Australia seems to be the happening place for underwear these days, there are quite a few brands putting out some really good stuff. A brand that is going above and beyond is Tribe. In my mind, a company named Tribe would have tropical patterns, and of course, they do. Some of their unique patterns include: Cobblestone, Palm, Jungle, and Skull.  To be quite honest, it is one thing to have a cool design, but to have a cooler name to go with it completes the package.  Now that I’ve given you a brief rundown, let’s focus on the point of the review, the Palm Standard Brief.

This is my second time writing for UNB, and alas, my second pair to review.  If I said I wasn’t super excited to get these, then I would be lying.  When they arrived, I tried them on instantly, and for the most part, I was pretty pleased.  They do seem a tad skimpy, and I felt that there could have been more coverage in the rear, but that could be because of incorrect sizing on my end.  Besides that, everything else about these undies is great.  They feel great as they are made of 94% Polyester.  There is quite a bit of support in the front, something that I find to be rather hit and miss, and it’s so much better when it’s a hit.  These are definitely a hit!

Before I can faithfully write a review, I have to wear the briefs for a normal day and see if they can pass the test.  The next morning, I put them on, went to class, had after-class meetings, and then hung around the pad until bedtime.  The results…an overwhelming pass! I didn’t want to take them off because they were so comfortable.  But, if you love something, you have to set it free to your hamper.  I did set them free, but I plan to reunite myself with them very soon!

Materials 5
Put Together 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 4
Overall 4.5

You can get the Standard Brief in the Palm style directly from Tribe’s website at  A full range of sizes is available from S-XL in 11 other different patterns and colors.  Go there and check it out!

Tribe underwear provided me with this pair of underwear to review


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