I consider myself very diverse when it comes to brands and cuts of underwear.  I have had the opportunity to expand my diversity and my collection thanks to the website.  One brand I was super excited to review was Cocksox.  Just cx03_red_side-1from their band name, this was a brand I knew I would enjoy.

I had the opportunity to try the white Cocksox Brief with the new waistband in a size small. The first thing I noticed was the pouch.  Cocksox is known to help enhance your package with its “sox” design.  There are no rings or slings in these bad boys though; just an over sized pouch that is designed to fit the natural curve of your package.  The fit is a little tighter than most standard briefs, but with the pouch design, it felt as if I wasn’t wearing anything.

The fabric is a unique blend of 92% Supplex and 8% Lycra.  These undies stretch in every direction, making them one of the best pairs of undies I own.  They don’t bunch or ride and this unique blend of fabrics is so light weight, which in the hot humid summers of Iowa, is much appreciated. The waistband is also made of very comfortable elastic and is branded with the Cocksox logo in blue.

cx03_mhblue_backIf I had to find one downfall of these undies, it would be the way they are cut along the butt.  The cut is very high and doesn’t offer as much coverage as a normal brief allows your back end. I am a “less is best” kind of guy, making this not such a huge issue for me, but can see where it might catch a few guys off guard.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Cocksox brief with the new waistband.  The “sox” design makes these undies some of the most comfortable I own. I have worn them both for daily wear and out for a run and these undies held up for both.  I have already ordered 2 more pairs from this amazing Australian brand. One thing to watch out for is the sizing.  I am a 32 inch waist and in most undies, I take a medium. With Cocksox, however, the size small fits me perfectly.  Check out their sizing chart on the website to make sure you get the right size.  If not, Cocksox does have a pretty good exchange/return policy.

Fit:                                       5
Materials:                            5
Put Together:                       5
Look:                                   5
Daily Wear:                         5
Overall:                              5

Cocksox provided me this pair of briefs to review, but you can get more information about them from their web site. They offer a wide range of underwear and swimwear in a variety of colors and patterns.  I have a pair of their mesh briefs on order. Pricing for the Brief is $23 US.


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