I was given a pair of Extreme Ring Brief from Undergear® to review and they can be purchased for $16.99.  At first I thought it was a swim suit as the material reminded me of swimsuit material.  I examined the brief and realized that indeed it was undies.  It has a material inside that you use to keep the boys forward to enhance and create a nice eye catching bulge.  However, the pouch that is suppose to house the boys once through the ring seemed a little low and I had to make adjustments to make the boys comfortable.

It’s in an army green and I really like the color.  Once I had them on I enjoyed the material as it is soft and flexible and supportive.  The cut was nice and comfortable but I don’t think these are useful for all day wear.  They would be great for a date night or special occasion.  Every time I had to take care of personal business I had to re-feed the boys through the ring and adjust the pouch just to be comfortable.

Fit:                   5.0

Materials:         4.5

Put Together:    4.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      3.0

Overall:            4.3

You can get the Extreme Ring Thong directly from UnderGear. They are currently selling for $14.99. You can get it in a bikini and boxer as well.


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