us-money-photo-300x225Well I hate to admit it but the economy as well as a few other things going on in my life, has caused me to tighten my belt on all expenses, including my underwear purchases. I have actually not made any new purchase of underwear for about six months now. But that hasn’t stopped me from keeping my eyes open and checking out all the sales going on at some of my favorite online stores. I get a regular influx of email flyers to keep me in the loop on new sales and styles that are out there. And in between the occasional meeting at work I do a little online window shopping to bring a smile to my face. The sites that I frequent the most are,, Jockstrap, and I have really enjoyed my experience with Skiviez the most. The website is very user-friendly and organized. They have both a “sale” section as well as a “clearance” section. I enjoy checking out both each time I check out the site. Their customer service has also been outstanding, a real example of “southern hospitality right there in Ashland, Virginia.

But I don’t think it’s time to put a halt on your underwear purchases entirely. It’s time to be a savvy sleuth and watch for sales and shop around before you make a purchase. That way you see what’s available and get the best deals. No matter what the economy is like, I love clearance! I am always looking for underwear under ten bucks. Besides the websites I have mentioned already there are some real stores that if you do a little digging you can find some brand name items for a great price. The stores that I am referring to are TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall’s. You have to keep an eye open but I have found some great deals on C-IN2 jocks and no-show briefs. I don’t think you have to sacrifice quality or brand when shopping for your favorite undies you just have to have patience and be ready to pounce when the right deal comes along.

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