up. I think Saxx is doing some great things and they are doing something different in the world of men’s underwear.

Your brand is growing, for those not familiar with your brand can you tell a little bit about Saxx?

Saxx was founded on a simple inspiration. Make men more comfortable by re-thinking and re-designing men’s underwear. Saxx founder Trent Kitsch came up with the idea for the underwear while on a fishing trip off the coast of Alaska. He was wearing a survival suit for three days and experienced what most men do, discomfort and irritation. He realized that there had to be a better way to design men’s underwear. In 2006 the first pair of Saxx underwear was introduced in a University cafeteria. Trent manufactured 200 prototypes, which he sold in a matter of minutes to his classmates. The underwear featured integrated parallel mesh side panels, which eliminated contact between a man’s package and inner thigh. The product was an instant hit and introduced a new level of comfort to the men’s underwear market.

Saxx has gone from Saxx apparel to Saxx underwear why the change?

Through the rebranding process that began last year, we found that “Apparel” was just too broad of description for our brand. Saxx is based on underwear and the technology that was created for it. We wanted to make sure that our customers knew we did underwear and only underwear.

What has been the biggest obstacle in this process?

To be honest there hasn’t been that many obstacles in this process. We are a young brand, have only been in the US market for 6 months, and in Canada for 2 years. Customers that were aware of our brand before the name change really knew us as Saxx, not Saxx Apparel. The shift to Saxx Underwear has mostly gone unnoticed.

Anything surprised you (in a good way) while rebranding?

We knew that there would be a response to our new packaging and brand direction, but I don’t think that any of us would have guessed that it would be this positive. The quality of our product has always been there so it’s great to see that we now have the brand image to match.

I had the chance to talk to you at Curve and we did a video, what are some of the new items you have coming out?

For May of this year we have an number of new items coming out for Saxx. The first is the introduction of new colors in all of our fabric lines. That includes Utra, 24 -Seven and Pro Elite. We had been focusing on producing only Black and White until this point, these are still the main colors that men buy in underwear. We will continue to do Black and White but with the colors we now have reach into some new markets. I am personally really excited about having a variety of colors  and not just black in my own underwear drawer.

We will also be introducing a new line which we call Luxury. The fabric is a Modal/Cotton/Spandex blend. Modal is an extremely soft, light weight material.  Luxury  will be available in Black, Navy and White with Red waistband in both Boxer Brief and Trunks cuts.

Along with better fits, an increase size range, we now do XS all the way to XXL, new packaging and new in store POP we have a lot of exciting things happening at Saxx.

For more info about the brand visit our website at and become a fan on Facebook,

We want to thank Saxx Underwear for taking the time to talk to us. I will be doing another review shortly. I received a pair at Curve and will write it up soon. So check them out or check out our previous review of Saxx Underwear!

Our coverage of Curve and Magic is not over yet. Over the next few weeks we will be going more in depth with some of the undies we saw from the various brands. This is something we haven’t done before but I know you guys want to know what undies are coming out! As much as I love going to the shows, I love telling you guys as well. I will say we have some of the best readers in the world. When I started the blog I never would have guessed it would have grown in to what it has and its pretty awesome.

If you haven’t seen our videos check them out on our YouTube Channel:

The Brands that we will be going into are:

  • Pikante
  • Clever
  • Candyman
  • Vulthy Swim
  • Good Devil
  • Intymen
  • Gigo
  • Joe Snyder
  • Saxx
  • Frank Dandy
  • BoyRio
  • Gregg Homme
  • Good Boy Gone Bad/Priapewear
  • JM
  • OrcaBlu
  • Andrew Christian
  • Baskit
  • JunkUnderJeans
  • Pistol Pete
  • TImoteo
  • C-in2
  • Go Softwear
  • Private Structure
  • Punto Blanco
  • Unico
  • Savauge

But stay tuned, it will take us a few weeks to get all the pictures and information we need. I will have pics of the new undies, when they are released and in depth coverage. So stay tuned!

Hey guys! We are back covering Magic and Curve! Both are really great shows that showcase the newest lines in men’s underwear! We are going to be meeting with; Andrew Christian, JM, Gregg Homme, Frank Dandy, Joe Snyder, Intymen, Baskit, Unico, Skmpeez, Timoteo, Go Softwear, and a lot more! I can’t remember all of them off the top of my head. Starting today you can see tweets and facebook updates live from the shows! Other things you can see coming up:

  • Videos from most major brands, and some new ones!
  • In depth write ups about the lines we see.
  • Models and model interviews!
  • And a lot more!

We really have fun at Curve/Magic and look forward to writing it all up for you. This year we are increase our coverage and really let you know what is coming out soon from your favorite brands!

Curve Expo Registration DeskThe Curve Expo was held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas on August 16-18th. It is the only Lingerie and Men’s Underwear show in the Las Vegas area. I was able to go and talk to many of the lines there. It’s really great to sit down and talk with brands about the new lines. I am not covering everything I learned; the post would be amazingly long. But I plan to do more in depth posts when the lines are available to purchase.

