Idnetiy Range



Curbwear has released a new range called Identify. It’s one that allows you to identify your…well position. It’s fun but not crazy over the top. If you have friends see it they may not get it at first. The line is a very nice styled and the position is made into the waistband.

The styles that they have are a brief and a jock. The Active (blue), Bottom (red) and Versatile (green). Each one is a different color to tell them apart. The jock is just made in, the appropriate “bottom” label.  Made out of % Cotton and 10% Elastane blend in Europe. The Jocks retails for  £17 and the briefs are £19


curb_pack-identity_biref-vers-front-lr curb_pack-identity_biref-bottom-front-lr

I got ta chance to see this video two weeks ago. It was shot on the Tube in London. I asked how did they do it and their response was “people got an eyefull” on their commute! I say watch the video. So watch the video!