UNB Tech Melt Down

img_4147The month of October was going great for us at UNB! We were getting in our groove and then BAM. My MacBook Pro that I have been using to manage the site has had major issues with the video card and logic board. Its to the point where it’s not worth fixing. This wasn’t a problem because I had a back up computer, a 2011 MacBook Air. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, it was slow but I could still do what I needed to do. Unfortunately, it gave up the ghost at the end of October. That left me only with an iPad/iPhone to do the site.

This worked as a very short term solution. I managed the site for 3 days just from the iPad. To tide me over I bought a Chromebook that is helpful but doesn’t do everything I need to do. The work flow is a little wonky, but I”m making it work. Making Apple and Google work together is not easy.

I, personally, am asking if you can donate to get a MacBook Air (the starting model 13 inch for $999) and Apple Care for the new computer. Apple care is just in case something happens it will be covered for three years. If you are a brand and donate, I will do something awesome for the holiday season. If you’re a person, we will do something such as an underwear talk or personalized recommendations. It’s up to you!

We are doing it through our PayPal rather than a crowd funding site. I hope you will take the time to help us get back on track. Donate below!