Gregg Homme at Curve

Gregg Homme

I was able to sit down with Gregg Homme and talk to them about what’s coming up this next year. The one thing that I think they are doing well is sexy. You know there is a line between sexy and cheap and they constantly stay on the sexy side. The new lines coming out use mesh, animal print and more! I am going to go over the ones I took picks of (from left to right):

Gregg Homme Revolutionary HyperstretchGregg Homme Bandito Front

Gregg Homme Bandito BackGregg Homme Predator Line

  • Revolutionary Hyperstretch. It’s a pair that really molds to your body. It’s a strong fabric but amazing.
  • Bandito – This was really cool it has mesh cut outs. It has a skull and cross bones, mud flap girl, bull and tribal. The mesh panel is fused in the material so it won’t come undone. It has matching shirts as well! They are very cool
  • Predator – I recieved and email a few weeks back about animal print underwear. Well, here it is from Gregg Homme. It’s leopard print and a lot of fun. It’s from a g-string to a trunk
  • Hercules – This one that ads a little shine to your dress. Its in a thong and trunk but the trunk’s pouch is detachable and sheer. The metal chain is detachable.

I saw all these and they have the line from last year. Gregg Homme is making high quality sexy undies. You know how sometimes you can get undies and they only last one or two wearing, with Gregg Homme you can have them for a while! We will go into detail when the line is out!

Gigo and Joe Snyder at Curve Expo


The one thing I LOVE about GIgo is the colors they use. It’s always bright and fun! This collection is no different. They aren’t afraid of using patterns. Many companies and this is not a slam on them, but they stick to the traditional. Gigo doesn’t and the colors they usually have are vibrant and bright. The favorite of mine is the Lover Boy Brief. It’s a pattern with a white background with gold thread, You may not see the gold in pics but it pops in person. The other line I like is the Picnic line. They have blue and pink plaid. Its’ a lot of fun. I won’t go into too much detail, but look for more!

Joe Snyder
Joe Snyder has one really cool thing that is coming out it’s the JS23 the Man Up! It’s been available in just black, but coming shortly will be in colors. It’s been one of their best sellers. It’s an enhancing piece that really shows off what you have in undies and under your clothes

Good Devil

Are you ready for a new line? How about something sexy? Well Good Devil is for you. It’s not for the shy! It’s a lot of mesh and a really fun line. It’s also one line we can’t show you a lot of, due to the mesh. They are just now launching and we will see a lot more of them. They have mesh and cut outs that really show off pretty much everything. They do have some tame ones, if you want to wear something sexy but not showing it all off! You will start seeing this in stores shortly, there is going to be an exclusive coming up that we will heavily promote! So stay tuned for that and get ready for sexy!


This is another new line that you should start seeing shortly. It’s a line that has some traditional colors and look but with a new fit. I haven’t tried them but they are more traditional. But traditional is not boring. They have been designed to fit very well. They have briefs, trunks and the usual underwear you would expect. But they aren’t traditional cuts. They have a little different pouch and I am expecting a really great fit. Its not limited to traditional they have some sexy, but not over the top designs. They are perfect for a date night. The last things you will see are the enhancing line. They enhance the backside and one does both back and front. I want to do a full post on enhancing underwear soon.

DMK Designs

We have covered DMK since we started the blog. Dianne there has always done new and innovative designs. I got a chance to sit down and talk about the new underwear she designed for the show. The first thing that really stood out was the new pouch for the mesh designs. Just about anytime you have seen a mesh pouch in men’s underwear there is a seam down the center. Dianne has come up with a design that creates a pouch but moves the seam from the center. It is really something innovative. The ones at the show were samples so I am not sure the exact release date will be but as soon as it’s shot and ready to go, we’ll let you know

Tory George Modeling for Cocksox at Curve Expo


I thought it was amazing that I got to meet Cocksox. They came all the way from Australia just for the show. They also used model Tory George from NorCalBodz! So we were really happy about that, and they do have some great new styles coming out. I even have a picture of Tory in them but I have been sworn to secrecy! And it’s killing me cause you now how much I love, I mean LOVE Cocksox. But I will say that they are just as awesome in person as over email. I really hope they come back to a show, but it’s a long way, but I think they would do amazing in the US Market. I remember the first time I saw them and was in awe; little did I know 4 years later I’d be working with them! I will being you more in depth as it comes out, I PROMISE.

Tulio at Curve Featuring Model Jaon Stotz

Tulio at Curve Featuring Model Jaon StotzTulio at Curve Featuring Model Jaon Stotz


We have never had a chance to talk to Tulio. I got introduced to them and they have some really great swimwear and underwear coming out this year. We talked about the blog. We have them in our spring swim guide for sure. We built the start of a good relationship and will be bringing you more about their lines in the next few months. Tulio is a company that has done really great swimwear. They had a lot at the show and I got a few pictures of their model in a few of the newer looks. I will bring more information about the line very soon.

