IS_und_milk_brf_strawberry_01_131114135724Being a big underwear fan, I like to think great underwear is good for us. Which is what I tell myself when I buy new pairs. But the new pair from aussieBum maybe just that, good for you. The new limited edition range is called Milk.

The range is “made using real milk fibres that are specially designed to capture moisture and nourish your skin leaving it tender and smooth. These eco-friendly, lightweight and breathable undies are so silky-soft you won’t believe how delicious they’ll make you feel. Available in hipster and brief in both strawberry and vanilla.”

aussieBum says the the milk fabric will nourish your skin. So this mean’s that this underwear is good for you! My theory is upheld! So why not buy some of these and tell anyone who gives you a hard time you have too much underwear, that its good for your skin!

My take is these are really fun and cool. Why something about the colors just makes it great. The blue waistband and either pink or white just compliment each other. Having owned quite a few pairs of aussieBum I know they will be made out of the best materials and fit great!

Just available in the brief and hipster and only available in Vanilla (white) and Strawberry (pink). Like they said they are only available for a limited time so don’t miss out on them! Just when you think aussieBum is done putting out new pairs, BAM here is a new one and they keep outdoing themselves.

IS_und_milk_hip_vanilla_01_131114135743 IS_und_milk_hip_strawberry_01_131114135737 IS_und_milk_brf_vanilla_01_131114135730


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