What makes great underwear



We asked Joel at Naked Underwear to answer our question, What Makes Great Underwear? Here is what he said.

The difficultly with the question about what makes great underwear is that it’s all about personal preference. Just like wine, someone can love a pair of underwear that someone else doesn’t.

So I would say that great underwear is determined by how well that pair fits your entire lifestyle. For me, I need an insanely versatile pair of underwear that will not only travel well (i.e I can wash it in the sink) but transitions from my workout, drying quickly and not smelling, to the office and then out for drinks after and anything after.  If the underwear just hits on one those then for my lifestyle it just isn’t great underwear.


In the past 4 years Mckillop has undergone many changes and learned a variety of lessons and we are about to make our biggest change yet. Our philosophy though has remained unchanged. The only thing that has changed is our resources to finally offer our customer base the products we dreamt of from the start. Our mantra is “ Providing a wealth of expertise communicated through the fit and comfort of your clothing” and in the upcoming months we will be growing into this philosophy more profoundly.

Ever since the beginning we have been doing things very differently. First we hand craft each pair of underwear ourselves without mass production and computer automation and because of this we can change the fit based on our customers needs.  Secondly we believe that our industry has used the “sex sells” philosophy to the extreme that we feel that our customer base would appreciate a more appropriate viewpoint. This is actually the closest to my heart because we make amazing clothing, that’s what sells our brand not sex. Our Customers purchase on merit and not because we convinced them to buy into a fictional story. This decision has kept us very small; but the best part about being small is that we have one on one relationships with all of our clients, and bar none the best customers and the best services to offer them. This is what brings us joy each day. We are not after your money we are after your happiness and comfort. When I started the brand it was because clothing did not fit properly. Clothing these days are are made for 1 customer and the sizes are small but there is more than 1 demographic in this world and those men are who we cater too.

In the upcoming months you will see a very New Mckillop. We are focusing on our Bespoke clients which allows customization to your fit and shape. We will also be expanding into XS and XXL and custom lengths for our Long Underwear and Sleepwear. We will also be introducing a new level of luxury that is absent in the Underwear/Menswear world today.  We are very proud to have stayed so true to our beliefs over the years and we are equally proud of our clients and friends that have been on this journey with us. It hasn’t always been easy but it has been an adventure. We look forward to having you on our adventure in the future.

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By Joe Snyder

At Joe Snyder, we believe that feeling great begins with underwear: it is the most intimate item you wear;  the first thing you put on and the last thing you remove. Underwear is probably the single most functional garment you put on every day and one of the most important factors that determines whether you feel comfortable with the rest of your clothes or not.

Another very important thing to consider when referring to “what makes great underwear” is support. This is the reason why since 1977, Mr. Snyder started creating men’s underwear as, in those days, men’s undergarments were only covering men’s anatomy, failing the objective: supporting men’s virility. All the Joe Snyder’s collections are ergonomically designed.

Great underwear is simply the one that makes each person feel comfortable, confident, and sexy and this depends on the type of fabric used as well as the cut, style, color, support, etc. Joe Snyder knows that the world of men’s underclothing has come a long way in recent years, and today you can find contemporary styles to suit even the most discriminating tastes.

JOE SNYDER is known for its unique style and versatility. Because of the superb quality products, JOE SNYDER’s garments are both, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. All the JOE SNYDER’s garments are made from 80% Polyamide 20% Spandex Lycra ® that fits like a glove and provides excellent male support.

Today, in Joe Snyder we use our extensive experience to produce exactly what men want: not just underwear and swimwear, but the sensational feeling of comfort and exhilaration you get when you wear a garment from our wide range of products.

The Joe Snyder product line makes use of the best fabrics, which are guaranteed by DuPont ® and supported by the Lycra ® label, so whenever you get a fresh, new, exciting Joe Snyder you know that you are getting a top of the line product which is manufactured using our extensive knowledge regarding what men want and by using the most modern technology available.

Our mission is to transcend fashion by creating a distinctive environment that allows clients to express their individual style and uniqueness with designs, colours, and fabrics that match their image. The success of the Joe Snyder range of products is its points of difference with its unique Exclhom (exclusive for men) design and unique Polyamide / Elasthan fabrics.


By Timoteo Ocampo – Chief Creative Designer, Timoteo & CellBlock 13

“A great pair of underwear starts with a great design.  Period.  The design can be inspired by color, shapes, fabric, the male anatomy or anything visually inspiring that translates to design.  Every new idea must be unique with qualities that appeal to that particular garment.

Today underwear is a fashion statement.  Its not just about the “3-pack” your mom bought you as a kid.  When every guy is stripped down to his very last piece of clothing, its the underwear that is making the statement.  Guys want that once piece to be something they connect with because of the look, the design and and how it shows off their best assets.

