IS_und_milk_brf_strawberry_01_131114135724Being a big underwear fan, I like to think great underwear is good for us. Which is what I tell myself when I buy new pairs. But the new pair from aussieBum maybe just that, good for you. The new limited edition range is called Milk.

The range is “made using real milk fibres that are specially designed to capture moisture and nourish your skin leaving it tender and smooth. These eco-friendly, lightweight and breathable undies are so silky-soft you won’t believe how delicious they’ll make you feel. Available in hipster and brief in both strawberry and vanilla.”

aussieBum says the the milk fabric will nourish your skin. So this mean’s that this underwear is good for you! My theory is upheld! So why not buy some of these and tell anyone who gives you a hard time you have too much underwear, that its good for your skin!

My take is these are really fun and cool. Why something about the colors just makes it great. The blue waistband and either pink or white just compliment each other. Having owned quite a few pairs of aussieBum I know they will be made out of the best materials and fit great!

Just available in the brief and hipster and only available in Vanilla (white) and Strawberry (pink). Like they said they are only available for a limited time so don’t miss out on them! Just when you think aussieBum is done putting out new pairs, BAM here is a new one and they keep outdoing themselves.

IS_und_milk_hip_vanilla_01_131114135743 IS_und_milk_hip_strawberry_01_131114135737 IS_und_milk_brf_vanilla_01_131114135730

ss_cupshopfront_banner_2aussieBum is like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going. Each week I expect them to slow down but each week they really impress me and come out with something else that is awesome. I have questions out to Sean, the owner and hope to have an interview with them soon! He said in our initial conversation they are back in a big way.

BOY are they ever! The last few weeks has brought more pairs i can count. This past week they have come out with the Cup, the first time ever they created a style like the cup. What is the cup? Well it is a jock but just the pouch! Many other companies have produced them over the years some to great success and others not so much. I have a feeling that the guys down under at aussieBum have developed a great pair.

Things I really like are many. The first is the waistband. The thick, wide waistbands will be able to support the pouch with out straps. I think other pairs in the past use a regular waistband not a wider one. Plus you have a great aussieBum branded waistband in silver with blue or orange. Next is the pouch seems to be bigger then other cup like underwear. If you have a small pouch you have the option it will come off mid day.

The cup is made out of 90% Cotton 10% Elastane memory yarn. So it will hold it shape. Available in black or white for $8.50 and only for a limited time! So don’t miss out and get them from the aussieBum site NOW!

IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_Black_01_131105163830IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_Black_02_131105163830 IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_White_02_131105163720 IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_White_01_131105163720-1

aussiebum-lineup-rangeaussieBum is on a roll with the new ranges (or lines in the States). The last few weeks they have opened the flood gates on new undies and swimwear. This new line has one thing I love when you first see it. The Waistband. I am a big fan of waistbands. I think they define the pair as much as the fabric and color. The new LineUP features a bold and thick, as they call it and ultra Thick waistband. It’s available in Black, Blue and Red. I LOVE these.

The pair is also made out of one of the best materials, in my opinion, for men’s underwear, Modal. More and more companies are taking to this fabric due to the way it feels against the body. If given the choice of cotton or modal, I will go with modal all the time.

About the pair:

  • Fabric – 87% Micro Modal, 13% Elastane
  • Colors – Black, Blue or Red
  • Styles – Brief and Hipster
  • Ultra Thick waistband
  • Retails – $30 for Brief and $34 for Hipster

Find this pair at the aussieBum Site

IS_lineup_hip_red_01_131023153551-1 IS_lineup_hip_black_01_131023153534 IS_lineup_hip_blue_01_131023153545-1

IS_lineup_brf_red_01_131023153357-1 IS_lineup_brf_blue_01_131023161108 IS_lineup_brf_black_01_131023155809

aussiebum-uncensored-briefaussieBum is on fire this year. They have been on a release schedule that seems every week there are 2-3 pairs being released. We have shown you some great new undies and swimwear from them. Now they have another super fun line just released. The new range they just released is the Uncensored line. You maybe asking, Uncensored? Yes it’s a line made out of mesh knit fabric. Which is some what see through. Meaning it’s not a pair that you will be able to see all your business at first glance.

Uncensored is is available in two styles and colors. The styles are a brief and Jock. Where as the main colors are black and white. Basic but has a contrasting waistband color.

  • Styles –  Jock and Brief
  • Fabric – 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane
  • Colors: Red or Green waistband with White and Black fabric
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Cost: Jock $19 Brief $22

Find the Uncensored range at the aussieBum website

aussiebum-mojito-swimwearYes, I know that swim season in the US is fast coming to a close. But down under it’s heating up and aussieBum is releasing some great new swimwear. This would be great for a winter cruise or maybe weekend getaway to Mexico. The new Wave swimwear is a tri colored hipster available in three colors.

This pair is just perfect for any tropical location. aussieBum really out did themselves with the color combinations that just pop. You will definitely get noticed wearing these to the beach or pool.

