Hey folks! I am back again with another review. This one is featuring my favorite type of underwear, the jockstrap. I would like to introduce you to the Dirty Fukker jock. Dirty Fukker is a recently new brand of underwear out of London, England. They design boxers, briefs, and jockstraps. I had the opportunity to review one of their products and I chose the jock. Another bonus for me when it came to reviewing this jock and this brand of underwear was instant gratification. You are probably wondering what the hell I mean by that. One of the perks of living in Atlanta, GA is a place called Poster Hut. Poster Hut is a great little store packed full of great stuff. One of these great things is the fact that Poster Hut is the exclusive distributer for Dirty Fukker underwear in the Atlanta metro area.


Now that I have told you how I picked up this great jock, I am going to tell you all about it. Let’s start with the fit of the jock. The moment I slid this jock on, I knew it was going to be a great fit. As I have mentioned before, I am a bigger guy, but in decent shape. I have on the Dirty Fukker jock in a size large. This size is great for me. It’s not too tight and not too big. The pouch offers enough room and the waistband and leg straps are comfortable. I feel that if I wanted it to be snugger, I would sport a medium. The jock, with emphasis on the pouch and leg straps, is made of very soft, comfy, and durable material.

Taking into account the fit and the material, this is a very well put-together jock. Along with how well put-together it is, it looks hot. It doesn’t pull anywhere you don’t want it to and it does a great job of showing off your package. I wore this jock multiple times and enjoyed it very much. I am sure that if I wanted to wear it to the gym, it would be comfortable there as well, but I like the way it looks under jeans, instead of gym shorts.

To sum it all up, I believe the Dirty Fukker jockstrap is a very high-quality jock. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you are into jocks as much as I am, this is a must have for your collection. You can purchase the Dirty Fukker jockstrap along with boxers and briefs from their website, www.dirtyfukkerunderwear.com. But, if you are as lucky as me and live in or around the Atlanta, GA area, you can have instant gratification and pick yours up at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.

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