Over the past few years, we have seen a growth in the number of designers who have jumped on the glorious bandwagon of men’s accentuating underwear. In my opinion, there couldn’t be enough. The male body has been screaming since the inception of form fitting underwear for a bit more fabric and forgiveness in the front of these garments. Cocksox realized this WesCocksoxMeshBB2need and has come to the rescue by producing briefs, boxer briefs, and thongs in underwear and a few designs in swimwear as well.

For my review, I was given the Cocksox Mesh Boxer. Before you conjure up opinions based on the single word “mesh”, take into consideration the style of the cut. It is a boxer brief which covers more or the body. Now, picture that style made of mesh material. It’s coverage on a minimal scale. They are boxers with an accentuating pouch, extremely breathable, and they give you the expected feel and fit of a boxer brief. The only thing different than the usual expectation is that it allows more air to an otherwise covered area.

My normal size in underwear is a small and these were just that. I put them on with the hesitation that they might not fit true to size, but as they were lifted into place, I was put at ease. The mesh boxer instantly won me over in the sense that I didn’t feel overly covered. I do favor the idea of minimal coverage of clothing. The pouch formed around the crotch area nicely. This aspect became better WesCocksoxMeshBB1throughout the day.

There were two things that I would have wished were different. A band of about an inch is at the leg opening. I noticed these were a bit tight and I hoped this would counteract the riding associated with many brands of boxer briefs. I understand this is needed to secure the mesh. This may not be something most wearers will experience, but because of this tightness, the bands rolled up during the day. The other point was the tag location. When the tag is too long and sewn into the bottom of the waistband, I refer to it as “crack tag”. This is because during wear, you continue to feel the tag touching the top of your crack. It would have been better if it had been sewn onto the waistband. My easy fix to that would be to simply cut it out, but I don’t know how others feel about removing tags from their clothes.

Overall, I give the Cocksox Mesh Boxer a 4.86. I can’t say the leg opening issue will happen to anyone else. If I had worn a medium, the waistband would have been too loose which makes a small in these the perfect size. I do, however, stick with my opinion on the care/size tag.

Fit:                    4.8

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4.5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:      5

Overall:            4.86

I was provided these boxers by Cocksox. They can be purchased from their website at http://www.cocksox.com along with all the other fantastic styles they have to offer.


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