The title of these N2N pair of briefs brings a whole new meaning to the word, Twilight.   I have several N2N pair of underwear in an array of styles/colors and I’ll have to say that thus far, this is my overall favorite pair.  I love the sexy black color with light grey and yellow stripping that’s incorporated into the waistband.  Give time, I suspect these briefs could gain equal share of recognition and popularity as the movie with the same title.

I wore these outdoors all day during a photo shoot and they held up extremely well in the heat and felt comfortable throughout the day.  Perhaps these are conducive to warmer weather due to the fact that they are constructed with a blend of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex.  Similar to a jock waistband, these fundamentally create extra freedom and provide a breathable fabric that makes them cooler than you traditional pair of bikini briefs.  The baby ribbed material provides an extra sporty and textured look that gives their silhouette color an extra added visual punch (also available in heather, and white).

My hope is that these will hold up after multiple wares and washes. Like many high end designers, a slightly higher percentage of man-made material (i.e. Lycra, Spandex) or quality cotton could further their life expectancy and go a long way with an even more polished and finished look.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.0
Materials: 4.0
Construction: 4.5
Look: 4.5
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.3

These briefs were provided N2N Bodywear and can be purchased at the following website:


As an admirer of art, I’ve always appreciated the role that underwear has played in men’s fashion. For me personally, underwear serves as a catalyst for allowing men to present their style and fashion sense while remaining masculine and true to themselves. Since fashion is an expression of oneself, this allows men to do so privately, intimately and socially….it’s the best of all worlds! I'm currently a resident of Atlanta, GA. and work fulltime as a Project Manager for a large Computer/IT company.

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