Every pair of underwear I design is influenced by so many things around me.  How guys live out in the world. Some are more conservative.  Some more fashionable.  Some guys live in athletic wear all the time and some like street wear.  Each are unique and their is a design that is right for them.  There are so many possibilities that keep emerging year after year.  The sizes and shapes of their bodies.  Its my job as a designer to find out what qualities are important in the designs they wear.  Some guys like color.  Some guys like certain fabrics. Some guys like design techiques to enhance their anatomy and show off their best assets.

Choosing the right fabrics, top notch construction and a perfect fit are the critical steps to design a great air of underwear.  Design, fit, fabrication and construction are the ingredients to create a great pair of underwear that pleases the customer and gains their loyalty.  The best part of my job is seeing a happy customer looking and feeling his best in one of my designs.

We manufacture everything in the United States and do this as a way to have control over the quality of the product.  Most companies that produce overseas have the same companies design their merchandise that produce it.  We feel like this robs the customer of such a unique piece of clothing.  PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA is on every garment we ship.  And yes, there is pride in knowing that people come back to my designs because we are consistent with our fit.  They like our designs.

Each one of our waistbands is created by myself and our graphic team in house.  Another detail we don’t leave to someone else.  The waistband is a framing device to showcase an original new design.  A place to explore the junction of creative design and the limitations of the manufacturing process that goes into making a classic waistband.

Everything I design comes from a very personal place.  Having been in business for more than a decade and hearing and seeing how customers respond is an amazing affirmation for my job.  The advent of social media is an immediate billboard and feedback for people to tell you what they think by snapping a picture or posting a comment.

I love my clients.  I am inspired by my clients and more importantly I love being a fashion designer.”

Find Timoteo at http://www.timoteo.net or http://www.cellblock13.net


By Andrew – N2N Bodywear

For me, it’s always been about comfort, style  and of course FIT!

Ok, and the pouch! Anyone who knows me and N2N for the past 16 years knows I’ve never shied away from showcasing the male package. From an early age I was always curious and slightly annoyed at the need for mens fashion, specifically underwear and swimwear, to camouflage and essentially squish men’s genitalia. Even before N2N was conjured up, I created swimwear for myself that satisfied my own desires…a sexy suit with a good pouch!. Flash forward, the N2N of today has come a long way from when I was affectionately known as the “thong guy”.

Besides all that, I think the fact that for the past 16 years, N2N has been made in Los Angeles, CA is pretty unique, especially now when MOST companies outsource.  In the world of mens underwear, It’s nice to be in the minority!
We support the local economy and proud to be U.S MADE!

“Grown in LA” baby… Always have been, always will!

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By Head Baskit Maker Eric – Baskit Wear

First and foremost, I think a great pair of underwear starts with a great design. You want the underwear to not only fit well but look good on the men who wear it. To that you add good fabrics, quality elastics, premium waistbands. At Baskit we’ve been focused on good design. We’ve always tried to bring a mix of good designs to the marketplace so that our guys have options within our brand. So whether they reach for our original jockbrief or a pair of our boxer shorts, we want that pair of underwear to serve them well.

We share the underwear drawer with a lot of other great brands too and I think what we all strive to bring to the marketplace is underwear that gives a man confidence in himself. It’s really sort of that basic. When you put on a pair of underwear it needs to fit your body and feel good to you. It needs to feel like it was made for you. While we know our fit is not going to give every guy out there that feeling, we really try to focus on our guys, the guys that like baskit and wear it well. For those guys, we want to be the brand they dig through their drawer to find day after day. When we do that….well, that’s great underwear.

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By Jason Hoeung – 2EROS

Underwear is so personal because it’s the closest thing to you. Its the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. Its the wrapping to a present, or an entree before the main. Men has become aware of this and are paying more attention to what they present. Mens underwear needs to be comfortable and represent their personal aesthetics.

When I design underwear I always think what I look for and why I purchase certain brands and style. With this in mind this is my list on what makes a great underwear.

  1. Basic function: Know your body and know what feels comfortable, you just need to test out a few brands, once you like a pair from that brand you can experiment with other fits from that brand. Certain brands will focus on a certain body shape and normally they will deliver for that body type.
  2. Then you need to find the right fit. You have to selection between a variety of fits from briefs, trunks, boxers etc. The right fit will not irritate you throughout the day. A good fit can support and contour your body nicely.
  3. Finding the right brand that represents your style and personality. 2EROS for example is sexy and sophisticated, so the fit will sit low on the hips yet supporting you. The selected fabrics are luxurious such as Modal, bamboo and wicking fibres to name a few, you pay a little more for the feel of fabric against your skin. SUPAWEAR on the other hand is fun, loud and comfortable. The styling is meant to grab attention especially when it gets exposed over your designer jeans. The vibrant colours and variety of fits will get you excited to get dressed or undressed 🙂

Find 2EROS at http://www.2eros.com