Let’s face it, It’s hard to physically make your penis bigger. A new trend in men’s underwear, however, might be able to help you out without going under the knife. Who wants someone rummaging around down there with a knife anyways? Whether you like it or not, both women and men are looking at your bulge. Why not give them something to stare at? Men’s enhancement undies have come a long way in the last year. No more of those noticeable butt pads or restricting pouches. These advancements have taken men’s underwear to a whole new level. Why waste your time on pills, creams, and expensive surgeries when you can get yourself a nice pair of enhancement undies? Get them and watch what happens!

There are many different types of butt enhancement undies out on the market. All of these styles will help cure the “flat ass”front-4-30-09_03 problem most of us guys suffer from. The first style offers a pad that conforms to the shape of your butt and adds just the right amount of curve to your back end. The problem with this type of enhancement is that the pads are often noticeable through whatever types of pants you might be wearing and aren’t the most comfortable. Obviously, at the end of the night, when your pants are on the floor, you may have some explaining to do. My recommendation for rear enhancement are the undies that offer an almost jockstrap like elastic ring that lifts your butt up and makes it more pronounced. It’s almost like giving your ass a shelf on which to rest. Andrew Christian’s flashback line is a perfect example of this kind of rear enhancement. Look for my review on these in a couple of days.

For those of us that are looking for a little help up front, or maybe just want your package to be more pronounced, you have a few more options. Many types of frontal enhancement undies can be very uncomfortable for some guys. If you get a pair of enhancement undies and they are uncomfortable, make sure you don’t continue to wear them as they might cause more 1223-White-Backdamage than the appearance of a bigger bulge is worth.

The “sling” style of frontal enhancement underwear has a “loop” of elastic/fabric that can be adjusted to fit your package. It brings your penis and sack together and lifts them up and out, giving the illusion of a bigger package. This is much the same way a cock-ring works. This style is great if you are going to be active, as your package is always presented forward. One example of this is C-IN2’s No Show Army Trunk with Sling Support.

Another type of frontal enhancement underwear is the oversized pouch. This style is very similar to any other pouched type of underwear that you might find online or in the stores. The different is in how the pouch is UG9E_AH465_LMconstructed and placed onto the underwear. In an enhancement pouch pair of undies you will notice that the pouch is larger and there is more room for everything. The pouch has also been moved from the middle of the front of the underwear to just a little above the middle. This once again allows your bulge to sit in the pouch, lifting your “stuff” up and out. I have found this type of enhancement underwear is sometime better fitted in a smaller size. It is easy for your package to fall out if the fabric around the pouch if the material of the legs is not tight enough to the skin. A great pair of this type of enhancement underwear is the Body Tech™ Maximiser Trunk. Very Comfy!

The last type of frontal enhancement undies I am going to cover is the “cup” type of enhancement. This also happens to be my favorite of the types! It combines a pouch and an elastic support panel. Your package fits into the pouch and the elastic panel provides lift, bringing your package up and out. At first, I was a little concerned with how comfortable this would be on the underside of my package. I was pleasantly surprised that if you have a front-4-30-09_02roomy pouch and a soft elastic support panel, it is functional and great for extended and active wear. Andrew Christian’s Show-It collection is a terrific example of this. I can’t wait to try the jock in this collection!

As you can see, there is a ton of options for enhancement underwear for both your front and rear and from cuts that are great to sport on a night out on the town, to cuts that are great for all day wear. Remember that comfort is always important. Don’t think enhancement undies are only for small guys either. With a great pair of enhancement undies, you can boost your confidence and flaunt what you were given. Find your style and let the fun begin.



  1. Some of my favorite enhancement undies are Cocksox and Ergowear. I tired the new CK ones but the strap annoyed me. Let us know what your favorites are!

  2. The C-IN2 sling is a little snug for me. It seems the brief is for smaller men.

  3. Enhancement underwear is awesome. But it can lead to some chafing down there, which is very uncomfortable and inconvenient. A good way to balance this out is to use a penis skin moisturizer. Yes.. they these products are available and work very well. I’ve tried a few of them but have settled on Man1 Man Oil. It contains only natural ingredients and has kept my penis skin in great shape.. and I do a lot of weird stuff to it. Hope this info helps. Cheers.

  4. It’s a very informative post. This post is very useful for every man who likes to wear sexy underwear. Also, I love to wear men enhancing underwear because of its look, design and supportive pouch.

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