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I don’t blush very easily, however on my recent visit to California-based Koala Swim’s website at, I found myself blushing bright red – which was good, because it meant the blood was rushing to my cheeks rather than other places in my body! There is a reason that Koala is considered an extreme underwear company. My first suggestion is to devote a significant amount of time to spend on their site. There is so much to see and do! Obviously, the site is not for those under age 18, those put Skin_Bikini_01_loff by male nudity or those who are faint of heart. With styles named Giga Cock, Stimuli Micro, Engorged and Teabagger – you can just imagine what you are about to find.

Koala produces g-strings, thongs, bikini briefs and other pieces that I wouldn’t even begin to label. One of my favorites that falls into that last category is the Mangina Redux as seen below. It creates the illusion of a vagina. The website describes it like this: “the Mangina went all the way to flatten the penis and completely does away with the shaft. While wearing the Mangina you appear as if you do not have a shaft so that it is completely hidden. Then the Mangina splits the balls into two separate lip shaped pouches to transform them into a nice tight set of lips, creating an extremely realistic vagina.”

I have to describe their offerings as fun.  My first thought when looking through their collection was that this clothing is clearly made for having a fun time!  Check out these styles which are my personal favorites: Spread N’ Lubed, Stiff Sentence and Stimuli. You can find styles with carefully placed Spontaneous_Bikini_04_lrings, strategically positioned holes and stretch-defying sheer material!  Like I said, a lot of fun!  The site also provides a safe place to purchase specific fetish material too.  If you are involved in the S & M scene, this company carries slave masks, metal-infused designs and ball stretching clothing.  If you frequent parties or other gatherings where the dress code is very minimal, check this company out.  I signed up for their monthly newsletter and am excited to see what arrives in my inbox in September.

What I love most about the site is that the company has an entire section devoted to photos of their shoppers wearing their goods.  I know that when I shop online for underwear, I always hope that I’ll look just as good as the model does in that pair of briefs.  Unfortunately for me and my husband, that isn’t always the case.  For Koala, though, you are able to see the typical consumer wearing different styles.  This could qualify as pornography, but I choose to label it “Reality Modeling.”  It really was helpful when choosing what style might suit my body-type.  It certainly provided hours of research for me in writing this post!

Additional findings at Koala’s website:
DVD’s of models wearing Koala products
Koala Men’s Club – a paid membership site that hosts live videos of photo shoots and other material.
Accessories like shaving cream and lubricant

I was pleasantly surprised at what I found at this rudimentary website  I didn’t intend to actually purchase anything while researching this post, but I can admit that I did.  I won’t tell you what style – I’ll leave that to your imagination!  Maybe you’ll see it soon on the site under the What We Are Wearing section of the blog!

This post wraps up our Extreme Undies series on Underwear News Briefs.  Stay tuned to see what’s coming your way next!

Editors Note: some of the pictures were too extreme we have some of the tame ones here go see the others at the Koala Swimwear Site.



  1. Koala swimwear is EXCELLENT. I got one for my boy and he swears it’s so comfortable. We’re in Florida so he wears it all of the time…working out, doing yard work and then dives in the pool. Definitely a go to for all purposes. He loves the fit and we both love the look 🙂

  2. They are some of the best suits made with great craftsmanship, design and fabrics…they last for a very long time! There is a range for every taste, too! The owner Michael Dvid is very helpful if you contact. Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter

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