Where do I start – let’s take a quote from Alice in Wonderland, “Begin at the beginning…” and in this case, the beginning is a little about me.

I’m a 32 year old big kid! I studied until I was 27, travelled the world for a year, and now work to travel more!  I’ve visited Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, USA, Canada, and Morocco among others over the last few years and love exploring new places and cultures.  Outside of work and travel I love photography, torturing myself in the gym, watching hockey (Go Bruins!), and have a large interest in technology and computers (Apple especially).

On the underwear front, the first brand I remember buying was a pair of CK briefs while visiting Boston.  At the time, I was a broke student and they cost a fortune in the UK.  Seeing them at an affordable price meant they had to be purchased!  Since I started earning my own money, I still like CK but they have been superseded by 2xist, AussieBum, and Andrew Christian.  Style wise, I used to be exclusively a trunks man, but recently have started wearing briefs and rather like them!  The one style I’ve yet to try and want to sample is jockstraps.  Watch this space to see how that works out!

Along with reviewing some underwear, I’m also going to be writing some tips on underwear purchasing in the UK and offering some views on the market over here versus the states.  Let the underwear battle commence!

On the style front, the UK is a bit more restrained in what you can buy in the shops compared to the US.  You would be hard pressed to walk into a department store or use an online version, and purchase a jockstrap.  Sports stores stock the specialized ones and rarely one can pick them up in discount stores.  If you want designer jockstraps and a choice to boot, the web is your destination of choice.

The most popular styles in the UK are easily boxer briefs or trunks with traditional boxers the next most popular option.  Briefs, especially among many younger guys, are not that popular of an option.  I particularly like them…designer brands only though!

I’m no expert on style names, but what the US calls bikini briefs, in the UK, they are called Tanga briefs.  It would appear this is the case from recently doing some research.  I’m sure there are more differences between sub-styles, but the main styles match up well and as long as you know whether you are after a pair of trunks, briefs or boxers, you’ll be in the right ballpark either side of the ocean.


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