We bring you an interview with one of the new kids on the block in the underwear world. Dude Underwear is a company doing some fun things in world of underwear. They were just in our Fall Buyer’s Guide with the Recycle Boxer and now they have gained a new model and some new styles! We talk to Scott the owner and designer of Dude Unlimited.

Tell us about the Dude Philosophy.
The DUDE philosophy is to bring art to underwear and swimwear, with both color, texture and design. DUDE is made “in- house” in the USA and keeping it made in the USA is very important to us.

What are some of your Fall 2009 styles?

The wide waist band, silver metallic waist band. We will be also playing with a lot of plaids, stripes and much more. Briefs and jockstraps will be available soon. I am now working on some really wild stuff for winter as well.

What have been some of your best sellers?

The Pool Boy swim suit, has been our best seller of swimwear. As far as underwear…people really seem to like the hot pink and blue plaid boxer briefs.

You have some interesting waistband styles, how did those come about?

Well, we do all of our printing, screen printing and embroidery and wanted to bring the design to the waistband not just the underwear itself, we plan to do many more waistband designs.

I got tired of the basic logo waistband , although that look does work and we may use it as well…. I wanted to do somthing orangewidesucker500a bit different. However I have never been a fan of labels sewn on the the front of the underwear elastic, so you wont be seeing that.

You have a Jockstrap section on the webpage, when will those be out?

We plan to launch them end of this month. Some of them will be “jock” versions of our underwear and some wont. We have a photo shoot booked for jockstraps next week. (note: since we did this interview the Jockstraps are out very soon! We saw a preview!)

You have two models in your current photo shoot, are we going to see more models soon?

Yes, we are always looking for models, and do plan on shoting a few new models soon. We did just add a new model by the name of Murray this week, seen in the new photo shoot. However we do plan to keep Dave our DUDE cover boy around for a long time, he is by far one of the most good looking guys we have ever ran across, and nice to work with.

I do want to work with models of different age groups and different looks, I am always on the hunt for models.

Read below for more pictures!

davemurray31000 checkfullmid500

orangewide1500 orangewide2500 checkfull500

whitemetaljump500 whitemetalmid2500 davemurray500

dudealley1500 blueplaiddude500

whitemetalmid1500 dudedandm700


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