MaleBasics at Curve Expo


MaleBasics is going in a new way. They are doing Male Lingerie. Which I know many of you out there are going what? But they have had some good success with the line. The line is basically lingerie for men. It’s made out of lace and other materials. It is an interesting line that is for sure. We are in the process of writing the line up. They haven’t gone total lingerie; they still have the Malebasics line as well.  This includes the contrast and microfiber lines. They are traditional underwear with a pouch design. Their model is a Chippendale’s dancer in Vegas.

Frank Dandy

If you have been reading the blog in the last month you saw a lot of Frank Dandy with the Brief Distraction at the Sobe Men’s Show. They are a brand out of Sweden that is known for it’s really great patterns, colors and prints. They haven’t been very big in the states but they are really making inroads to the US market. I received a pair there to review, they are pink and fun! I also found out that the warehouse is located in the Atlanta area, right around the corner from where I live. I am going to go over there and find out a lot more about the brand! It will be it’s own exclusive of UNB!

Report Collection, Saxx Apparel, JM, Whittall and Shon, Bend the Rules, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein.

All of these brands I talked to briefly. We will be continuing to work with Saxx, they are out of Canada and do really innovative and new underwear for sports and the active guy. Report Collection has been in Europe and is finally coming to the States. You have seen them in a few companies like Planet Undies or other European Underwear companies.

I also met a few retailers and store merchants. We want to include them on the site and profile some of the smaller retailers. There is also a new store opening in NYC for undies. We are excited about it and will let you know when it’s open. I met the owners while at Curve and they should be open shortly!

I will be attending the next Curve Expo in February 2011. I plan on going every six-months to the show to bring you the most up to date information. I hope you enjoy the show coverage and the videos. They will be out this week as well. Check out our YouTube channel and I will post them over the next week.

Up tomorrow is the recap of Magic! I hope you enjoy.

I just got back home after the shows I attended in Vegas! If you are not familiar with the shows, they are held twice a wear in Vegas. They are for the underwear brands to show the up coming lines for buyers to purchase for their stores. It’s a trade show for underwear that is only open to buyers, brands and press. Curve is a show that is more of a skew towards woman’s under and swimwear. There are men’s brands that go including some big names such as Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss. Where as Magic is clothing in general. They have several different areas there. Men’s Wear, Women’s, Project which is the new and hip and of course underwear.  I got some great face time with all the brands there. Which is a really good thing. I was able to see the new lines and talk about things going on in the world of mens’ underwear. Communicating through email is fine but it’s really great to have the opportunity to meet and build a better relationship.

Unlike the last time I went to Magic, I was able to go longer then a day. I spent about a day at each of the shows. At both shows the underwear companies are grouped together. But don’t let that fool you, because it means a lot of walking. The only one I didn’t get to see was 2xist. They were in Project. Which means another badge and I never got to get one. I hope next time I will be able to meet them.

I am going to go into more  in depth on each of the brands including videos! I was going to do separate videos for both shows, which I will still be doing, but I had several companies that wanted too, record a message, and I feel that instead of having them and making a 10 min video I would upload them on our YouTube channel and post them on the site as well! Not everyone did one but I hope to do more next time.

Left to right: MaleBasics, Tulio, Geovanny Underwear, Go Softwear & Baskit with Eric Turner

Some of the companies I met with were: Cocksox, Joe Snyder, Gigo, Good Devil, Tulio, MaleBasics, Gregg Homme, JM, Saxx Apparel, DMK Designs, Frank Dandy, Report Collection, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Candyman, PPU, Clever, Pikante, Brief Underneath, Baksit, Unico, Skmpeez, Andrew Christian, Timoteo, Punto Blanco, Obviously, Orca Blue, Sauvage, Jocko, Geovanni, Pistol Pete, LASC, UnderGear and I know there are more I left out, I”m doing this from memory, so excuse me to any company that I missed! But you will be reported on when I do more in depth.

I mailed everything home and thought it wouldn’t be here till Wednesday, but Priority Mail from Vegas came in virtually a day! I mailed it early Saturday and it arrived today, Monday! But I wanted to get a quick thing out and I”ll have a lot more about the lines! So this will be a heavy posting week!

The posts over the next few days maybe scarce. I am going to both underwear shows Magic and Curve. They are both industry shows that underwear companies go to, to show the new line to buyers.

I have gotten into both shows and leave for Las Vegas on Tuesday and then come home on Sunday. I am going to set up most of the posts to automatically post over the next week. But there will only be two posts a day.

There will be pictures sent out via twitter and Facebook so Make sure you are following us on both of those. I will do a full post hopefully Friday with pictures on both and will be working on a video. It is my goal to bring you the actual brands talking about the new lines and showing it to you. This will be early next week before it’s edited and out.

This weekend I”m taking a much needed vacation, my first one since 2008. So forgive me if the posts are slim over the next week. I just need out about the new lines for you and then take a break.

I am also interested in the content you want to see here. If you can email me at info(at) and let me know. I”d love to know what you like and don’t like, or what you haven’t seen. We had a reader say we need to include if sizing is true on our reviews, which is a great idea. Don’t be shy let us know, we are doing this for you and want to bring you the best underwear blog on the net.

If you guys would be up for guest writing or being part of a group I can email out and give me your opinions or perspective I would love it.