I enjoy color everywhere but I never really thought about color in my undies.  I wear undies in all sorts of colors and stripes – nothing to bright or bold, at least not yet.  I tend to coordinate my undies with whatever I am wearing.  I have red undies for Valentines Day, green undies for St. Patrick’s Day, and the like.  So why not go for pink undies or wild patterned undies?  Well, I think I will.  I think I’ll try some crazy patterns and bright colors and just have fun with it.  I know my wife enjoys color, too, as she has chosen bold colors to use in decorating our home.  I am sure she will appreciate the different color of undies I pick out.  In the future, I am saying out with the plain, boring, and sedate colors and in with the bright, fun, and bold ones.

I recently read something that what we wear affects our mood, even in our underwear.  Black undies, which I love, can bring a person down.  If all you wear is white undies then you are probably boring.  Bright cheery colors worn so that only the wearer knows can still improve their state of mind, etc.  It can boost a person’s confidence, make them bolder, or even encourage them to take a risk.

There are so many great companies out there with a vast selection of colorful undies.  It is hard to choose what to buy.  There are boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, low rise briefs, bikini and jocks in all different colors.  I love that there are bold colors and pastel colors.  I also love that there are patterned undies as well.  Some are pretty nostalgic with super hero characters/symbols, some show off guys different interests (bikes, motorcycles, tractors, fishing, whatever), and some are just down right fun!  With all the fabulous colors and patterns out there it is time to choose something fun and festive and brighten up your wardrobe, bring a smile to your face.  I am looking forward to adding more color and patterns into my undies drawer.

Here’s some of what I am thinking:

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10931_0575-2 10263_474Neon-112156_towel_boxer-1

Editors Note: This will be an on going series of how Mark discovers more undies. He will share what he likes and does not like. We hope you will enjoy this series!


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what you chose and what your likes and dislikes turn out to be! Such a great way to expand your collection and choices!

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