Check out this week’s Undies of the Week.  It is a new arrival at Go Softwear.  An exciting new design:  Mesh scoop thong.  It is a scoop thong that is a hot seller for obvious reasons.  Look how nice it is!  It has a thong back with mesh side panels and a “scoop” pouch that gives it a European flare.  The waist is made of soft elastic for your pleasure.

These are great looking with a little peek-a-boo key hole on either side of the front.  It adds a great point of interest to this thong.  Also, I like them because they are sheer.  I just like sheer, what can I say?  The look is awesome and interesting and my wife likes it a lot, too. It’s a win/win situation. It’s a great pick for Undies of the Week and a fun look for us to enjoy.

The thong is made of 46% rayon, 46% polyester and 8% lycra.  They are made in the U.S.A.  You can find them at Go Softwear for $19.00.  Check it out and check out all the other new arrivals while you are there.


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