JSCheekBoxerI was given the pleasure of trying Joe Snyder® Mini Cheek Boxer.  Upon first inspection, I wondered how I was going to get them on and wear them.  I did a little modeling test run for my wife before we went to bed and was surprised how well they fit.  Later in the week, I decided to give them the full days run and was not disappointed.

It took a little getting used to such a low-rise boxer but they did not hug my cheeks as shown in the picture.  I was somewhat pleased by this as I didn’t want to be spending all day running to the restroom to adjust the back for more comfort.  I am used to things sitting at my waist rather than down around my hips but these felt great.  They are well put together.  The sheer material is very nice and they have a little “JS” logo on them.

There was enough room for the boys and there was no binding around the legs. They did not ride up much and the waistband didn’t curl.  All in all, it was a great experience and I was so glad I was given the opportunity to review them.  They washed well and never lost their shape.

Fit:                   4.8

Materials:         5.0

Put Together:    5.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      5.0

Over All:          5.0

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