Cupid Undies Run


150214_10151861941947001_875392566_nHave you ever wanted to wear your undies for charity? Well the Undies Cupid run is taking place Valentine’s Weekend. Baskit is sponsoring a team in our home town of Atlanta. We hope you will join in the run or donate money. Some info about the run:

“Cupid’s Undie Run is a mile(ish) run in your bedroom-best on Valentine’s weekend. No, we’re not crazy, we’re just crazy serious about raising money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation. We raised over $1.3 Million in donations last year, so come join the fun and help us double it for 2014!”

Proceeds go toward the Children’s Tumor Fund, so you get to be in your undies in public and do it for a good cause, not just to be a creepy guy on the corner!

If you will be in the Atlanta Area and want to join the Baskit Team then here is what you need to do:

  • Join the Baskit team by signing up at www.cupidsundierun.com and join team Baskit-Atlanta.
  • This Valentine’s Day weekend, come put the hilarity in charity with hundreds of half-naked runners taking to the streets in celebration of their fundraising for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.
  • Be a part of something great. Last year Cupid’s raised over $1.3 Million to end NF and we’re relying on YOU to join and make this year’s fundraising (and party) the biggest and best yet.
  • Join team Baskit and get a free pair to run in! We want girls, guys, gays, straights and everything in between! Come run and party with us!
  • The party starts at 12:00PM , run time is 2:30PM , then back for more fun until 4:00 pm . Arrive early and stay late… and feel free to remain pants-less the entire time!

If you want more info let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the organizer!