neon_jockShopping online is easier and more private than shopping for undies in a store.  I would much rather purchase undies online because of this fact.  Buying anything other than boxers, boxer briefs or briefs always made me uncomfortable.  I would choose my string bikini, and then try to find either a person I wouldn’t care knew (which wasn’t likely) or a U-scan register that I could use to check my own purchase.Pulse-red

Why was I so embarrassed by my purchase?  Why did I even care if someone knew what kind of undies I wore?  I don’t have a clue, but I did.  I guess I didn’t want people to know my “private” business.  When we lived in KY, I knew a lot of people and would run into them all over town. If they saw or knew what kind of undies I bought, they might wonder what I was wearing the next time we met (I know not a logical neurosis but what can I say?).

Pulse-blueBeing able to buy online will allow me to maintain anonymity. I can also buy whatever kind of undies I want without a care in the world as to who might know because they had to fill the order.  The person filling the order doesn’t know me from anyone else in the world.  Now, I can procure sheer undies, mesh undies, fun undies, or anything that might just interest me and/or my lovely wife.  The only thing that is keeping me from purchasing online right now is the cost of the product as well as the shipping. In due time, I will we be in a position where I can buy what I want without having to consider this a factor.

The previously mentioned reasons are why this is such a great site. It provides all kinds of links, information, and ratings so that I can make an informed decision on what would be a great buy and when it’s best to buy due to free shipping, great discounts, and super specials.  How awesome is that!


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  1. I agreed. To add, you can’t usually find interesting brands and/or designs in major malls.

    • matt195 Reply

      You are correct, it isn’t easy to find fun and interesting undies in the major malls and shops. You basically have to go to specialty shops and they are not in most cities, etc. Another great reason to shop online and stay connected to this site for great sales and online stores. Thanks for reading!

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