ss_cupshopfront_banner_2aussieBum is like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going. Each week I expect them to slow down but each week they really impress me and come out with something else that is awesome. I have questions out to Sean, the owner and hope to have an interview with them soon! He said in our initial conversation they are back in a big way.

BOY are they ever! The last few weeks has brought more pairs i can count. This past week they have come out with the Cup, the first time ever they created a style like the cup. What is the cup? Well it is a jock but just the pouch! Many other companies have produced them over the years some to great success and others not so much. I have a feeling that the guys down under at aussieBum have developed a great pair.

Things I really like are many. The first is the waistband. The thick, wide waistbands will be able to support the pouch with out straps. I think other pairs in the past use a regular waistband not a wider one. Plus you have a great aussieBum branded waistband in silver with blue or orange. Next is the pouch seems to be bigger then other cup like underwear. If you have a small pouch you have the option it will come off mid day.

The cup is made out of 90% Cotton 10% Elastane memory yarn. So it will hold it shape. Available in black or white for $8.50 and only for a limited time! So don’t miss out and get them from the aussieBum site NOW!

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