Here at Underwear News Briefs, we know that not only gay guys love their undies, but straight guys are really starting to get into undies as well. I have talked to many underwear companies and designers and they all say that if the market were just gay guys, the industry would not be where it is today. Straight guys are having their wives and girlfriends buy them undies for years, but many more are buying undies they like, regardless of style, material or color. We have a new writer here, Mark, and he is going to give his take on undies. You will see a lot more from him in the next few weeks. Yes, as you can tell he is straight and we think this is an awesome view point to share! Here is his posting – Tim

I wear underwear and enjoy underwear and I am straight.  All men like comfort, fit, style, looks, etc.  Just because your wife might be the only who sees your underwear doesn’t mean we don’t care about our underwear.  I think it is a total myth that straight guys don’t care.

My mom always picked out my underwear growing up (tighty whities) but when I was old enough to care, I started buying my own.  I tried many different types, styles, etc. and I must say, there are a lot out there.  I found some I liked and some I didn’t.  I found some that fit well and again, some that didn’t.  I tried different styles, fabrics, cuts, etc. until I found ones I liked.  I look for comfort, non-binding type underwear.  I don’t wear boxers much because I don’t like not feeling secure.  I wear trunks, bikini, jocks and an occasional thong.  So, for the most part, I enjoy the less is best motto.  It is nice to be comfortable underneath when dressed in jeans, slacks, suit, tuxedo, or whatever.

What’s out there on the market today that I am interested and would love to try?  Hmmm…I would like to try N2N Sheer Mesh Jock, Bikini, Boxer Brief and Thong, C-IN2 Jock, Fagioni Sheer Mesh Bikini Brief Andrew Christian Sports Mesh Jock.  I am sure there are a lot of others out there that fall into the less is more category but for now, these are my picks.  Currently I wear Life String Bikini Underwear bought at Wal-Mart because you can’t beat the price and with the economy the way it is that is a big factor.  Some day I hope to be able to buy what I want, where I want and whenever I want.

My wife enjoys looking at me in my underwear as well.  She likes to see me walk around our bedroom, giving her a little show, etc.  Her favorites are the ones that are sheer.  I enjoy wearing them for comfort but also to show off to my beautiful wife.


Christ Follower, Devoted Husband, Loving Father and a man on a journey. I love life and am blessed by a wonderful family.


  1. I agree with Matt195 I am a straight male who does enjoy nice underware! I do believe not all men are created equal so why do most men settle for underware that is one size fits all it like telling a women with D cups to squeeze it all in a A cup it’s just uncomfortable and at the end of the day we all search for comfort. I would not wear shoes that hurt my feet all day so why would I settle for underware that makes us all look like a cookie cut out of a ken doll. I prefer underware with a pocket not the pouch due to the freedom to feel comfortable but still secure. And I might add my wife loves them it’s about time husbands consider looking enticing to our spouse’s we expect them to wear the lingerie we buy them come on now we no that the appeal is more beneficial for us men so at the end of the day she should be able to expect the same out of her husband. Andrew Christian and also Obviously make underware more anatomically correct!

  2. Yes, absolutely! As a straight guy, I find briefs fit better, support better, look better and feel better – and say nothing about my sexuality. I think most guys would agree if they got over their insecurities and gave briefs a go.

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