Candid is a new brand to me and as much as new things scare me, I wasn’t afraid at all to try this amazing looking pair of underwear.  Simple and plaid pretty much spell perfect to me.  This pair is pretty dang close to perfect.

New things may scare me, but they are also in some ways exciting.  I guess you would call it the thrill or maybe being blindly bold.  Granted, underwear isn’t life or death, but if you’ve ever had a bad experience with say…zippered underwear, then there is a just cause to be afraid.  The pair I received, black and pink plaid, were not scary looking at all and they felt great as well, thanks to being 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

Want to know how they survived during a normal day?  Like normal, I wore the undies before I reviewed them and I also put them through the usual routine.  They passed with flying colors with no bunching.  There was one thing that was intriguing though…the waistband.  I find most waistbands to be pretty stretchy.  This one is not.  It’s set in its way!  I was worried about it before I put them on, but after they were on for a while, there were no problems at all.  Pretty much golden!  Go ahead and give this great pair of underwear a try!

Materials 5
Put Together 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 5

You can get the Low Rise Trunk directly from Candid’s website at  A full range of sizes is available from S-XL in 15 other different patterns and colors.

Candid provided me with this pair of underwear to review.


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