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We both LOVE the underwear that was sent to us from Baskit. Okay, we love two pair and one is a little on the silly side. But first of all, can we just briefly discuss how hot the name of this underwear is. Baskit. Immediately just reeks sexy and conjures up an image of a great package. For two gay men, we already in!

We were sent two pair of briefs and one Jock Brief from the Baskit line. One Pure Bikini, which is white, trimmed in green (Tim, please correct if “green” is more fancy LOL) One was the Contrast Bikini, white trimmed in Riviera Blue. And finally the Jock Brief, green trimmed in orange, the only one we didn’t love. The colors were a little extreme on the Jock Brief and it just felt silly too us with the ass cut out, although we can totally understand some guys loving it and finding it extremely hot. Like you have a secret underneath your clothes!

These guys are 100% cotton, very soft and they feel amazing. The fit is perfect, snug, but doesn’t feel tight, with just the right pouch for comfort and framing of your “package”. We really really love the feel and continue to gravitate to them often as one of our favorite lines — and trust us when we say, we have LOTS of underwear. And they are damn sexy to boot! We love to have a variation of underwear and Baskit will continue to be in our rotation.

Pure Contrast Bikini Jock Brief
Fit 5 5 3
Materials 5 5 5
Put Together 5 5 3
Look 5 5 3
Daily Wear 5 5 2
Overall 5 5 3

These pairs were furnished from Baskit and can be purchased directly from their site!


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