We got you some great information on the new Ginch Gonch Boys & Toys line. They answered a few of our questions and we wanted to pass it along. And its on sale today!

What was the inspiration of the new style?

The new collection was inspired by the excitement of fast machines and the nostalgia associated with BIKES-ballbusterclassic boys’ toys like motorbikes. We wanted to create something with a vintage look and feel but that still kept with the Ginch Gonch philosophy and aesthetic. There is something really sexy about the humming of motors and the idea of getting dirty, greasy, sweaty and all of that fun stuff. That’s where the Boys & Toys Bikes collection came from.

How do you guys keep coming up with such fun and creative prints.

People are always asking us how we manage to keep it fresh and I think the answer is that we don’t work with any creative constraints. If we like something we go for it and don’t necessarily look at things from a “corporate” viewpoint. If we think a particulat concept is exciting and we think it will make people feel fun and sexy, we make it happen.

When is the new line available?

It’s in stores as of June 1st, 2009. You can also find the entire collection online at

What styles are are offering in the Boys & Toys.

The first styles to launch in the Boys & Toys collection are the motorbikes and they come in 2 different prints with 4 color Flyinfanny-Bikescombinations each. They are all available in Sports Briefs, Briefs, Low Rise Briefs and Jockstraps.

Here is a question I have heard a lot lately, are you planning to bring back jocks? A lot of people I have talked too really loved your jocks.

Totally! You can find them on the official Ginch Gonch online store. The bikes are totally hot in the Jocks we love them!

Anything on the horizon you can share with us? Any hints you can give us?

Well I won’t give you too much information ‘cause that would spoil the surprise, but there are two more collections rolling out later this summer and early fall in the Boys & Toys theme. It’s all about pumpin’ pistons and humming motors. Bet you can’t guess what they are!

bt_men_multibikes_gasketg_sbrief bt_men_multibikes_tailpipet_lowr picture-2

bt_men_multibikes_ballb_lowr bt_men_bikes_spokeyp_sbrief


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