About the Pair:

  • Fabric – 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra
  • Colors – Mojito (Green), Blue Lagoon, Tequila Sunrise (Red)
  • extra-strong elasticised waistband
  • Cost – $43.oo

Find this and more swim at aussieBum


Are you looking for some really fun Halloween underwear? aussieBum has come out with the the Ghost Thursters range. If you remember a few years ago they did a similar pair with bunnies for Valentines Day.

Here is what aussieBum says about the pair: For a strictly limited time only, get aussieBum’s sexy, saucy and VERY naughty Halloween themed undies ‘Ghost Thrusters’. This cheeky print features a custom illustrated design, in both White and Black colour options.

Watch the video, and if you want a pair they are in black or white and in a trunk or brief cut. Find them on the aussieBum site

aussibum-comfy-fit-rangeaussieBum has been on a roll this last month. They have released quite a few new ranges. The latest range is ComfyFit range. It’s a form fitting range that is made in 5 great colors! They have a reputation of great underwear and It’s great to see this tradition continuing.

aussieBum made the range for “the confident bloke who isn’t afraid to be himself.” Meaning they want guys who are comfortable in great color undies to express themselves. Are you bold enough to wear orange undies?

About the pair:

  • Styles – Brief and Trunk
  • Colors – Navy, Blue, White, Orange, Ice
  • Fabric – 90% Cotton / 10% Lycra
  • Made with signature Comfy-fit wasitband
  • Cost  – Brief – $16.00  – Trunk – $16.80

Available at the aussieBum website. See all the pics at the Underwear News Briefs Facebook page

IS_UNDaB12033_Banana_brf_01_130904170747The Banana is back! No that’s not a euphemism for something but rather the Banana Range from aussieBum. If it looks familiar, it should, they released the range a few years ago. It was one of my personal favorites from aussieBum. In fact I still wear the pair and need to get a replacement! So this came just in time.

The reason this is called Banana is its made from Fibers from the Banana plant. The material feels great and is very eco friendly. It’s great to see them bring back something that is super comfy and great for the environment.

About the Pair

  • Only available in white
  • Has a green waistband with the aussieBum logo
  • Made out of Eco friendly material – 27% Banana Fibre, 64% Cotton, 9% Elastane
  • Available in 2 styles a brief or trunk
  • Costs  – Brief $26.50 and Trunk $29.00

Both styles are available at the aussieBum site.

aussie-bum-wonderyearsaussieBum is going old school with the new Wonderyears range. As you can tell it’s a very classic brief cut. Meaning it’s very Tighty Whitie, but we can guarantee that it fits way better then the ones you wore growing up.

aussieBum always takes pride in the underwear they make. It’s great to see them put their own spin on the classic brief. The brief is made out of 100% cotton and available in three colors called: Trev (Pink), Stu (Light Blue) and Miky (White). Made with the signature aussieBum waistband and white trim in all colors.

Info about the pair:

  • Fabric – 100% cotton
  • Sizing – XS – XXL
  • Price – $16.50
  • Colors – Three Colors – Pink, White and Light Blue

Find these at the aussieBum site


If you are into underwear half as much as me or the other guys on the blog, I am sure you have heard of AussieBum. The Australian based underwear company is known for its fun prints and wild fabrics. This was my first pair of AussieBums and it won’t be my last.  I fell in love with this company before I received them in the mail. Being a marketing guy, I love what they have been doing in not only the traditional marketing arena, but also online with social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

My AussieBum briefs were of the Clan Collection with the tribe print.  This print is a navy, red, yellow and white plaid that is very eye catching. The Clan Collation comes in a variety of other plaid type prints and you can get them in either a trunk or a brief cut.  Both come with a logo imprinted waistband and are made with a 75% Polyester and 25% Elastane material. I don’t know where to start when I try to describe what the material feels like.  It is silky, yet durable, and has a slight hint of shine.


The first thing I noticed was how soft yet durable the material was.  I looked in the mirror and then noticed how amazing they made my figure look.  They were cut perfectly.  They were just tight enough to make everything look firm and well supported, yet not tight enough to make them restricting. The leg openings were also well constructed and I don’t foresee them stretching out.

I have reviewed and worn some great undies. The one thing I look for when I review underwear is how different they appear from traditional underwear, or the “what makes this brand so special” points. The Clan by AussieBum is a collection which has all of the little things to make it stand out from the rest of the brands that simply “make underwear”.


Overall AussieBum exceeded my expectation when it came to this collection of underwear. From its amazing fabric to its perfect fit, everything about these AussieBum’s is perfect!

Fit:                                       5
Materials:                            5
Put Together:                       5
Look:                                   5
Daily Wear:                         5
Overall:                              5

AussieBum provided me this pair of briefs to review, but you can get more information about them from their web site. They offer a wide range of underwear and swimwear in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.  Pricing for the Clan Collection briefs is $32.50 US and the hip (trunk) cuts are about $34 US. Follow AussieBum on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.