So when browsing for a new pair of underwear what grabs my attention? What exactly am I looking for?

The obvious starting point is briefs or trunks? And to be completely honest the answer depends entirely on my mood at the time!

After deciding whether it briefs or trunks, the first thing that grabs my attention is colour – I love bright and bold colours. I try to avoid purchasing black or white underwear unless it’s a killer style or design. Aussiebum and Cin2U score highly for me on the colours front.

The next thing I look at is waistband design. I like funky colours or a bold design or both if possible! I love the CK steel waistband design as the silver colour with the CK name in the same colour as the underwear looks great in my opinion. Aussiebum have some funky waistbands – such as the bamboo and flaunt range – but the winner here has to be the 2xist optic range. The stunning, dual colour waistband starts with one colour and blends into another complimentary colour with a whole range of shades in between.

The final thing is the design of the underwear and whether it offers something that is a little bit different. This is not a huge deciding factor as I have plenty of traditional designs in my drawer but if the pair has a certain something, it usually seals the deal. I’m quite a fan of the seamless design of the Aussiebum bamboo range for example. The enhancing feature of the wonderjock range helped sell a pair – initially out of curiosity I must confess. That said, once I’d got a pair, another two or three followed – I find them very comfy and the extra little help always helps.

So there you go, a quick round up of what grabs my attention when buying my underwear! Feel free to let us know what you look for when choosing your underwear…


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